Ok, I think I might start a thread about my main story, Ballad of The Spirits, about which I talk 25/8 and honestly dream to draw a webcomic with it
Because um there're lots of new people here (welcome by the way!!!) and just to clarify everything I have on my mind I guess!!
Oh and I apologize for my English in advance 👀💦
Ok I guess I'll start with the main stuff such as world build, to be more percise I'll talk about uh, how to call it... Different types of people? I don't have different cool races, except for spirits who are kinda like gods and are immortal and can take any form :")
Just to clarify, I'll first talk a little bit about those different types of people so it could be easier to understand the characters I'm going to talk about!! And will slowly from time to time update the thread with more characters ;)
First are mages - people who have learnt either dark or white magic. They can't learn both, since it'll be a high risk for a human and it'll damage them. Dark and white magic don't really differ that much from each other, however dark magic is stronger in combat-
And it really great for doing different curses, while white magic is a little bit weaker in combat but it's great for defense and healing. Anyone can become a mage, well, if your health allows you that is. Mages have a limit of how much they can use their magic
If you reach the limit, the magic will start affecting your health badly. Dark mages basically will receive blindness for some time and their vision will go dark, while white mages' vision will become extremely sensitive to light
There is no cure to the affects of the limit, however it will disappear with time. If to REALLY overuse your magic, then some parts of the affects will not go away and will never be cured
And oh, well, light magic is strong against dark magic and the same with dark magic to light
Also, mages cannot cancel the spells casted by another mage. If a dark mage cursed someone, the other dark mage will not be able to break the curse, however a white mage can do that
Witches. Witches are people born with unusual magic, be it elemental magic, white magic, dark magic, or something absolutely wild such as controlling space, spiders, your own hair and so on, there's no limit on how strange and powerful their magic can be
They can control their powers for as long as they want to without fearing for the limits, they simply don't have any. They're, however feared by many people and there is only one out of 4 kingdom where they can feel safe
Just a little tiny note that anyone can be a witch, male or female~~
Next are enko, basically just people who made contracts with witches. The type of contracts is a whole different story, a witch can either give an enko the ability to control the very same amount of powers the witch has, or give them just one ability and that's all
The witch is the one who decides for how long the contract will be valid, and they can break it whenever they want to. Enko cannot break the contract by themselves.
Sages - humans born with the ability to control both light and dark magic, however, unlike witches, they have limits and they're similar to mages' limits. Sages can be born only in royal families and the birth of the sage is unpredictable and extremely rare
When sages make a contract with the spirit of their kingdom, they also receive a little bit of elemental magic, and once again they have a limit to this magic and the affects are different to each element
Then we have vessels, kinda like the chosen ones. Those are people who have been chosen by the spirits to bear half of their powers. Vessels have a limit to their powers and the affects are different for each element
For water vessel, the affect is a very low body temperature that can result with amnesia. A thin layer of ice can start appearing of their body. For wind vessel, if they overuse their powers, then it'll be really hard for them to breathe. Like, REALLY hard
For earth vessels, their body starts covering with thin layer of diamond and their movements will slow down. For fire vessels, their body temperature will raise really badly
Like mages, there's no cure for these affects except for time
The last one is the summoner, the one who holds the powers of the great elemental spirits. Those are people who prove themselves to be worthy of wielding the powers of the spirits. They also have limits and that's everything that the vessels have at the same time
ALRIGHT I THINK IM DONE WITH IT AND NOW CHARACTERS sowwy it took me so long but hopefully it's all understandable!!!!!!
The story begins with Lorenzo, a former knight of the Endiria kingdom. He became a captain at the age of 23 and was highly respected among other knights for his kindness, sincerity and support and had many great friends in the knighthood
Here's a little more about his personality!!
To add more, he's good at hearing people out, giving them good and wise advises. He himself doesn't like to show much of his feelings and emotions due to several accidents in his past https://twitter.com/pommeplisa/status/1108425777996066816?s=19
Lorenzo once received an order from the general to go on a simple night patrol during which he killed 3 monsters who attacked innocent people. These monsters, however, after death turned into humans and Lorenzo was accused at killing 3 innocent people
He was thrown into prison and without any questioning it was decided to execute him. In the prison he meets another main character, Agnès.
