1. Are you ready to fall deeper into the rabbit hole ❓🐇 🕳

Tonight’s mini 🧵 is a video series feat. #WilliamTompkins - another #BillCooper RIP to both of them.


Vid takes time to upload so please don’t unroll till I say done.

Jump in! 🗝💊
2. Today Q left us this clue. 🤔

I just couldn’t stop thinking about #LongBeachHistory and how it’s connected to the C_A, #ProjectPaperclip and the #SecretSpacePrograms
3. Please note that many people I used to respect have lost my support due to their poor life decisions #DigitalSellouts
Bill Tompkins is not one of them, but some folks who featured him are 🤡

cabal’s tactics #AbsorbTheConfused & mislead.

Bypass 🤡s and #thinkforyourself
4. Did you know that Long Beach was where our space program began in part? The Navy is the key. I hope many people go digging after they watch the video series I’m posting here.

Your mind will be blown so listen carefully 💊
5. #DouglasAircraft

This is the stuff movies are made of. Here we go.
6. Bill’s life ended shortly after he blew the cover on all of this

RIP Bill God bless you 🙏🇺🇸⚖️
7. Take note that Bill worked with #JamesForrestal ‘s team whose directly related to things #JFK knew. 🤔 🛸
8. Here is a glimpse of what Bill was working on. Now let’s watch the 14 minute series. 🍿
9. Video 1/12 listen VERY carefully to every word. 🤯 I hope it doesn’t cut any of it off. Uploading video to tweets is like hammering nails with a butter knife. 😂

Here we go 💊👇😮
10. Video 2/12
11. Video 3/12
12. Video 4/12
13. Video 5/12
14. Video 6/12
15. Video 7/12
16. Video 8/12
17. Video 9/12
(In case the thread is broken there are 12/12 vids) https://twitter.com/dilaraesengil/status/1119135549216792576?s=21
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