The Joey Image “random pics” thread. Feel free to ask whatever you want about any of these pics. It will be a collection of photos, posted randomly, over time. Some will have no caption, just the photo. Ask away, if you’d like.
Also, if you have any pics of me or that we took together maybe, also feel free to post those in this thread. I love seeing them, especially because I don’t remember most of them 😂
Here I am hammered after Todd Grisham bought my table a bucket of beers at Miller’s Ale House in Tampa (or Orlando, I forget which).
Recording radio spots/bumpers with Dan Severn in 2011.
2004. World Star Wrestling, a branch of the AWA at the time, Cruiserweight Champion.
Backstage at Evolve 5. Sept 11, 2010. With Homicide, and some guys in the background.
Wrestling Tomahawk at Action Unlimited, I think this was 2011, in Dallas PA.
My lady and I a few years ago, outside @TheGarden.
Perfectly-timed shot, getting hit with That’s Incredible by @PJPolaco. RPWF, September 10, 2005.
Portrait mode.
Pretending to dance, at Clash Bar in Clifton NJ. 2009.
Got a personalized tour of the @FoxNews TV Studios in 2009. Here’s meteorologist @NickGregoryFox5 holding his favorite shirt!
Another WSW Cruiserweight Champ photo.
That time @JayMewes came to a @WrestlingIWF show back in 2000.
At my first photo shoot. The theme was “sexiest guys in wrestling”. I was Mr. June, because my birthday is in June. I’m so fucking sexy, especially in this pic. #OHYES
IHPW, 2004. Winning the IHPW DotCom title, just a few minutes before @AllisonDanger defeated me for it. I think I held the title for about 7-10 minutes 😂
That belt bears a striking resemblance to another famous belt in wrestling history...
16 years old.
Praying to the bubblewrap gods.
Here’s Grady, peekin’ in your window!
2004 again. Simultaneously WSW Cruiserweight Champion, and IHPW Tag Team Champion.
With the Bravado Brothers. 2011
Old school pic with #BobLevy. I think this was 2012?
Hangin’ with @shwood!
The famous @hawkito! Photobomb by @RushenderS
Taking a stiff right hand to the face from Rikki Lane. EGW 2004
With Dan!
With that @ShaneHelmsCom guy at NY Comic Con a couple years ago. He a good dude!
In Vegas with @PoppaWheelieTCC. I love this guy.
At @VideoGamesLive, January 2, 2016.
One last one for today. Backstage at a CWE show in Port St Lucie FL, with the great @LaceyEvansWWE. November 2015.
Okay, NOW one last one for today.

Philadelphia 1997. Myself and cop Brian, at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention at the Adams Mark Hotel. Such a great time. Got my first tattoo that weekend!!
Immediately after Johnny Toxic bodyslammed me onto a car. GSW. 2007, Stanhope NJ
Here’s another one.

Yelling at some kid. CCW, uhhh..2010? No idea.
With my friend Dave, of Dog Eat Dog. April 5, 2019, Debonair Music Hall, Teaneck NJ.
My GTA 5 “Trevor Phillips” audition photo. (JK)
At the Stony Pony, with @MichaelAlago1, an absolute sweetheart of a guy.