Agnès, a wind witch and a thief. She got in the prison after an attempt to steal the Endiria's last king's crown, however when escaping from the guards she slipped on the roof and well... They caught her and threw her in the prison
The crown she tried to steal was very treasured and important, so it's a bit natural that they decided to execute her. Plus she's a very well known thief so yeah!! She and Lorenzo were supposed to be hanged, but Agnès cut the ropes with her wind magic and they both escaped
To add to her personality, she pretty usually gets irritated by stuff and can oftenly be rude and make not very harmless jokes, though she tries to remember the limits. She can also become very aggressive in the battle and can lose control over herself
And a bit about her personality in general https://twitter.com/pommeplisa/status/1108429404001193984?s=19
To add more, she always keeps everything about herself in secret, her past and so on. She has a pretty strong trust issue. She always wears a smile and >:3c and <:) are her permanent expressions
A very random but important fact is her voice.... The best voice for her is Tara Platt's voice and I gave it to her as soon as I made her 💦💦💦💕💕💖💕💕💓💕
The third one to join the team is Vito! A baby boy. Sunshine. He's going through many struggles and tries to figure out who is he and what's he supposed to be but he's trying his best
A simple village boy from a family of doctors who suddenly learns about his strange abilities to control fire. He has a twin sister Paola, who's a whole opposite of him but they still love each other sm
Here's a little bit of his personality!!

To add more, with time he becomes very supportive, more open and confident in himself!! https://twitter.com/pommeplisa/status/1108429490080923648?s=19
He joins the team after he gets possessed by a witch, Eleanora, who uses him to destroy his own village. Agnes and Lorenzo save him and he joins them to find Eleanora and to you know.. revenge stuff. And also to learn more about himself!! I mean about his powers
The next one is Cornelius, a nobleman from a family that has been serving the royal family for generations. He's also the current leader of the investigation team that is trying to find a cure to an unknown fatal dicease
He became the leader of the investigation team after his brother, Bedivere, the previous leader, was killed. Bedivere was highly respected by everyone, moreover he was Khoury's retainer, the king of Altheara, who went missing after Bedivere's death
Cornelius first, though, suffered from a serious depression which resulted him in having several health issues which he has even now, though keeps quiet about it.
He really wanted to join Lorenzo, Agnès and Vito to gather more information about the disease AND he finally found a clue which could lead him to the murderer of his brother and might possibly be able to find Khoury
He, as the leader of such important investigation team, couldn't leave his place since he knew people would judge him no matter what, so he asked Lorenzo, Agnès and Vito to take him as a hostage, since they're kinda like criminals and they, well, took him as a hostage
And his personality!!! https://twitter.com/pommeplisa/status/1108431024118218752?s=19
Oh, also very important dhsjdhd
He very recently was chosen by the great spirit of earth, Armaiti, and became her vessel. He considers it a blessing and loves to remind everyone that he's a vessel of Armaiti
Next one to join is Leanne! A sunshine. Baby. Everyone want to protect her and that includes me. A girl from a small village and almost no one knows about its existence
Leanne knows how to use white magic, and she really doesn't know how to fight. BUT her battle style is literally dancing!!! She just loves to dance and sing and bring positive energy to everyone. https://twitter.com/pommeplisa/status/1108456581157609472?s=19
She joins the team after her village is getting attacked by a bunch of monsters. After the main team helps her village, she joins them to simply go on an adventure and see more places. Despite everyone telling her that they're considered to be criminals, she still joins them
The last main character is Zeno, the great long of spirits. Looks like a bastard who will betray the main team twice but is in fact a baby. A flirty silly guy and a baby
He joins the main team when they finally get a track of Khoury and where he may be, and he offers them his help. He first, however, challenges them to learn more about their strength and to know who will he be traveling with.
He's mainly excited to travel with the main characters because he's never traveled with anyone before and he's excited to have new friends. He's also interested in everyone since he doesn't really understand humans and wants to learn more about them
In childhood Zeno suffered from amnesia and didn't remember anything about himself except for "Zeno", he still thinks that he's missing a part of his name but goes like this anyway
He was raised by a mysterious lady with his brother, Fulgence. They're not connected by blood to each other, and Fulgence was not that lady's son, but still they were very close to each other
Basically that's it for the main characters, I'll probably continue later hhh sowwy if that's too much ;;
Miguel. He needs a normal ref already but yeah
An archeologist and the only survivor from Vito's village who's lost his wife and three kids in fire. Current is searching for Vito to avenge for his family.
