Late nights and lowlights: A lo-fi perusal of treasony low-lifes in the first 100 pages of the Mueller Report.

1. Russian-IRA accounts reach 126 mil thru Facebook; Twitter reports 1.4 million people in contact w/IRA accounts. Perspective: HRC lost electoral college by 77k votes.
2. Facebook estimates 29 million people served IRA propaganda as “news” in their feeds from the Russian military operation’s 80,000 posts. Despite 120,000 Instagram posts by the IRA, Facebook did not offer its estimated reach. Perspective: This went on for two years.
3. “It is imperative to intensify criticizing Hillary Clinton.”-Russian troll reports its Facebook propaganda specialist told to turn up the venom on HRC to influence America’s 2016 election in favor or Trump.

Perspective: Trump told Russia to hack HRC on national TV.
4. Russian military creates fake Facebook accounts that reach out to real Americans to plan pro-Trump rallies. Russia uses God imagery to bash Hillary and devout American Christians begin bashing her.

Perspective: The cost of this f*ckery is cheap: 3,500 ads for about $100k.
5. Russian government linked accounts tweeted more than a million times in the weeks leading up to the election.

Perspective: We knew we’d been had on Nov. 9, when it was all quiet on the twitter front. The bots made the mistake of sleeping in.
6. Look who retweeted propaganda created by the Russian military campaign against our democracy: Jr., KAC, Flynn, Parscale and King Troll.

Perspective: Halfwits or treasony?
7. Russian military units broke into our state boards of elections, secretaries of states, U.S. companies that supplied elections software and the DCCC and DNC.

Perspective: Trump was aided by a foreign military attack on our election and is therefore an illegitimate president*.
8. The Russian military used computer servers that it leased from third party providers all over the world to hack our election.

Perspective: We are in a cyberwar with no leadership.
9. Facebook was a useful idiot for the Russian military (GRU), which used the platform to communicate with reporters over stolen property.

Perspective: I begged Zuckerberg to come clean in early 2017 when this all became apparent. Instead, he went cow tipping.
10. Russians hacked into the RNC emails.

Perspective: GOP squirrelly.
11. Russian military installs malware in a software company used in numerous voting systems and gains access to a Florida network, which refused to investigate.

Perspective: A free and fair election is the bedrock of democracy. If our systems are comprised, what then.
12. Jr. is a useful idiot.

Perspective: Amy Carter would’ve never committed treason, and Chelsea Clinton is all class.
13. It was Mifsud with the candlestick in the library with Papadopolous. Seriously, so many Russian connections and far too many syllables. It was this meeting promising dirt on Hillary Clinton that launched the Trump-Russia probe.

Perspective: Mifsud, a Maltese national, is MIA

Low-lifes and low-lights: A lo-fi perusal of the next hundred pages of opportunist flunkies with an amoral raison d’etre.

14. Rick Gates recalls Jr. announcing a lead on Clinton dirt from a ”friend” in Kyrgyzstan.

Perspective: WTF.
15. “Trump Jr. asked what they have on Clinton.” Kushner declares meeting with foreign nationals to obtain dirt on Clinton a “waste of time” as convo turns to sanctions.

Perspective: Amoral opportunist flunkies?
16. Trump campaign “diluted” language in RNC speech to be more Russia friendly.

Perspective: After all the documented human rights abuses by Russia in Ukraine, watering down the language is weak.
17. Trump campaign “tones down language” identifying Russia as the country’s number one threat.

Perspective: Under sanctions for war crimes and human rights abuses, Russia—led by two military units—was engaged in an active measures campaign against our democracy.
18. As Russia’s Ambassador Kislyak tells Sessions that the Russian government is receptive to Trump’s overtures, no one recalls convo about Russian interference in America’s election.

Perspective: Sessions staffer calls AMBO Kislyak an “old school KGB guy.”
19. Manafort instructs Gates to give Kilimnik, who has ties to Russian intelligence, “internal polling data” to share with others in Ukraine and Deripaska.

Perspective: Hmm. Wonder if the GRU wudda found the internal polling data useful...
20. Manafort continued to meet with Kilimnik, who has ties to Russian intelligence, about a “peace” plan that includes installing thuggy Russian puppet Yanukovych as the leader of eastern Ukraine.

Perspective: SCO noted Manafort used encryption devices & lied about communication
21. Special Counsel could not “reliably” determine why Manafort shared internal polling data during the campaign with Kilimnik, who had ties to Russian intelligence.

