Some interesting correlations between this abstract and recent trends in imperialist states...
The USSR, starting in the 1950s, worked to eradicate polio and then later expanded to pertussis and diphtheria in the 70s. They cut the measles incidence in half in just a few years.
This was documented in a 1997 paper by US imperialists at NCEEER:
Instead of racing for the "prestige" of being the first country to "eradicate" a disease, as the US did, the Soviets instead focused on developing productive capacity for the global elimination of diseases.
Perhaps one reason the USSR didn't try to "eradicate" measles was because without doing it on the scale of the global proletariat, such efforts would be largely futile?
Which goes back to the first paper: the imperialist powers that "eradicated" measles are now using rising incidences associated with travel to justify discrimination and bans on movement.
Risk factors, that paper notes, include "increased wealth." Something I've had trouble with is understanding why the bourgeoisie would go against their ostensible material interests in a case like this.
But if lowering vaccination rates creates the conditions for an epidemic that the bourgeoisie can use toward other imperial goals...
(and the disease in question happens to be one of the less lethal/debilitating ones)

... then surely they could accept the costs of therapeutic care, especially when they're robbing the workers to pay for it.
IMF conditions force African and other states subject to imperialist exploitation to demolish the health care systems the Soviets sought to help them build:
Without functional health care systems, they are then forced to accept experimental trials disguised as "aid" from Western imperialists:
On a tangential note, now I'm curious what other motives the US may have had for that move, given how it undermines similar NGO-driven pushes. The stated motive of finding bin Laden is shaky at best.
Something that I speculated about back in February was the possibility that using vaccination campaigns as cover for black ops, and other NGO-led manipulation of local public health authority, undermines trust and thus makes populations more susceptible to biowarfare.
This effectively weaponizes the vacation habits of the American petite-bourgeois for use against the global proletariat.
The US and UK have long held an interest in biological weapons, dating back to June of 1763 when they deliberately distributed smallpox-contaminated items from Fort Pitt, a strategy that was later enthusiastically recommended by British commanders.
Following WWII, the US gave IJA's Unit 731, which carried out a litany of grotesque experiments on Chinese victims, a waiver from war crimes trials and hired them for its own biowarfare program.
That NYT editorial makes Unit 731's recruitment sound like a postscript, though, as if the US hired them and didn't permit them to carry out new research. In reality, the US Army's JUPITR program in Korea carries on their legacy:
When Unit 731 was brought over, Fort Detrick was the hub for US biowarfare research. One of its senior researchers was William C. "Bill" Patrick III, profiled in this 1998 NYT piece by Pentagon propagandist Judith Miller:
(this also brings up an interesting rabbit hole because Miller received a hoax anthrax letter in 2001, while the actual anthrax letters were suspected to have been sent by a Fort Detrick microbiologist, who 'committed suicide' and was never autopsied: )
Ft. Detrick was of course *the* hub for paperclipped Nazi biowarfare researchers like Erich Traub, who started his career at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research:
And there are plenty of suspicious deaths of Ft. Detrick researchers like Frank Olson, who was part of the CIA's drug experiment program:
Patrick of course was not one of those deaths. He died in 2010 after a long career working for the Pentagon in the private sector to scare up demand for "research."
How convenient that Nixon's "cancellation" of biowarfare research resulted in its immediate outsourcing to the private sector, which, coincidentally, was founded and directed by ex-military officers.
Nixon's statement had plenty of loopholes in it - but perhaps the biggest one is that the dividing line between 'defensive' and 'offensive' research is not very clear.
"Neither our association with the Convention nor the limiting of our program to research will leave us vulnerable to surprise by an enemy [...]. Our intelligence community will continue to watch carefully the nature and extent of the biological programs of others." -Nixon
News of US biowar tests is routinely dismissed as merely "defensive" even when they're conducted on civilian populations in Korea and China.
While the JUPITR testing was ongoing, new, highly-contagious tick-borne diseases appeared in China. Recently, tick populations have exploded in provinces near Camp Humphreys in RoK:
(while searching, I also came across this interesting tweet with a dead link from a now-defunct Twitter account for Walter Reed Medical Center)
Going back to this for a second, I've got a bit of a tangent on medical research startups. Private funding is incredibly opaque, so naturally the CIA has one well-known fund (In-Q-Tel) and plenty of ties to less known funds.