He's quiet, doesn't speak much and shows little emotions or none at all. He doesn't like when people talk too much and avoid the topic, always gets straight to the point. It's absolutely different from what he used to be before losing his family
He used to be more kind, smiley and talkative, always would find some free time to spend with his family, play games with his kids and so on. Has always been married to his work and now blames himself that he wasn't at the village when the accident happened
Ynes, Miguel's younger sister. Left Ilfruego to Endiria after her father passed away and currently serves the queen of Endiria kingdom. Almost inseparable with Débora and they're, in fact, are dating
Ynes is a very kindhearted and positive young lady, always cheers everyone up even in the most tough situations. She always wakes up early in the morning to go to the fields to make herself a flower crown for a day. Débora always accompanies her
Débora, originally comes from the 4th kingdom which still doesn't have a name, now serves the queen of the Endiria kingdom.
A quiet, calm and a bit lazy young lady, however she always takes all her duties seriously and does them perfectly and fast, to have a little more free time for Ynes. She always follow her because she enjoys her company and.. ok she just loves her with her whole heart
She pretty much doesn't care about stuff and is ok with everything, and mostly enjoys things Ynes enjoys and, once again, follows her everywhere. Unlike Ynes, who is an archer, Débora is a white mage and mainly uses her magic for support such as healing and defense
Laeticia, a white mage from the 4th kingdom, is a student of the Endirian academy, a very smart young lady who knows a lot about medicine and is a member of Cornelius' investigation team
A very quiet and shy girl, has little confidence in herself despite being very talented and smart. She keeps many secrets about herself such as her true name and actual origin and the reason she is in the Endirian academy
Cornelius was able to understand that she actually escaped from her family, or so she accidentally told him, but the maximum she says about this situation is that she had a very abusive member in her family who luckily didn't have time to get their hands on Laeticia-
Since she escaped just in time. Cornelius doesn't pressure her for more information about herself and is in fact ok with her hiding stuff about herself, he's simply grateful for her help in the investigation since she helped everyone to make a huge progress in it
She once, however, told him the while truth about herself as he is the only person she trusts, and he promised to never tell anyone, and trust me, this guy is the best at keeping secrets
Na'imah, Cornelius' guardian and retainer, previously Khoury's guardian
Before becoming Khoury's retainer, she was an assassin. On one of her missions, she had to kill Khoury but he defended himself and stopped Na'imah. When she was ready to accept her punishment, Khoury offered her to become his personal guard
She was shocked to hear that and honestly laughed thinking it was a joke, but then he said that he saw her skills and they were impressive. More over, he knew she has nowhere else to go since back at her assassins guild she will most likely will be punished for her failure
She accepted his offer and became his guardian, later, after learning more about him and getting closer to him, she soon started protecting him not because of duty, but because of her own will.
She was later assigned to be Bedivere's guard, but after his death and Khoury's disappearance, the princess of Altheara assigned her to be Cornelius' guard
A cold-blooded and serious lady who takes her duties very seriously. Very skilled and strong, she's feared by many. However, has a silly side which shows only in her relationship with her girlfriend. She believes in fortune-telling and relies a lot on it
Eisa, Cornelius' retainer and previously Khoury's retainer
He became a retainer at a very young age and Khoury trusted him a lot, later he was assigned to be Bedivere's guard and after his death he became Cornelius' retainer. He helped Cornelius to overcome his depression and stand back on his feet
He looks serious and cold, but is in fact very silly and likes to show his irresponsible and lazy side around Cornelius when he tries to make him put his work aside and not overwork himself. It work, actually.