Perspective: Hmm. What was Russian intelligence doing during the campaign? Oh yeah, microtargeting Americans.
22. Manafort said sharing internal polling data with Ukraine/Russia ops was “good for business”.

Perspective: Whose business?
23. POLITICAL RISK INSURANCE: “Deripaska used Manafort to install friendly political officials in countries where Deripaska had business interests.”

Perspective: 😳
24. “Manafort agreed to work on the Trump campaign without pay. Manafort had no meaningful income..Immediately upon joining the Campaign, Manafort directed Gates to prep” memos to oligarchs..”Manafort further asked ‘how do we use this to get whole’”

Perspective: Who’s the boss.
25. Gates reported that Manafort said being on the Trump Campaign could lead to him getting two million he was owed for a Ukraine gig and that by giving internal polling data to Ukraine/Russia-linked ops, he could squash a lawsuit.

Perspective: Thuggy.
26. Whilst sending internal polling data to Russian-military linked operative/s via WhatsApp, as per Manafort’s instructions, Gates deleted the communications daily.

Perspective: So spy-ee.
27. Manafort offered to give Deripaska “private briefings.”

Perspective: 😍
28. Manafort meets again with Kilimnik, who has ties to GRU, and talks about the “peace” plan of re-installing thuggy ousted Russian puppet Yanukovych to lead eastern Ukraine and tells him about Campaign messaging, internal polling data and battleground states.

Perspective: Why?
29. After meeting with Kilimnik, who the FBI says may be a spy, Manafort tries to avoid media scrutiny cuz Kilimnik, u know, may be a spy. Media scrutiny of Manafort’s Ukraine ties get him tossed off Campaign.

Post-resignation: He instructs Campaign to use Wikileaks against HRC.
30. After Trump installed with assistance of a Russian military campaign, Manafort became a paid affiliate, giving speeches in Cuba, Middle East and China.

Perspective: Manafort is now in prison. Feebs couldn’t get him on espionage so mebbe they settled for tax evasion. #Gangsta
31. PUTIN CALLING: Within hours of Trump “victory”...

Perspective: Mission accomplished.
32. After successful active measures campaign by Russia, the head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund starts passing policy notes to Kushner and Tillerson, while arranging back channel meetings with Erik Prince in the Seychelles.

Perspective: Not normal.
33. Special Counsel couldn’t verify bros Bannon & Prince confirmed communication around the time of the Seychelles meeting cuz their phones were wiped; on another note, Bannon admitted he used personal email for work-related business.

Perspective: “But her emails.”
34. In a meeting with Flynn and Kushner, Russian AMBO offers to have Russian generals brief transition team using a secure communications line.

Perspective: Fairly peculiar.
35. Kushner meets with the head of a Russian bank under U.S. sanctions. The details of the meeting are unclear.

Perspective: The meeting took place at a time when Kushner companies had a debt obligation coming due.
36. After an all-hands oligarch meeting, the head of Alfa-Bank informs Putin staffer he’s been subpoenaed by the FBI on whether or not he attempted to set up a back channel between the Russian govt and Trump admin.

Perspective: By now, Russian election interference widely known.
37. As Obama admin enforced tough sanctions on Russia for its attack on our election, Trump transition team worries sanctions will gum up the works on its cozy relationship with the Kremlin. Trump tells the media: “I think we ought to get on with our lives.”

Perspective: Weak.
38. As Flynn set to meet with Russian AMBO, Trump asks McFarland if the Russians did “it” (i.e. waged a military campaign on the 2016 election to benefit his win). She responded “yes” but despite her definitive answer, Trump expressed doubt it was the Russians.

Perspective: WTF.
39. The bro-love starts immediately. Trump congratulates Putin on Twitter.

Perspective: His deference signals it’s okay to attack our democratic elections.
40. After plethora of “dirt” meetings that Campaign lied about, SCO doesn’t find coordinatation with Russian government in election interference.

Perspective: Is an administration of opportunist flunkies with a leader who “expresses doubt” in face of intel, worthy of our nation?
41. Although SCO determined evidence wasn’t “sufficient” to charge members of Trump campaign with conspiring to throw the election with Russia, multiple members of the campaign did get convicted for lying about interactions with Russians.

Perspective: Why lie?
42. Ms. Clinton was such a threat to Putin, Russian military intelligence led an assault on her and the Democratic party, hacking and disseminating stolen property to the media.

Perspective: Media got played by a foreign adversary’s military campaign to sway an American election
43. As Wikileaks disseminated documents stolen by a Russian military assault on our Democracy, it’s clear the laws in our nation haven’t caught up with cyberwarfare, as the fine print on pg 176 indicates in “tangible” vs “intangible” goods explainer.