There's plenty of interesting stuff to be found in the bones of Silicon Valley's medically-focused attempts, like this $80 million startup that developed a bone-conductive not-an-implant device and got killed by a Medicaid ruling.
But that's peanuts next to the whopping $700 million raised by Theranos. The amount of State and DoD associated names that appeared in its investor list suggests there may have been clandestine interest in the company.
The WHO timeline on Zika also makes for interesting reading. The virus was mostly seen as a mild irritant in Africa and Asia, and wasn't considered a serious threat until several epidemics in the Pacific.
Doubling back to Plum Island and the less than glowing reviews for Bitten:
Michael Collins wrote a book about Plum Island in 2004 called Lab 257.
On Borellia Burgdorferi, the bacterium behind Lyme disease, and the use of ticks as a weaponized disease vector (ignoring, ofc, the casual way Carroll tries to establish equivalence between the Soviets and the Nazis)
An aside: Burgdorfer, who studied under Rudolf Geigy, Swiss heir to the Geigy pharmaceutical fortune, came to the US in 1949, where he was given a job at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories.
Geigy founded the Tropical Institute in Basel during a time when the Swiss were busily laundering stolen wealth for the Nazis.
Traub's supervisor, fellow Nazi Dr. Kurt Blome 
I have a sneaking suspicion US intelligence used the Russian famine of 1921 (which the US & Nazis also used photographs from to exaggerate the impact of the 1932 famine) as the basis for this 1957 study.
I may continue with some more excerpts from Lab 257 book as I read it. In the meantime, here's a coincidence I couldn't help but notice.
Some of USAID's other 'greatest hits': the failed attempt at color revolution using a Twitter knockoff
I have reasons to be suspicious of Madsen, particularly due to his Naval Intelligence and NSA history as well as pushing the right-wing wag-the-dog zionist canard, but this timeline of CIA/USAID operations seems useful 
I have no doubt that the destruction of the Soviet Union served as the perfect conditions for these ghouls to run covert tests of biological weapons, with the ability to use cities, regions or even entire rump states as test and control cases
You can see one instance of this in the way that Estonia has "reinvented" itself as a libertarian utopia. Imperial social experimentation run amok
btw Stanley Ann Dunham's ties to the Ford Foundation and USAID aren't exaggerations, the foundation named after her openly brags about it on their website
but of course Americans are conditioned to think from an early age that nonprofits and charitable foundations are Good Things. Thank you, Children's Television Workshop and DARPA.
How many of us associate the phrase "made possible by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting" with brightly colored puppets I wonder
as long as I'm this far off the thread's track:
Charity has served the bourgeoisie for hundreds of years. This was readily apparent in 19th c. England but is no less obvious today once you look past the press releases of the 'great' foundations.
Going back to biowarfare, eastern equine encephalitis is one of the viruses known to have been studied as part of the US biological weapons program. Are they doing field tests?
Asian longhorned ticks were first spotted on a sheep in Hunterdon County, NJ in 2017, about 150 miles from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.
Responses to the previous paper studying the Oxitec mosquitos: the introduced genes didn't appear in the offspring, just genetic material from the Cuban and Mexican mosquito strains used in the crossbreeding.
Two papers in 86 and 87 by Cuban researchers Bravo, Guzmán and Kouri studied the effects of the outbreak.
CAIB followed up on this in no. 22 (1984) with trial testimony from Eduardo Perez indicating that germ agents were smuggled into Cuba in 1980, just prior to the dengue outbreak.
Usual fare from BI that portrays Dugway as focused on "defensive" testing, mentions the alien woo, and of course the anthrax "oopsies" that were blamed on incompetent management...
SF Chronicle front page, 1977: "With at least the tacit backing of [CIA] officials, operatives linked to anti-Castro terrorists introduced African swine fever virus into Cuba in 1971." h/t TundeWilliamsDC
The recent media furor over "China stealing our genomic data" is clearly designed to obscure the way the US fascist state and its corporations are mining genomes, including feeding Ancestry DNA results into FBI databases.
But that one line - "they're developing bio weapons that only affect Caucasians" - that's typical fascist projection, because both the US and the Nazis put years of research toward developing such discriminatory weapons, starting with the weaponized use of smallpox in the US.
