Sen. Kamala Harris Mega Thread!
I'll be using this thread to compile all my threads ( covering policies/interviews/etc) on Kamala's campaign. Feel free to bookmark/share any or all of these threads for when you need to pull out receipts or just want to learn more! #ForThePeople
Overview of Senator Kamala Harris' policies and the corresponding bills she has already sponsored or co-sponsored in the Senate. (Not A-Z list but covers most major topics)
Compilation of Senator Kamala Harris' interviews, rallies, speeches, and townhalls from her campaign announcement through 4/17/19
Setting the record straight on the truancy hit pieces.
Kamala Harris Disinformation Debunked: SFPD Crime Lab Scandal. Setting the record straight on some of sloppy reporting as well as crazy made up stories surrounding the SFPD lab technician. Receipts for DIY fact checking of this video are on the YT page.
Because I have zero problem putting Kamala's record up against is a thread comparing her important work to her contenders on Black maternal health. The more addressing it the better, but I will not abide by the erasure of Kamala's efforts.
Let Kamala's dismantling of AG Barr's credibility serve as Exhibit A as proof Kamala is tough enough to take on Trump! To borrow her phrase, she "will prosecute the case against Trump" like no other! This thread is a roundup of the #BarrHearing coverage.
I am #TeamKamala all day everyday, but I am NOT AFFILIATED with her campaign. However, I put together this Twitter list of the talented people who OFFICIALLY power Sen. Kamala Harris' HISTORIC (don't forget that part) campaign.
Thread: What started off as an experiment led to me wanting to express (w/receipts) how Kamala acknowledges & celebrates Black folks. This is not a policy thread, but it shows how Kamala has a pulse on things most candidates haven't uttered a word about.
I mentioned earlier that Kamala was an original supporter of Prez Obama's candidacy in 2007...check out this thread for receipts.
Quick thread to dispel the false notion that Kamala is reactive rather than a leader on proposals. You don't have to take my word for it, see for yourself how her proposals have been met with praise for being bold and often the 1st of its kind in the race.
Kamala's team is working on an Issues page for her website but that is no excuse to say she doesn't have policies. Here are the dedicated URLs for her biggest proposal rollouts: 
Update: Here is the issues page! 
Here is a thread I put together on Kamala's Black agenda aka "what's in it for Black people"? I will continue to add to it, so don't take any omissions via tweet as an omission on Kamala's part (remember I don't work for her lol). Feel free to RT!
Kamala participated in the #PoorPeoplesCampaign in DC on 6/17. Check out the recap here.
Time's Up has some suggested questions for the Dem Debates. They might not get asked, but here are the answers anyway. #Kamala2020
Whatever you have heard about Kamala's record as California Attorney General, there is far MORE to her record. This isn't a rebuttal to hit pieces, but a clearer picture of her tenure that goes unnoticed. Here is Part 1 of what @KamalaHarris did as AG.
Check out Part 2 of @KamalaHarris record as California Attorney General. Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon.
35,000 Black voters were asked what needs to be on the #BlackAgenda. Kamala has a plan for every top issue identified. More importantly, she has been working on many of these things before kicking off her campaign. #BlackCensus #Kamala2020
Since Kamala's last substantive interview with the Breakfast Club was reduced to ridiculous right wing smears, I recapped her latest interview so that people can learn more from these great discussions than a viral 15 seconds out of 48 minutes.
I put together this lightning round vid of several of @KamalaHarris policies. This isn't a wonky makes it plain how Kamala's proposals benefit us: more $ for families, closing teacher & gender wage gaps & tackling gun violence. Feel free to RT/Bookmark #Kamala2020 #KHive
Here is lightning round 2 of several of @KamalaHarris policies. This (not wonky) video addresses Prescription drug reform, Kamala's rent relief/LIFT Act tax credits, and immigration reform. Feel free to RT/Bookmark #Kamala2020 #KHive
Kamala did not just make history with her election as San Francisco DA and California Attorney General, she did so with her US Senate election. Learn more about what she has been up to in the Senate. #Kamala2020 #KHive #ForThePeople
PLEASE DON'T FEED THE TROLLS on the threads. They take too much time/effort to be hijacked. We MUST be disciplined! Every reply provides more tweets to divert/spread trash. Even if I block they can post it you reply. RESIST & BLOCK. If you don't want to block, don't reply. #KHive
I accidentally deleted Part 1 of Kamala's AG Thread 😭😭😭. Here is a new combined Part 1/Part 2 AG Record mega thread. I will add to this thread instead of creating separate parts. #KHive
Setting the record straight on the trash attacks on Kamala's record as DA/AG. Don't just take my word for it...I have contemporaneous sources included in the thread to backup what I say in videos. #KHive #Kamala2020
The best way to learn about Kamala's record is straight from the source. This isn't a soundbite thread, it is a comprehensive look into the years long initiatives and results of Kamala's tireless efforts as head of the largest state DOJ. #Kamala2020 #KHive
Latino voters are critical in winning back the White House in 2020. Here is a thread on how #KamalasLatinoAgenda and how it aligns with the priorities outlined in the #UnidosUS19 survey of Latino voters. Feel free to Bookmark/RT
#Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris
I'm way overdue adding #BlackMenForKamala to the mega thread. Feel free to drop a selfie/pic/gif/reply ANY time to express your support for #KamalaHarris #Kamala2020
What keeps you up at night? What makes you toss & turn? If you are doing good, but could be doing better; if you are down and could use a lift up, Kamala's #3AMAgenda is pragmatic & transformative for a tangible impact that betters your quality of life.
The most illuminating aspect of what a candidate will do isn't just what's said during the campaign, it's what was said before poll testing talking points. #KamalaHarris has been consistent for DECADES on the issue of criminal justice reform.Take a look...
#KamalaHarris cheat sheets. In the policy tweet number 17 should read Eliminate Rape Kits *Backlog*. Feel free to RT/Bookmark.
It is important that in this race we challenge false narratives. #KamalaHarris has for decades stood for and accomplished #CriminalJusticeReform, period.
I've talked about #Kamala's #LIFTAct many times but I wanted to show y'all all the way from Morroco what an extra $500/month cash in your pocket could get you! Get your passports ready! #Kamala2020 #KamalaHarris #KHive #UnitedForKamala #TravelNoire
#KamalaHarris supporters know what she is about and there is plenty of love for what #Kamala is proposing. Join in on the #KamalaChallenge and tag @United4Kamala to be added to this thread! #Kamala2020 #KHive #UnitedForKamala #KamalasPlan #KamalaWillAct
It is important that we have a proper and thoughtful account of this historic election. #KamalaHarris deserves that and we as a country deserve that.
#KamalaHarris has been a staunch ally to the LGBTQ community for several DECADES. If you tuned into the CNN #EqualityTownHall you heard a small sampling. For more information check out this thread ⬇️ #Kamala2020 #LGBTQTownHall #KamalaHarris2020
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