Oh my god #Bond25
What’s good, Aston Martin #Bond25
Also spotted in Jamaica: Billy Magnussen, special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, and stunt double Jean-Charles Rosseau. More substantial action on the island than I was expecting to see. Fantastic. #Bond25
I don’t even know. #Bond25
Finally, a sartorial model any of us can emulate #Bond25
They're filming a scene with Bond alone, on a similar boat from CASINO ROYALE, in the same t-shirt - now worn through with holes - he was wearing when Vesper died. Sad! No way is he still with Madeleine Swann when #Bond25 starts.
We know Jamaica is Jamaica according to the released synopsis/quotes, but Jamaica is maybe also Cuba? #Bond25
Aight. #Bond25
Bond 25: Gone Fishin’
Hold days are for the boys #Bond25
Bond's retirement watch is giving me the consumer shakes. #Bond25 #horology
Filming or just partying #Bond25
Science has perfected the terrycloth tops from both DR NO and DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and I *will* be buying them.
Bond should kill this guy a third time in #Bond25 just for old time’s sake.
James Bond Will Return In TRANSFER ME TO YOUR SUPERVISOR #Bond25
I’m late to SHAZAM! and this feels like trolling tbh
Terrycloth rompers and safari jackets aren't Bond's only questionable fashion choices. CASINO ROYALE caught some flack for Bond's loud Madagascar outfit, but it's likely that the costume designer was dressing 007 as his *cover*, the mention of which was cut from the final film.
Variety running a story sourcing nothing but a story from The Sun is sketchy as hell. #Bond25.
Are these tabloids having a contest? Did they make a bet with each other to see who could run the thinnest story? #Bond25
Disagree but I think I found a new term of enSHADEment
Huge if true https://twitter.com/dickklinhoffer/status/1128405094393888769?s=21
Seeing how they wrapped over a week ago, maybe Craig should stop filming scenes and falling down in Jamaica. 🤔🙄 https://twitter.com/JustJared/status/1128831837810282496
There it is, an ostensible frame of #Bond25
I’m reading 1973’s JAMES BOND: THE AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY, and the conceit is that the author discovers that Fleming’s creation is a real person and Fleming knew him. The author is taken by the British government to Bermuda where he meets a retired, 51-year-old James Bond 🤔
In #Bond25 Bond is driving an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series III. This car was used by Dalton in THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. The car will be seen driving the Atlantic Sea Road in Norway. (This is fun: in BOND 25, the Vantage has the same plates as Dalton's did in TLD.)
Crackerjack security on #Bond25
Hmmmm #Bond25
I’m on a twitter break but a couple quick #Bond25 observations:

The tab collar shirts from SKYFALL are back;

I *think* that suit is a glen plaid check (sometimes incorrectly called a...Prince of Wales check 🤨)
Dame Judi’s M has been portraitized! #Bond25
The big one: Lashana Lynch is wearing a safari jacket in the film. This proves - no debate, do not @ me - that she’s the new 007 when they pull old retired Bond out of Jamaica. Trailer moment: “James Bond, meet 007.” That new Aston Martin is probably hers. #Bond25 #SafariJacket
#Bond25 is, perhaps in response to the utterly shitty way the tabloids have gone after the film, REALLY stepped up their social media game. Here’s a longer version this morning’s video, widescreen and in HD.
I will say this: having Bond wandering present-day Jamaica like some weirdo ghost of colonialism past is, in its way, SUPER Fleming. #Bond25
Today’s filming in London brings another look at Tom Ford’s swing at the Anthony Sinclair FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE glen plaid suit as well as the watch from #Bond25. Definitely an as-yet-unreleased model and strap. #NewsYouCantUse
Over on Instagram stories, the 007 account shows Bond parking and exiting Timothy Dalton’s Aston Martin from THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. #Bond25
Oh okay, it’s like that. I see. #Bond25
The “perfect” choice would’ve been David Arnold, but I ain’t mad at new blood. https://twitter.com/indiewire/status/1146108777244102656?s=21
Not really related to the thread but too bad
I haven't had coffee yet, but I *think* this is the first time Moneypenny has ever gotten in Bond's Aston Martin. #Bond25
A lot of reductive handwringing from fans about who Lashana Lynch might be playing in #Bond25, and whether Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s script revisions mean that Bond is getting “a me too era” movie, whatever the hell that means.