Perspective: Paging Congress
44. “Who sells secrets on the Seychelles?” False statements and obstruction from Trump campaign associates made it difficult to bring conspiracy charges.

Perspective: Why did they lie and what were they trying to hide? That’s what Congress must now ask.
45. The opportunist flunkies littering the Trump campaign who sought dirt from Russian nationals or promised access and then lied about it or obstructed, live in a country where proof beyond a reasonable doubt is required for conviction.

Perspective: If only they had conviction.
TAINTED PRESIDENT*/TAINTED ADMINISTRATION*: Pgs 200 to 300 of the Mueller Report

Low-lifes and low-lights: A lo-fi perusal of lying liars with an amoral raison d’etre.

46. Trump advisors lie about contacts with Russian ops, impeding investigation.

Perspective: Who’s the boss.
47. Vol. II starts off daunting: the president* is criminally investigated

“If we had confidence..the president* clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Based on the facts..we are unable to reach that judgment”

Perspective: Facts are not Trump’s friend
48. While Trump officials privately bug Wikileaks for more material hacked-by-Russians, Trump publicly feigns disbelief that Russians are behind hacks and tells advisers he’s worried the public might think his election was illegitimate.

Perspective: His election was illegitimate
49. “This thing with Trump-Russia is a made-up story,” Trump tells TV. As he fires Comey; asks Sessions to “unrecuse”; demands an A.G. who’ll “protect him”; asks advisors to lie/do his dirty work; tells “Russian officials” the heat is off w/Comey out.

Perspective: Who’s the boss
50. Upon appt of SCO to investigate Trump-Russia, Trump tells advisors his presidency* is over, whilst casting shade on the SCO and conjuring “conflicts of interests”. He also does a CYA after media exposes Jr.’s attempt to acquire Hillary dirt from Kyrgyzstan

Perspective: Shady
51. Trump suggests Sessions investigate Hillary; McGahn defies Trump; After “stay strong” msgs, Flynn & Cohen flip; Trump calls Cohen a “rat” and smears Cohen’s family, while praising Manafort’s bravery for not flipping, which Trump thinks should be outlawed.

Perspective: Mobby.
52. Do let’s take a moment to pause at mobby embrace of Flynn that turns into hostility when Flynn won’t share briefings w/Trump camp anymore, juxtaposed with Trump’s support of Manafort, who appears espionagey thruout SCO report.

Perspective: Who do they really work for?
53. So both before and after the firing of Comey, the president* privately and publicly attacks, tries to control and encourages witnesses not to cooperate with Trump-Russia investigation. His lawyers attempt to squash investigation & fail.

Perspective: He acts like a guilty man
54. And on pg 220, the Money Shot: Mueller concludes the Constitution does not immunize a president from obstructing justice & tells Congress they are in charge of protecting America from a corrupt president*.

Perspective: No man is above the law and Trump may even be beneath it
55. A. thru F. documents evidence that there was sufficient factual and legal basis to investigate the president* on obstruction

Perspective: For a guy who never met a camera he didn’t like, Trump demurred when it came time for Mueller spotlight. No prob cuz SCO had the evidence
56. Forget everything we know and just consider pg 227:

The candidate praising Putin, casting shade on NATO; advisors on RT payroll and repping Russian interests. And along came Manafort, a handler for Russian puppets working for “free”.

Perspective: Trump’s a Russian frontman
57. TV’s free coverage of the Russian frontman and con artist, along with his opportunist flunkies, was a double-edged sword. It got him on record as a Russian stooge, but it normalized his thuggish behavior to the American people, who were being microtargeted by Russia. Oi.
58. 4 damning pages:

Trump campaign reacts enthusiastically to a foreign adversary hacking Democrats and plots a strategy around using stolen information; denies having any business dealings with this adversary and then denies Russia hack, while soliciting Russia to hack HRC. Oi
59. “It never happened” Hicks denies campaign in contact with Russians; Russians boast of contacts. Print media outs Russian stooges in campaign. FBI concludes Russia attacked to get Trump elected. Trump says it coulda been a guy in a bed

Perspective: Bad Borscht by lousy liars
60. “People would think Russia helped him win.” Trump feared his “win” would be invalid when it became clear Russia waged a military campaign for him, so he denied it, lied about personal biz dealings and campaign’s myriad contacts.

