I used to maintain a monstrous thread detailing articles & incidents of racism & atrocity by the Trump regime. It started out focusing on the southern border, but grew.

And then Twitter killed my account.

This is it renewed & re-organized; each post below deals with a topic.
First a look at the ZERO TOLERANCE program, which we now know was specifically designed to torture and harass immigrant families in the hopes of scaring them away. These posts are semi-chronological. #ZeroTolerance #NoWall #WhereAreTheChildren #Racism https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120100518892797959
This thread is about the atrocities the Trump administration is committing, particularly against immigrants and asylum seekers.

#NoWall #WarCrimes #HumanRightsViolations https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120117820262580224
This thread is about the Trump regime's effort to use ICE to deport and otherwise harass people, often native-born or naturalized American citizens.

#ICEisnotNICE #Deportation https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120121861872988160
This thread is about ASYLUM seekers and CARAVANs.

#AsylumSeekers #Asylum #AsylumIsLegal https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120126316773281792
This thread is about the Trump regime's mismanagement of the Puerto Rico disaster and continued outright denial of the destruction there and efforts to avoid responsibility or aid.

#PueroRico #PuertoRicansAreAmericans #HelpPuertoRico #PuertoRicoIsAmerica https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120132950077706241
This thread is devoted to the Trump regime's poor response to natural disasters, including the Washington and California fires, Hurricanes Michael and Matthew, and other places where they promised aid and fell down in the end. https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120137299470299136
This thread deals with the Trump regime's efforts to ignore white nationalism and domestic terrorism while demonizing immigrants, especially Hispanics and Muslims https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120142071610974208
This thread is about Trump policies & lies, particularly pertaining to immigration & border policies, attempts to dismantle our immigration system, & efforts to deport & harass refugee populations here under U.S. protection.

#NoWall #WhereAreTheChildren https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120156064459165697
This thread deals with Trump's lies and efforts about the Wall, and also the shutdown that he created when he couldn't have his way.

#NoWall https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1120161401413218307
A small thread about one of Trump's recent, and most blatant, lies, that our country "is full."

It is nowhere near, and in fact we desperately NEED immigration: https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1130124464551866370
This thread provides links to various resources and sites that provide information, aid, and tips to help immigrants being hurt by the Trump regime's campaign against them. https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1142975921571401730
I am adding a "special" new thread here for Stephen Miller. If Trump's racism is instinct, Miller's is policy; he is behind EVERY one the Trump regime's worst, most racist programs.

#RacistGOP #StephenMiller #RacistInChief #RacistPresident #RacistCBP https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1153018884078915585
A new thread I am splitting off from the general thread on white nationalism, the Muslim ban, and other racism tracking the direct violence resulting from Trump's persistent #StochasticTerrorism : https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1158050265964142592
Trump has proposed a return to the mass-institutionalization of the mentally ill, a move historically used to oppress and marginalize political enemies, in response to gun violence. Here is why this is so frightening: https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1162235864941907969
My thread on the heinous dual loyalty canard long used to keep down outsiders and minorities, which has become a favorite tactic of Trump and the GOP to use against Jews, Catholics, African-Americans, immigrants, and others: https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1163953765923377155
A small thread related to the one above about Trump's efforts to engage American Jews in a culture war and his frustration that they don't conform to his stereotypes and limited, transactionalist view. https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1164676734601650177
A thread about the use of denial or limitation of work to keep minorities down, both through history and as the Trump regime is using it against immigrants: https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1166210155043807232
A very small thread about Christianity, penitence, hypocrisy, and Trump's notorious inability to ask forgiveness, apologize, or ever even admit to guilt or mistakes because he sees this as weakness. https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1169973021886550016
A thread on the history in the modern era of efforts to hide #ConcentrationCamps and genocides through media control, smoke screens, and elaborate stage shows, and how the Trump regime is following in that tradition: https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1148287930059956225
My new thread following the atrocities the Trump regime is committing, particularly against immigrants, asylum seekers, & other vulnerable minorities, due to Twitter glitching up the original

#NoWall #WarCrimes #HumanRightsViolations https://twitter.com/windthin/status/1194974667930525698
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