But I submit, if you’ve read the books and know anything about the history of the character, Bond has literally always been about the British Empire confronting (or denying) its faded dominance. And it’s always been in flux.
Fleming’s DOCTOR NO (1958) was set in British-occupied Jamaica, and Fleming laments how “modern Jamaica” will burn the British structures to the ground. Jamaica won independence in August 1962; The Jamaica in the film didn’t exist by the time DR NO opened in the US.
Fleming’s Bond habitually visits former British colonies, always lamenting the declining way of life while simultaneously fetishizing all the unique culture they have to offer.
Having a retired old Bond in present-day Jamaica, confronting his own obsolescence in the form of Lashana Lynch as (possibly) the new 007? That’s about as Fleming as it gets.
People argue that Bond doesn’t change, and that’s sort of baked into the character. But Bond’s *world* has ALWAYS changed, and the series - going back to Fleming - has more often than not been about his reaction to that changing world.
The last few films have been character-focused. The series should check in with the world and see where it’s at. And a colonial reckoning (or at least reconciling) in #Bond25 is magically both very of the moment, and built into the DNA of Fleming’s creation.
I’m glad folks are enjoying this thread. The “doomed #Bond25” narrative is gossipy fun, but it’s more fun to be excited about a thing than to preemptively piss and moan. So for now I choose hope. As Ian Fleming once wrote, “Worry is a dividend paid to disaster before it is due.”
Not that you (or I) should be taking any of Fleming’s advice as gospel, mind you.
Get in loser, we’re going shopping for a tie that’s the right length. #Bond25
Good news! Daniel Kleinman is back as the #Bond25 title sequence artist. He’s done every title sequence since GOLDENEYE minus QoS. His title sequence for SKYFALL was an all-timer: https://www.artofthetitle.com/title/skyfall/ 
Gimme that next-gen rear projection, Cary. #Bond25 https://twitter.com/bond25film/status/1148516815070486528?s=21
Curious! https://twitter.com/jamesbondlive/status/1148722974964379648?s=21
How disappointing was SPECTRE? It makes this seem like bad news, that’s how disappointing. Please do something interesting with him. #Bond25 https://twitter.com/bazbam/status/1149438071965986817?s=21
Maybe they finally do a version of the Garden of Death? 🤷🏻‍♂️ #Bond25
Navy suit this time, swapping the tab collar shirt out for something more classic. (They sure seem attached to that tie clip, though. Maybe it's an IED from Q Branch.) #Bond25
TFW you get together with your bois after not seeing each other for a while and you're the only one whose hairline is hanging in there. #Bond25
If The Daily Mail is running a story that matches a wild guess I took a month ago, make sure I’m not actually the source 😜 #Bond25
Bond fans, like Fleming himself, pine for “good old days” that maybe never really existed, and that’s what you’re seeing today. The weird dichotomy is that Eon’s Bond has always existed 5 minutes from now, so a black woman taking Bond’s number in #Bond25 is also slyly on brand.
