Dan Schneider sexual abuse allegations: conspiracy thread 🕵️‍♂️
starting off: Dan Schneider was the nickelodeon producer of shows like zoey 101, icarly, the amanda show, and drake & josh. So basically all the classics
The most well-known theory is that Schneider has a serious foot fetish. This would explain themes of feet periodically throughout all his shows
now u might say “well maybe he just finds feet funny” but his twitter may prove differently. who asks thousands of YOUNG kids to SEND U FEET PICS???
one reddit user posted this 6 yrs back, and while this was never proven true, i thought i’d still add it to show the PILING allegations against him
more evidence: an unknown female spoke up about a casting call for nickelodeon back in 2007. the kids were asked to take off their shoes, go in a room ALONE W DAN SCHNEIDER, and talking about how they love being barefoot?!?!??
last evidence on feet- here’s an interview w/ noah munck (aka: GIBBBBYYYYYY from icarly)
i think it’s also important noting he didn’t necessarily deny any allegations against schneider
next allegation: dan schneider’s infamous Acting Boot Camps with friend and producer, Brian Peck (left pic). Many stars were discovered at these camps like Amanda Bynes
Parents would drop their kids off, leaving them ALONE w/ men like schneider. According to an anonymous source, the kids were told to hang out at the pool & wear revealing clothing for a better chance of getting noticed by big time producers
Shortly after, in 2004, Brian Peck was arrested on 11 counts of sexual abuse charges against a minor on the amanda show. and this guy was running an unsupervised KIDS CAMP w/ dan schneider. Yeah somethings not right here.
This dirtbag also only served 16 months, and continued to work with disney and nickelodeon shortly after. so yeah fuck the US judicial system.
It can be speculated that Dan Schneider’s alleged abuse greatly contributed to Amanda Bynes breakdowns as she grew older
before i address my last few theories, more evidence of Dan Schneider being a little too touchy with his young female actors
Next theory: Dan Schneider is the father of Jamie Lynn Spear’s daughter
In 2007, news broke Jamie Spears was pregnant at 16, resulting in the cancellation of her show. She had an off/on relationship with her boyfriend at the time, but many believe he isn’t the father.
While the father’s identity still has yet to be revealed, many believe he is Dan Schneider. As crazy as this may seem, there is evidence from an interview w/ Stars Magazine along with side by side comparisons to help prove this theory
My final tea for the night- Ariana Grande and Jenette Mccurdy ☕️

remember these are only based off speculation and is a THEORY
There are allegations Dan Schneider also sexually abused Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy and gave them their spin off show “Sam & Cat” to keep hush.
During the show, Jennette posted a “seemingly” harmless vine directed at Dan Schneider
now here’s a clip from behind the scenes of victorious. Schneider is behind the camera, notice both the girls’ demeanors completely change? Ariana seems to play along, but Liz (Jade) seems angered by this and storms off
In 2014, Dan Schneider was awarded a Kid’s Choice Award. Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove boycotted the awards (despite winning awards themselves). They asking Ariana to join, which she declined.
Jennette then came forward stating, “I was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me.” She unfollowed Grande on all social media, and her contract with Nickelodeon was never renewed.
While none of these are proven facts, Nickelodeon fired Dan Schneider, their MOST successful producer, in May 2018 saying “they should simply part ways.” yeah yeah we know what’s up
More evidence🕵️‍♂️ Alexa Nikolas, aka Nicole from Zoey 101, posted on her instagram saying not to watch Schneider’s shows and that he is a very bad guy.
thank u love for sending this!! @karr_bearr the more & more evidence i see makes it even sadder that this guy is living it up w/ millions of dollars, instead of rotting in jail LIKE HE SHOULD BE
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