When Cornelius is taken "hostage" by the main characters, he takes all the blame on himself, "letting the fiends get away with this", but he knows that it was all an act and he himself suggest to take all the blame on himself, even though Cornelius was against it
He's ok with getting all the hate towards him bc he knows that what Cornelius is doing is for the better of the people, and he honestly doesn't mind that all, just blames himself that he can't accompany Cornelius to make sure he stays unharmed
*sobs* Bedivere, Khoury's retainer, previous leader of the investigation team, Cornelius' and Frida's big bro
His parents started the investigation team, however died from the disease itself and Bedi took all the responsibilities on himself, which includes taking care of Cornelius and Frida.
After several years he learns that his parents died from the disease and he restores the investigation team, becoming it's leader. Khoury, the king of Altheara and the one who Bedivere serves, as well as loves him, decided to help him however he can
Khoury assigned his most trusted guards and retainer, Na'imah and Eisa, to become Bedivere's retainers, more over he himself joined the investigation team. Two years before the main story begins, Bedivere was killed and Khoury was kidnapped and he's still not found
Bedivere is a very wise and smart young man. He always wears a gentle and warm smile on his face. He has a very good sense of humor and likes to make harmless jokes on people around him, never failing to make everyone around him smile and laugh.
He was highly respected by everyone for his great knowledge and strength, and loved for his kind and generous personality. He's very responsible and hardworking, never having a minute to spare for a break, but he never complained about it since he enjoyed working.
Khoury, the current king one sage of Altheara.
From first glance people usually call him cold, strict and fear him because of his eyes, he, however, is kind and generous, he tries his best to bring peace to his kingdom and make everyone happy. Many call him foolish for such dreams, but he still never gives up
He made a contract with the great spirits of earth, Armaiti, at the very young age and since childhood he has been practicing his magic and is now considered to be the second strongest sage (out of 4). He's very hard-working but always keeps his struggles to himself
Despite having already many troubles to care about, he still joined the investigation team his retainer, Bedivere, has started, since he knew that would help not only Bedivere himself but everyone in the kingdom. They're in love btw :")
However, several years after, when Khoury and Bedivere left in search of a herb that could possibly help to make progress in the investigation, Khoury and Bedivere were attacked, which resulted with Bedivere's death and Khoury's disappearance
Yasmeen, Khoury's younger sister, princess of Altheara
After Khoury's disappearance, she took the throne despite not wanting to, however she did so in hopes of Khoury's return. She puts her whole strength to find him, but still no luck. She doesn't give up though and believes that very soon he will be found
She's being blamed by many people that she is the one who's behind Khoury's disappearance and Bedivere's death. They believe that she did so in order to get the throne, while in truth she never wanted to get near the throne in the first place.
She accepts all the blame and endures it. And despite all that, she's still a very kind and caring person who thinks a lot about others and always tries to consider their feelings. She's best friends with Laeticia and Cornelius and trusts them both.
Frida, Cornelius' older sister, Bedivere's younger sister
After her parents' death, she became quite reserved, quiet and a bit distant from everyone except Bedivere and Cornelius. After Bedivere started restarted the investigation and she joined it, she slowly started opening up to people and showing her caring side
She still has a lot of trouble being honest with her feeling and actually trusting people and showing her true emotions, but she tries her best to be supportive and understanding, even though she quite usually irritates from very small things
She was supposed to be Khoury's retainer since she's much stronger and more talented, but she refused to become one and decided to dedicate herself to Cornelius. Also her mistrust to people played a big role here. She stil is good friends with Khoury and Yasmeen
Armaiti, great spirit of earth, great spirit of Altheara
Commoner call her Zahra and have never seen her in person unlike Fujin and Kamenae. She looks down on humans thinking they are weak, arrogant and thinks that their foolishness will be the reason for their fall
She quite rarely gets along with summoners, thinking that they are the same as every other human. She never wants to get along with them either to not disappoint herself later. She quite usually gets in argument with other spirits.
She mainly gets in conflict with Kamenae and Fujin, thinking that their love towards humans is foolish and they will only disappoint themselves later and get hurt. She also quite usually fights with Cuezaltin, however they quite usually have the same opinion of different stuff
Jasper, leader and founder of Baoshi, the most popular their crew
Jasper is highly admired by every member of Baoshi for her kindness and strength. Everyone see her as a very generous, caring and sincere person. Nothing is known about her; not her age, not her homeland, not her real name.