*ding* https://twitter.com/TWANEpod/status/1150432601271939074
Taking race/gender completely out of the mix: if you're a Bond fan and enjoy seeing the character face different experiences and such, how do you see "Bond is confronted by his replacement" and not get totally jazzed to see something new done with your favorite character? #Bond25
He's not handing the franchise over to Lynch; she's a supporting character in a Bond movie. This plot twist is going to be mined solely to explore Bond's - your favorite character's- reaction to it. You just wanna to see him face off against a disfigured non-Brit, again? #Bond25
I've a sneaking suspicion that a "James Bond, meet 007" moment wouldn't bother any of you if it took place between Daniel Craig and a handsome 28 year-old white dude; passing THAT GUY the "007" would've been "cool and unexpected." Maybe something for you to think about? #Bond25
I love that Lashana Lynch’s 007 character’s name is Nomi - literally “not my” 🤣🍸 #Bond25
Nice article showing various instances on the page and screen in which specific 00 code numbers have been reassigned. The number of times it’s been done before just might shock you! #Bond25 https://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/articles/bond-25-lashana-lynch-007?t=&s=&id=04531
Good setting for a finale? #Bond25 https://twitter.com/archivo_007/status/1151072467659710466?s=21
James Bond Will Return In DEATH FOR BREAKFAST #Bond26
Blofeld! 😛 #Bond25
Matt might never make a Brosnan edition of one of these, but if he never does a Craig edition I’ll be sad. #Bond25 https://twitter.com/mattgourley/status/1114206600661688321?s=21
JFC https://twitter.com/007/status/1153333968575631362?s=21
Well, Eon is about to have this guy killed #Bond25
The...(genetic) property of a lady...? #Bond25 https://twitter.com/marketto007/status/1157594300181557248?s=21
The rumored #Bond25 location of Craco, a medieval ghost town in Italy.
Apparently Craco was featured in QUANTUM OF SOLACE, but given that film’s editing style, I’m not surprised I don’t recognize it. #Bond25
I gotta say, this fealty to the continuity of the previous film is just baffling. (Note: all will be immediately forgiven if Bautista comes back.) #Bond25 https://twitter.com/bond25film/status/1159022315138686976?s=21
On the title front, latest rumor is October. #Bond25 https://twitter.com/marketto007/status/1158793989593677826?s=21
Garden of Death y’all #Bond25
Just kidding. Cary is obviously recreating that foggy woodland moment in MOONRAKER when Corrine Clery is mauled to death by dogs.
Now you’re just being dicks. #Bond25 #DopeAssJacketAlert
#Bond25 https://twitter.com/mattsinger/status/1160923225829888000?s=21
Guilty, but Jamaica. #Bond25 https://twitter.com/jamesbondlive/status/1158078987106570240?s=21
Putting this in the thread where it belongs. #NoTimeToDie
For the newcomers: “Live,” “Death,” “Die” and “Kill” are Bond title staples (in books, chapter titles and films), so I’m glad Craig got one in his canon. And I bet Omega is super pleased to have a Bond film to promote with “TIME” in the title. #NoTimeToDie
I see some folks not loving the title. Want to point out that a week ago fans actually, with straight faces and no comedy in their hearts, were telling each other it was gonna be called GENOMA OF A WOMAN, and news outlets were reporting it. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/1162433/James-Bond-25-title-plot-Genoma-of-a-Woman-Daniel-Craig-Genome-Matera
Some fans are grumpy that the title sounds like one of the Gardner/Benson “continuation stories.” Uh...what do you think these movies are, my dudes? They’re all continuation stories; you need to calm down. #NoTimeToDie
Lastly, I know the Internet was in early days back then, but TOMORROW NEVER DIES, DIE ANOTHER DAY and QUANTUM OF SOLACE exist as titles in the canon, so maybe stop crying. #NoTimeToDie
(And QUANTUM was a fine, if nebulous, title until they NAMED THE VILLAIN CLUB “QUANTUM”!) #NoTimeToDie
Now: you wanna talk typeface? Futura Black was invented in 1929. It was the wordmark for the Minnesota Vikings from 1982 until 2003. #NoTimeToDie
Y’all calling it the LOVE BOAT font are telling on yourselves. Real ones know what’s up. #NoTimeToDie
Stunts! #NoTimeToDie
Mamma Mia! #NoTimeToDie
Cary is salty about the rubberneckers #NoTimeToDie
This seems like a nightmare scenario?
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