1. The shining seas that surround us were insufficient fortification against an [enemy] who never wanted to coexist. Call it Globalism. Call it Empire. Whatever. They were NEVER going to give up no matter how tight our constitution, strong our economy or fearsome our military.
2. After paralyzing country after country with their scorpion sting of Marxism, draining every fluid until the human spirit that once thrived could do nothing but turn on itself in frightened and bloody desperation, they encircled and then penetrated quietly through congress.
3. It got really bad, gang. Total misery. America actually collapsed. Stop denying it. Look at Philadelphia, St Louis, Detroit. Not enough characters for the rest. Look how much tax we pay. Look how we keep working more hours, but can't get ahead. Look what we sacrifice to live.
4. Look how suspicious everyone is of others who we don't hate but who we think hate us. We believe it because this same evil is in control of our media, which they use to tell lies designed to make us even more fearful and insecure. A house divided falls, and [they] know it.
5. By some miracle, humanity was able to come upon an opportunity to not just hinder or even cripple this monstrous force, but eliminate it. That may sound crazy or too good to be true, but something is going on that could even be the most important human story in millennia.
6. Look, whatever you make of the origin of #TheStorm, how far back it goes, how we got to this spot, or what all the global political events mean, it is about time we ALL viewed Making America Great Again as a movement for ANYONE who desires to serve a greater good. #MAGA
7. Globalism is [their] system, not ours. We want no part of it. It brought us only pain, division & death. It's not necessary, despite how they spin it. Cultural identity is good. Nuclear families are good. Patriotism is healthy for ALL countries. Time to #WakeUpAmerica --
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