Genetic resistance to HIV-1, for instance, was publicly confirmed back in 1996, and subsequent haplotype analysis showed that the CCR5 mutation was not widely found outside of Europe.
The Soviets asserted in 1987 that AIDS was a bioweapon developed at Fort Detrick. In response, the US State Dept pressured Gorbachev to force them to retract the claim.
Source tweet, to skip a few levels of quote tweets:
DARPA's PREEMPT ("PREventing EMerging Pathogenic Threats") program "seeks to identify opportunities for intervention that exploit the evolutionary bottlenecks and transmission factors that enable pathogen species jump" h/t 🔒
But if you can "exploit the evolutionary bottlenecks and transmission factors that enable pathogen species jump" to prevent disease, you can almost certainly exploit them to amplify disease. This is the sleight-of-hand that lets the US continue to study bioweapons.
Some of the companies with PREEMPT contracts: Autonomous Theraputics, Center for Comparative Medicine/One Health Institute at UC Davis, Institut Pasteur, Montana State University, and the Pirbright Institute.
The same Pirbright Institute holds a European patent on an attenuated, modified strain of the coronavirus for use in vaccines, and coincidentally modeled the effects of a large scale epidemic shortly before the Wuhan outbreak.
This means that as China develops a vaccine to halt the spread of the coronavirus, European imperialists will likely be lining up behind Pirbright to get their cut of the royalties.
TheScientist also reported on the "moratorium on gain-of-function research funding" in 2014, which purportedly banned such studies of hybridized viruses.
However, if you read the statement, TheScientist failed to mention this footnote: "An exception […] may be obtained if the […] research is urgently necessary to protect the public health or national security." Standard DoD exception.
Then, as far as suspicious timing goes, on October 19, two weeks before the first known case appeared in Wuhan, a team of US military athletes stopped by for the Military World Games.
Meanwhile, DNA analysis suggests the first common ancestor of 2019-nCoV appeared as early as October 1.
The more I've paid attention to the US government, the more I've come to the conclusion that the presence of a "smoking gun" is suspicious in and of itself. Despite evidence to the contrary, the US media narrative remains fixated on the seafood market:
Related thread on the US CDC's suspicious breaches of Chinese quarantine:
Casual mention of eugenic warfare in the Plan for a New American Century (PNAC) paper "Rebuilding America's Defenses" in 2000.
Sounds like Giraldi has been "consulting" for the CIA for the last 28 years by shit-dipping any sort of serious investigation into covert operations.
The first paragraph of Giraldi's SCF article mentions a 2015 paper in Nature Medicine entitled "A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence" because the authors created a chimeric virus to infect mice.
Part of the funding for this paper came from USAID (source of much deniable CIA funding) via an EPT-PREDICT grant. Giraldi naturally ignores this.
"what remains of its once extensive biological weapons research center in Ft Detrick"as if it hasn't been reconfigured and expanded countless times since Nixon changed its mission statement and very *little* else
Also, given that this he's been spreading the very old fascist canard of "Jewish control" for years, its omission in this piece in favor of merely calling Israel a "partner in the [US] project" might be notable.
Back on topic, a related thread on a suspiciously timed viral outbreak in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2001.
Another thread that discusses the USAID funding of the previously mentioned study & how 2019-nCoV has been a windfall for Gilead Sciences:
Some more on Gilead and their role in the imperial assault on China:
CDC head Dr. Robert Redfield has confirmed that some previous deaths that had been attributed to flu-related pneumonia were in fact due to 2019-nCoV or another coronavirus.
Canadian company Medicago, which received a DARPA Blue Angel grant to build a vaccine production facility in North Carolina, says they have a vaccine just 20 days after receiving the genetic sequence for 2019-nCoV
Throwing some more water on the modification hypothesis for SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID-19, formerly 2019-nCoV)
Some useful summaries of reports from China, Japan and Taiwan in the linked article. This excerpt in particular caught my attention - remember the strangely rapid rash of "vaping illness" a few months back?
of course I'm curious about the differences between the TW virologist's haplotype analysis and the current list of strains: are there more US haplotypes not included in the GISAID database? 
how this works:
Source for the graphic presented earlier: a pre-release 2/21 analysis by Chinese researchers.