Perspective: If we do not oust him, Putin wins
61. When Comey briefed Trump on Steele Dossier, Comey said Trump was defensive and demanded loyalty. Trump inferred he would prefer Comey to issue a statement calling dossier “bogus”, which Comey refused to do.

Perspective: Steele documented now-verified campaign ties to Russia.
62. “Now that we fired Flynn, this Russia thing is over,” Trump says over lunch to Gov. Christie, who tells him, “No way.” Trump urges Comey let Flynn go, while Priebus thinks Trump is worried Flynn might bad mouth him. Flynn flips.

Perspective: Trump behaves like a guilty man.
63. “Multiple witnessed recalled that the president* viewed the Russia investigation as a challenge to the legitimacy of his election.”

Perspective: So he obstructs investigation, while simultaneously welcoming and denying attack, and continues lauding the perpetrator of attack
64. When Sessions and McGahn follow protocol, Trump complains he “doesn’t have a lawyer” and then said he “wished Roy Cohn was his attorney.”

Perspective: Cohn was disbarred in 1986 for unethical behavior.
65. A president* obsessed: intelligence leaders won’t publicly state he is not under investigation. In one convo, he explains it’s “messing up his ability to get things done with Russia.” Such a weird statement, advisors document & put doc in a safe.

Perspective: Who’s the boss.
66. “You left me on an island.” A survivor of his own presidency*, Trump ramps up his obstructiony behavior and sacks Comey. He tells Russian minister: “I fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job.” The firing is a flop, so he blames Rosenstein.

Perspective: Wack.
67. Obstruction👉🏼“The president* wanted to protect himself from an investigation into his campaign.” So the opportunist flunkies he surrounds himself with lied about why Comey was fired and lied that Comey was hated within the FBI.

Perspective: Corruption & obstruction teamwork
68. And lo, behold, pg 290: upon learning Robert S. Mueller III appointed Special Counsel, we discover the words that will live on in infamy: “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency*. I’m f*cked.”

Perspective: And so it came to pass, he was indeed f*cked.
69. Worth noting: presidential* tweets are cited in evidentiary footnotes thruout SCO Report and the birth of the “witch hunt” deflection-lingo is documented.

Perspective: Other dodgy modern politicians who cried “witch hunt” include Nixon, Netanyahu, Roy Moore. #BadCompany
70. “BURN BAGS” BAN: May 18, 2017: White House staff issued order to cease sending out “burn bags.” Sessions sorta resigns.

Perspective: GOP must be relieved Trump spends his time plotting revenge & devising obstruction schemes. Imagine if this treasony doofus ran the country.
71. Pg 294 we learn about another Trump media pal, a Newsmax exec and noted conspiracy wanker. Newsmax was very prolific in Facebook feeds in 2016, confusing the easily duped that it was legit.

Perspective: Between AMI’s Pecker, Sinclair and fake Fox anchors, the fix was in.
72. 300 pgs in, it’s clear Trump’s Truly Sh*tty Presidency* (TTSP) is a farcical reality show, with a paranoid leader haunted by Hillary, demanding firings, dictating memos such as: “ being treated very unfairly”

Perspective: He’s consumed by appearances of illegitimacy
73. We’ve gotten to the part in our story when the White House has a shortage of opportunist flunkies willing to help Trump obstruct justice. They deflect, delay, raise eyebrows and secure notes in safes. Lawyers need lawyers. Sessions still resigny

Perspective: Iago stews alone
74. It’s worth taking a moment to comb these 4 excerpts on Jr.’s “dirt” meeting. The president* shuts down truth, is only interested in spin, shows absolutely zero concern for the law, and clearly, obfuscation is a family tradition.

Perspective: Jr needs AA: (Adverbs Anonymous).
75. Months pass and yet the president* remains obsessed with getting Sessions to “unrecuse” so he can order him to limit scope of investigation to eliminate himself as a target, whilst ordering Sessions to investigate Hillary.

Perspective: A feeble president* abuses his power.
76. Yearning for the days of corrupt lawyers like Roy Cohn, Trump asks McGahn why he takes notes. Clearly, having records of his schemey requests is unsettling to a chronic liar. McGahn, who refused Trump’s schemey requests, explains “real lawyers” take notes.

Perspective: Pwnd.
77. Thuggy Trump & Manafort:

* Manafort assured the president* will “take care” of him
* Trump privately bad mouths Manafort, while publicly praises him & dangles pardon
* SOC concludes Trump’s words could impact jury deliberations

Perspective: Shudda never allowed Nixon pardon
SCO REPORT: “The Thug Who Would Be King.” Final 100 pages reveal a president* with less class than a mob patsy, no code of omertà, still haunted by his competitor, psych walls closing in as he loses control of investigation.