She formed Baoshi with her friend Moonstone, however after she was killed, Jasper had to take all the lead on herself. She's pretty strict when it comes to hers and others' duties, not letting anyone a chance to slack.
She's a witch of space. Her ability allows her to shift space around her and other objects. For example, she's able to fit a vase in her small pocket and carry it around or simply "destroy" space around her, not allowing anyone to touch or hit her.
She can also "teleport" objects or people through space. For example, if someone were to shoot an arrow at her, she could easily"destroy" space on the arrow's way and "create" a new space from which this very same arrow will come out. Same goes to people and herself
Ruby, a member of Baoshi, honestly have no idea how to call him but he's a witch of hair
A very sadistic person, he rarely takes any situation seriously and mainly does everything for his own pleasure and fun. He's very insightful and is able to analyze the whole situation very quickly, is in fact very smart and intelligent but people rarely see that side of his.
He loves to make fun of people, press on their weak spots and play with their feeling, and in battle he enjoys when his opponent is in pain and struggles to fight back, even though they know they will not win and are weak.
He teases every member of Baoshi but mainly Jasper. He always follows her everywhere and jokes all the time, however he's one of the most trusted members to Jasper and oftenly gives him important tasks.
Ruby is a witch of hair. Honestly idk how to call him without making it sound silly, but his ability allows him to change the shape, length and hardness of his hair and he can move it around however he wants to. He can hold objects with it or even use it as a weapon.
Azurite, a member of Baoshi
Before joining this thief crew, he used to be a monk, however after his family died in fire he had nowhere to go and Jasper offered him a place in Baoshi. He's very kind hearted and caring, always tries to make everyone feel happy
Once he was on a mission and on his way back he bumped into a homeless young girl. She said she was abandoned by her parents and he decided to take her with him and take care of her. He gave her a name, Nephrite, and treats her like his younger sister.
Nephrite, a youngest member of Baoshi
She was abandoned by her parents at streets and had nowhere to go until Azurite found her and took her with him. She became a thief as well and took a new name - Nephrite.
She's a very energetic and positive girl who always brings smiles to everyone in Baoshi. Despite being young she's very mature for her age, always being able to see the situation through and solve problems by herself. She always follows Azurite and considers him his older brother
Unlike other members of Baoshi, she's a bit afraid of Jasper and always tries to avoid her and much as she can because she doesn't trust her. Jasper is also a little bit rough with her because she's young and she thinks she may be a burden to everyone.
Yunan, a wind witch, former monster hunter
Yunan used to be one of the strongest monster hunters until she received a serious wound on both of her hands. Now she's unable to move them, but that doesn't get on her way to live her life like a normal person. She stopped being a monster hunter and lives a peaceful life.
Once on her travel to Altheara, she met there a little homeless girl in a horrible condition with fever. She learnt that this girl is a snow witch and she's simply unable to handle the climate of her homeland, so Yunan decided to take her to her home where it snows.
The girl started feeling much better and Yunan's homeland. Yunan later adopted that girl and started taking care of her. To earn money she became a singer in a huge and very popular tavern which allows her to earn enough money to live a normal life with her daughter.
Yunan's powers allow her to manipulate wind. She mainly uses it to move objects, since she's unable to move her hands. There're much more she can do with it, but she doesn't use her powers that much anymore.
Yunan is a pretty reserved and quiet lady. She rarely shows trust towards anyone, and it takes her a lot of time to actually open up to someone. She's also a bit agressive and rude, especially when it comes to her daughter. That aside, she's very caring towards children.
Nino, third biggest sunshine in my story along with Leanne and Monte. Works at a cafe with his childhood friend, Bianca. Also knows how to fight with his firsts and he's really strong 👊
When he was only 8, his village was attacked by thieves and it was burnt down to the ashes. One of his friends sacrificed himself to let him, Bianca and two of their other friends escape, but he and Bianca got separated from them. He thinks that they're the only survivors.
He used to be a crybaby before the accident. He still is, but he's much more brave and confident. After what happened, he decided to become stronger so if anything happens, he'll be able to protect those he loves.
He and Bianca were found by an old lady who owns a cafe and gave them a place where they could live. Nino couldn't accept such offer without paying back, so he decided to work in this cafe to help the lady, tho he's clumsy when it comes to work.
