Note the location in clip "Council BLUFFS, IA" #Symbolism of calling a bluff letting 🤡 know whatever perceived action ( #DECLAS of Q Clearance?) is not going to occur just because blockade #MuellerReport is gone. … #Qanon #Bluff
showing the pink rabbit to "Estes Park" #Symbolism of showing the cult (park=plants) WHY it won't happen. Colour code pink = weak. - The bad guys have all along said "If you #POTUS45 #DECLAS, we will make you the face of the cult! It'll end you not us!" #Narrative #MSM #Qanon
Q's posts really scared the crap out of Deep State yesterday, they seriously thought #DECLAS was about to hit, Enough so that they had to do damage control on the panic. How? By starting a fire in a place called "Bluffsdale" -let me explain #Qanon
Ok.... I think this is what made the Deep State so panicked... this post here about an impossible storm about to hit within 5 days. Weather Manipulation anyone? A storm for THE STORM? #Qanon #GreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere
Here's a post I made decoding his flipping - -
I recall another time his old name "Barry44" as in POTUS44 was used in comms last month - so that's another reason to take it seriously. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Multiple times the definition of Obama's code name Renegade is mentioned in the QMAP
"changed allegiance." "deserts and betrays an organization"

Why the Q focus? Well, if he's OK with betraying the USA whose to say he isn't fine with betraying the cabbal? #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Another time Barry's codename came up was at the SCIF of John McCain's funeral? What would constitute "betraying" - Well he wasn't alone in the SCIF... he was with W Bush and Bill Clinton. Why does Q tell them not to waste a moment? I have a theory. #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening
Today's Trump deleted tweets 
1000/24 & AlfredENeuman99
100/24 = 41.66666666667 = POTUS41's HW Bush's 666 = W Bush/Jeb
41.6= round 42 = POTUS42 Clinton
Newman? Obama said he was oft likened to Newman (ears) and W was oft parodied as him. #Qanon
Obama/Bush/Clinton - all together at the SCIF at McCain's Funeral. So, since we know Clinton wanted a deal from the QMAP - and my decodes put Obama/Bush as helping before then.... what if the good guys preyed on that want for a deal? #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Also whether they create weather for distraction/comm purposes is not the point (I have no idea) - someone names the things - and they may name them after secret goings on and name them with purpose. What is the current "impossible storm" about to hit. Hurricane Barry? #Qanon
#Symbolism: Painting - A [Pain]ting can symbolize a narrative being created - - Why am I bringing this up? Follow the dates
09/27/2018 Blasey Ford Accusation hearing date - the entire thing was a "painting" - and after failing... #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening
10/02/2018 Dr. Blasey Ford’s Voice
Rush Limbaugh: "It promotes the idea that you’re young & innocent & vulnerable, and it’s what you say was the LITTLE GIRL type voice"
Basically this was more good guys mocking #ProjectMockingbird #TheGreatAwakening #Qanon
The reason why the painting is worth double after destroyed is because - it is - the Blasey Ford narrative did far more damage to the MSM than it did to Kavanaugh or Trump. - All on one page on Drudge - self destroying painting, budding Storm "Michael" and "Michael's" conf #Qanon
10/28/2018 Trump dumps umbrella at door of Air Force One
Since Water = Information
Discarding Umbrella = no longer protected from information hitting you.
Why 28th? Well... #Kavanaugh was just confirmed & the next day.... … #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Not the first time this kind of code was used- At Trump & W Bush's inaug a similar code was used involving the Bush's failing to put on a poncho.
01/20/2001 HW Bush fails to put poncho on Barbara
01/20/2017 W Bush fails to put poncho on himself
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