78. Cohen and a felon initiate Trump Tower Moscow deal
79. “The president* loves you.” Cohen says if he lied about Trump Tower Moscow timing, a billion-dollar deal being negotiated while candidate Trump denied any dealings with Russians, and lied about porn payoffs, Trump would have his back.

Perspective: The raid flipped the script
80. There’s a reason Trump calls the media an enemy, the truth is his enemy. Print media keeps His Fraudulency on the defensive with facts. The facts get to Cohen after the raid, so he flips, and their brolove turns to war.

Perspective: A vengeful Trump turns his wrath on Cohen.
81. “Going Rogue.” Trump uses mob tactics, first to prop Cohen up as a “good man” with a “wonderful family,” but after Cohen flips, he’s a “rat” with a “criminal” family in cahoots with “Crooked”

Perspective: Ms. Clinton needs to sue Trump for defamation, his obsession is creepy
82. “Pattern of Conduct”

SOC says evidence points to a pattern of conduct revealing Trump’s personally motived by the legitimacy of his election being called into questioned and how certain events could be seen as criminal activity.

Perspective: Explains repeated obstruction.
83. PRES NOT IMMUNE: President is NOT immunized from liability for conduct SOC investigated. The obstruction of justice statutes validly prohibit a president’s corrupt efforts to use official powers to interfere with an investigation

Perspective: Mueller hands baton to Congress
84. 388-390 are doozies: Congress has power to apply criminal law to ALL persons “including the president”

Citing Cobbledick case (just wanted to type “Cobbledick” lol), grand juries are critical to justice and pres* must back off

Perspective: Clearly, Barr didn’t read this bit

Sing it..

“A possible remedy thru impeachment

For abuses of power

Would not substitute for potential criminal liability

After a president leaves office...”

Perspective: Impeach, charge, convict cuz lawd knows he won’t resign. #Clingy45
86. After this war for truth and the soul of our nation is behind us, remember these words:

* The protection of the criminal justice system from corrupt acts by ANY person determines that no person is “above the law.”

Perspective: This report “does not exonerate” Trump.
87. APPENDIX B An index of the charlatans, conspirators, and opportunist flunkies who populate the Trump-Russia investigation, in both English and Russian subtitles. Oh wait, there’s just that many Russians.

Perspective: “Harm to Ongoing” matter indicates a story far from over.
88. “Inadequate”

Although the president* never met a camera he didn’t like, he refused to appear before Mueller and opts to write “inadequate” responses that include 30 lapses in memory and “no knowledge” of key events, despite being a documented micromanager

Perspective: As if
89. More from pg 418 & 431:

Mueller doesn’t subpoena Trump to avoid lengthy litigation and cuz he already has facts of obstruction. (I feel SCO should have subpoenaed him to witness froth of lies). Trump writes Putin made “complimentary statements about me”

Perspective: Go gurl
90. To fully comprehend how irresponsible Trump, Barr and the GOP’s statements and actions have been, one must only look to Appendix D, to behold all the ongoing criminal cases and criminal referrals regarding the Trump-Russia investigation.

Perspective: They’re a rotten crowd.
91. MERCHANT OF MENACE: Fitting this tragic report about a corrupt man’s obsession with legitimacy and those who enabled him, foreign and domestic, ends w/reminder veteran political pox Roger Stone’s fate hangs.

Perspective: The harm to our country is ongoing & GOP is to blame.
For those who made their way through my Mueller Report summary, here’s a very hand guide to Trump-Russia. This toolkit is all you’ll need to recognize we are dealing with an illegitimate president*. We’ve never been here before and there’s no happy ending.
We are well beyond the point in this fight for our fragile Democracy to give MSM a pass each time it publishes or airs another puff piece on “Scamalot”, the kollaborator collective of Trump Inc. Keep supporting independent journos and hold MSM accountable.
Rather than lurch from distraction to distraction, outrage to outrage, created by His Fraudulency and the chorus line of Scamalot, focus on neutralizing Putin. That’s the larger play.
A cursory study of puppet leaders offers insight to the rogue theatrics of Scamalot.
The Mind Virus of Lies and Their Damning—and Intentional—Impact on Democracy.
This illegitimate administration* isn’t simply harming America on the world stage, it’s harming the world.
Kremlin and Putin proxy’s cyberterrorism on America.
How cyberterrorism works.
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