But he's very skilled when it comes to fighting! He's very strong and quick, enemies actually rarely notice him. He also knows a little of white magic, mainly for healing.
He's a very sweet and kind guy, worries about everyone around him and wants to help them however he can. He's very sensitive and attentive towards others, fells others' worries as if they were his own. Hates to make people worry about him and doesn't want to be a burden.
Bianca, Nino's childhood friend, also works with him at a cafe
Same story as Nino's. After that accident, she blamed herself a lot that she, as one of the eldest kids in her group, couldn't protect anyone and let the other one sacrifice himself for everyone else. She studied dark magic by herself to be able to protect those she loves.
She considers Nino her younger brother and constantly takes care of him since he's quite the troublemaker, even though he rarely notices that. She does most of the job in a cafe because she loves this place and the old lady that saved her and Nino's life.
Basically the big sister to everyone. Caring, understanding, responsible and soft! She's the person you can always rely on and give her your biggest secret and she will not talk about it to anyone. Very talented at most things, but doesn't think it's much of a deal
Zack, previously known as Flourite, former member of Baoshi, current leader of a small thief gang
Zack rarely speaks of his past before joining Baoshi and becoming Flourite, but during the time when he was Flourite, he showed how hard-working and reliable he is. He had many friends in Baoshi that trusted him and knew that they could always come to him for help
He used to be the youngest member, but perhaps was the most responsible guy. Someone from Baoshi had an attempt to kill him, but was saved by Moonstone, another previous member of Baoshi, who also suffered from the same fate as Zack.
Together they created a small thief duo and started working together, until they had a new member - Mira, previously Emerald, also a former member of Baoshi who also suffered the same fate as Zack and Moonstone, and later Diamond joined them, he wasn't a part of Baoshi however.
They became a small group of thiefs with Moon as a leader, however she soon left the group to solve her personal problems, leaving Zack in charge. Hes the youngest member, being 21 years old, but hes the most responsible person in the team and the only one qualified for this role
He's very attentive towards everyone and always tries to help everyone however he can, he's a very reliable person who will never turn his back to anyone, even his enemy. He's able to remain calm in a stressful situation and keep everyone calm as well.
So despite being the youngest, he's the only one who gives off an impression of a grown up adult with an ability to solve any problem without a hassle.
Mira, previously known as Emerald, former member of Baoshi, current member of Zack's thief gang
She was Baoshi's greatest mystery since she has always been quiet yet always following any kind of order and doing it absolutely perfectly. Someone from Baoshi also had an attempt to kill her, but she was saved by Moon and Zack and she joined their group.
She's still a great mystery, not talking much and rarely expressing any emotion and following every order, she's actually very sensitive and fragile and oftenly overthinks stuff and jumps into conclusions. She always thinks of what people think of her and knows that many fear her
She tries her best to be more expressive to not give a wrong impression of herself, but she still fails. Some though change their opinion of her when she heals them, because that's when they can see how much she worries about everyone and cares about them.
Diamond, member of Zack's group
He rarely speaks of his past since it's quite dramatic and he'd rather not talk about it and forget about it, but he has been abandoned by several people in his past who were truly dear and important to him, and these were the cause for his mistrust and fear towards women
Moreover, after he was abandoned by his friend he went through horrible suffering and had nearly died since she left him to the hands of an enemy, and perhaps this was the biggest reason why his fear became so strong.
He joined Zack's crew by accident and mainly because of him since he seemed like a very reliable and kind guy, but now has some kind of regret since there's also Mira, who seems very mysterious, quiet and scary to him.
He does grows quiet attached to her and she may be the only woman he feels fine around, since later he learns about her vulnerabilities and her kindness.
Dia also has a strong a strong fear of being touched after one accident in his life. He also has a fear of any kind of insects and is afraid of dark and small rooms (definitely prisons). He always shows mistrust to people he first met and is always on guard.
He oftenly thinks pessimistic, too, but oftenly is the one to give encouragement to everyone. When you *do* find a way to get closer to him, he becomes very kind and responsive to you! He rarely shows a smile, but always smiles around his friends.
He's a bard and knows how to play violin, and he likes to play it in the background when their small thief gang have some kind of meetings, to make it less boring and tense.
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