Current academic discussion of a separate phylogenetic analysis conducted by a group of Japanese researchers here, which suggests the Wuhan strain may be somewhat different from other circulating strains:
Another strange coincidence, one day before the World Military Games:
Italian general practitioners reported strange, severe cases of pneumonia in older patients as early as November:
The bourgeoisie already control the global empire. If anything this is them consolidating gains following the coup that destroyed the Soviet Union...
Another thread I missed:
h/t measure7x, a thread on the ethics of the publication of the hydroxychloroquine study
another thread analyzing the claims of published papers on CQ/HCQ including the French one from the previous thread
Thread on the circumstances around Event 201 and comparisons to the 2001 anthrax "attack" false flag:
Looping back briefly for context:
Canadian researcher Graeme MacQueen, in his book "The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy" summarized part of a 2010 memo by Frederick, MD attorney Barry Kissin:
(h/t 🔒)
In the memo, Kissin quoted reports in the Baltimore Sun and Miami Herald showing that Dugway Proving Grounds and Battelle Memorial Institute both had the capability to produce that specific form of weaponized anthrax, while USAMRIID (where Bruce Ivins worked) did not:
Another piece quoted from the Washington Post contains the curiously specific denial that the anthrax used in the attack "'absolutely did not' come from CIA labs" which, presumably, would exclude a subcontractor like Battelle.
Putting all of this together, one might be led to infer that Ivins, and by extension USAMRIID, were left 'hanging out' to distract from an agency with definite material interests in certain changes brought about by Congress following the "attacks."
Adding to USAMRIID's carefully cultured aura of incompetence was undoubtedly a side benefit, because the US does not 'deliberately' employ biological weapons, it merely suffers conveniently timed 'biocontainment leaks' at its 'defensive' research facilities.
Since at least January, the US has been engaged in an astroturf PR campaign to scare people away from using China-made medical supplies.

Yesterday, US proxies airdropped boxes of masks and supplies alongside bombs in Yemen, leading Yemen's Ministry of Health to issue a warning.
US imperialists first used this tactic in 1763. Biological airdrops were carried out during WWII and the Korean War by both the IJA and the USAAF.
Photo of statement from Yemeni Ministry of Health:
My mistake: document wasn't from Ministry of Health, but local Sanaa council in Yemen:
Related thread on US using quarantine as excuse to pursue imperialist policy goals:
Another thread listing observed cases in the US military:
Forgot to link this in before, on the US (ab)use of diplomatic cargo:
Some notes on herd immunity from an epidemologist (please note AIER is an avowedly anticommunist organization)

There's a simple reason for the lack of any sensible or coherent response: the periodically self-destructive tendencies of capital.
Why should capitalists, who have spent the last few decades extracting every dime of profit they could from the privatization of healthcare systems, 'waste' any of that by adding normally unneeded surge capacity back to the systems, when it could go towards yachts instead?
Here's one possible reason ABC reported on anonymous officials commenting on a secret report
The other question that comes to mind (assuming the report is legit, a big ?) is: why exactly were they monitoring Wuhan in November?
China has maintained a National Influenza Surveillance Network to track the spread of influenza-like illnesses since 2005. This is the data you'd expect US intel to report on.

Since the data doesn't match the report, the report is likely fabricated.
DIA has officially denied the existence of the report. Make of that what you will.
Bad science features in US (Gilead) / FR (Sanofi) pharma skirmish:
Suppliers aren't exactly eager to dump product, but they'd rather do that in the hopes that everything will go back to normal than spend capital on retooling production lines. And US empire is more than happy to oblige them by paying them to destroy product, as it did in 1933.
The superiority of the US empire is so ingrained in the ruling class ideology taught here that even a "radical muckraker" criticizing poor farming practices in the Carolinas feels the need to shit on others to make his point.