December 2018.
Meeting one of my video game heroes, Mr. @CoreyMarshallVO. At @AVideoGameCon, 2018.
With one of my favorite people, who I’m proud to say has become a great friend to me, Mr. @BillyBiohazard. At the Stone Pony, December 2018. #DFL #Respect
A quick bathroom selfie before bed.
I’m not in this pic, but it’s still a good one.
“High Stakes” (stylized as High $takes), my first tag team, with partner Max Chance.
That time last year when I found this @BrutusBeefcake_ poster in my childhood bedroom at my parents’ house.
With the great @CoreyMarshallVO
It’s been a few days. Here’s a new pic for ya. Me as a bobble head. This was a gift after my last match, almost 4 years ago.
With Mike @IceWarm, outside @BarclaysCenter before the 2019 WWE Hall Of Fame.
My second spinal surgery was in August of 2017. My father visited me at home a few days later. My fiancé found this great picture of him helping me up. I miss him so much. I wish I knew he had less than a year to live at this point. I love you, dad.
With @Terry51D from @AVideoGameCon 2016 in Parsippany NJ, with the Sony/Nintendo PlayStation prototype! 👍🏻
A few years ago, with @valkyriesbard. She was so sweet.
Here’s another pic for this pic thread. YOU LIKE IT!! The famous @StarMike!
With one of my favorite geeks, Tom Merritt ( @acedtect). SLC airport 2014
Here’s a pic for Monday, 6/24/2019.
WSW Cruiserweight Champion, sometime in 2004.
I forgot about my pics thread. So here’s a new one for ya.
I forgot about this picture thread. Here’s another one for ya. On the set of the upcoming Sopranos movie.
A man laying down on the side of a road, as a motorcycle drives by. Beautiful sun, and a nice tree on the other side of the road.
I forgot about this thread. Here’s one. That’s me in the bottom left, at the 234 Garage in Westwood NJ, March 1996.
Remember when @AFI tickets were only $3? 👍🏻
Here’s a thread I forgot about. So let’s get back to posting some pics, huh?

My newest tattoo. The pic is from 2 weeks ago. It will be finished tonight.
The Misfits, 10/19/2019, MSG NYC.
That time @PatTheNESPunk met his favorite wrestler!
This is a picture I posted on Twitter. Some may say I “tweeted” it. This guy took my right off my feet. I don’t remember his name.
I forgot I had this pic thread going. For the next few minutes, I’m going to use this thread to post some photos from this past weekend’s #SopranosCon event. Is that okay? Let’s start with these 2:
And, the car Silvio and Patsy were in during the shooting at the end of the series. #SopranosCon
Interviewing @MattServitto for my @SopranoPedia Podcast. Thank you, sir!
Myself and @ChrisTheFatRef with our press passes/media badges for #SopranosCon.
Arrival at #SopranosCon
#SopranosCon ice sculpture.
Myself with Michael Mota, one of the 3 brains that put this whole thing together. A great guy. Love this dude! #SopranosCon
I forgot all about this picture thread. So let’s start it up again. Here’s one. This mannequin thought I was mocking her. Look how thin I was.
This is me, sitting down. Wonderful!
At the @artiequitter show at @starlandNJ on May 9, 2009.
I keep forgetting about this picture post thread. Here’s one of my favorite pics taken with me in it, from a wrestling-related event. This was from the @Bustin4Autism event in Houston TX in (I think) 2012.
Another one for the pic thread. This notification made me LMAO
September 10, 2005. During my against @PJPOLACO at RPWF in White Haven PA.
The T-Byrds, IHPW Tag Team Champions, with @DerbyLaney. June 2004 (I think)
Makes me 😆
These mistakes sometimes make me chuckle to myself.
Me in high school, with my buddy Ed.
Forgot about this picture thread. Here’s one for ya from last week sometime.
Here’s another random one for this thread:
My first Twitter profile, shortly after I deactivated to make a new one. I’ve been a Twitter’er for over 12 years now. I’m sorry.
More pics for the pic thread. (Stole this idea from @MATTHARDYBRAND, by the way. So thank you, sir).
My old @Chevrolet Trailblazer. DAMN I miss this badass truck!
Before, right after, and the day after, when I had surgery on my left knee for a torn meniscus/MCL, I think 2011.
Remember when me and Chris Rockwell were friends? loved that guy.
Sept 2010 w/ Johnny Z!
The first time I appeared in a comic book, THANKS to @Dean_Stahl!
2009 at my old apartment in Parsippany NJ.
2011. Myself, @RealMickFoley, @1MartyJannetty, and @TraciiTaylor. Old school!!
Here’s another oldie. I think this was 2005ish. Don’t remember where or who took it.
I keep forgetting about this thread. Here’s another picture for ya, from December 23, 2009.
I don’t remember when this one is from, but I swear as I walked by produce in the supermarket, this pineapple yelled “fuck you, Image!” so I threatened to punch him. He shut up quick.
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