This is the first time I've heard this specific origin suggested. I should note the only reasons the origin is even thought to be in China are:
(1) similarities to wild forms, but that's not a perfect match
(2) first "known" case, but not necessarily first human case
Meanwhile, "social distancing" provides ample excuse to resume displacement of workers:
(not that I'm necessarily against automating hazardous or undesirable jobs, I just happen to disagree with how that automation is carried out under capitalism)
Operation Mockingbird still in full swing as US outlets run with headlines generated by the sorts of groups the State Dept and CIA have been cultivating through USAID and AFL-CIO "outreach" for years:
I'm half convinced this is all an elaborate prank. That is, if premeditated genocide is the bourgeoisie's idea of a 'prank'
Another example of the anarchism of the market leading to waste. (btw this also goes to show "just buy local" isn't the answer either, these farmers were producing for a *local* hospitality industry that crashed hard)
Thread featuring excerpts from the curiously relevant 1950 RAND memorandum "The Exploitation of Superstitions for Psychological Warfare" among others:
Even notorious imperialist mouthpiece The Guardian is now starting to soft-pedal previous claims about the Wuhan market, although they still make sure a CSIRO researcher gets the last word in for some extra FUD.
Interesting preprint paper attempting to define the impact of asymptomatic carriers:
News about the Stanford antibody study might be overblown with large # of false positives due to proteins common to other coronaviruses
More on the bad statistics of the Stanford "study":
Targeting hotspots early on in the development of an epidemic works. Letting the epidemic spread to an entire country through inaction and only *then* trying the same measures... well, one might start to think broad surveillance, not health, was the goal.
Looks like the French are not onboard with the latest US imperial narrative. Short thread on the P4 lab:
Another thread covering the sampling problems with the Stanford study:
Some other hits by one of the authors: "Does Medicare Benefit the Poor?"
"A resurgence could be possible as late as 2024."
President Maduro explains the Venezuelan response to COVID-19:
Putting a few pieces together, the last panel of this meme might be more accurate than intended. If this is a long con similar to how the "terror attacks" of 2001 enabled the PATRIOT Act & AUMF etc, it could handily explain the bourgeois astroturfing.
The "joke" here is the common assumption that the US empire, which replaced the British empire at the head of global capital, somehow achieved this position despite frequent "accidents" as if it was merely the least incompetent "player" on the field.
More evidence of astroturfing, this time in the UK:
MJ now running interference for the astroturfing because it's hard to draw meaningful data from timing coincidences. They didn't mention the linked Google Analytics accounts except in passing.
Possible signs of involvement from the UK's infamous "nudge unit" specializing in psychological warfare, er, influence operations:
Continuing with the US tradition of showing up a day late and a dollar short, here's the Harvard Center for Ethics roadmap, its sponsors and authors.
The only reason it's now considered a "threat comparable to WWII" is because the US (deliberately) bungled its initial response despite having plenty of early warnings from China. The authors anticipate full resumption of *economic activity* by August if their plan is followed.
They advocate for using distributed organizational structures modeled after the "fusion cells" of USSOCOM in Iraq.
And while they mention relaxing some "social distancing" measures, they maintain that the ban on large gatherings must remain.

Indefinitely? They don't say.
The "why?" of the astroturfed protests looks a little clearer now: it lumps all dissent against ruling class plans into the fringe.

Israel taking advantage of the extended quarantine to revive plans for West Bank annexation

(thread with other references on Palestine)
While the US re-enacted its immigration bans
Thread on some of the other "features" of the Harvard/Rockefeller plan. While China only did contract tracing for people known to have been exposed in hotspots, this calls for *every* USian to be traced
Thread on a published French paper studying a COVID cluster in the Alps.

tl;dr: out of 172 contacts traced and tested, there was one SARS-CoV-2 transmission, while the other 46 respiratory infections found were due to seasonal flu and other viruses.
The assessment of the WHO/Gates "hack" was carried out by a DC based private intel firm run by a Zionist occupation soldier. Reeks of limited hangout, so the real question might be: what are they trying to preempt with this?
also, among all the p-booj commentators chiming in on the self-proclaimed leader of the free world telling people to drink bleach, hardly surprising not one of them has picked up the subtext that he's LITERALLY telling the poor and vulnerable who listen to him to KILL THEMSELVES
Physicians' Weekly article on COVID-19 and cytokine storms from April 8. tl;dr: mortality is increased because the immune system reaction starts damaging vital tissues such as inside the lungs.
Certain people are floating the possibility that there could have been cv contamination in the current flu vaccine leading to this, to which I ask: where's the correlation between COVID-19 mortality and vaccine recipients?
A 2017-2018 study of DOD data suggests flu vaccine recipients were more at risk of contracting coronaviruses. Does that agree with or contradict the previous hypothesis?
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