Shiro thinks his love life is cursed. He's popular TA, everyone likes him- but has probably 5 close friends. Dated two of them. Didn't go well, but it didnt take a lot for them to go back to fix their good friendship and that's a relief.
After Curtis forgave him and came back to the group's movie nights w/o feeling awkward, Shiro decided he'd never date a friend he cared so much for again.
Then, Adam (his first boyfriend) and Curtis (his latest) began to date.
It was a tease, but it still stung when Matt, his roommate, poked his side and said "Guess you're a better friend than a boyfriend."
Both Adam and Curtis looked super guilty at that comment- maybe because it was a little true.
That stung, too, but it's not their fault.
And he's not hurt or jealous about both his exes getting together, he's glad for them.
Maybe Matt is right.
And maybe he is a little cursed.
It's not until he's in the library, freaking out mid essay he has to deliver the next that he has all his fears confirmed.
He barely registers the person who sits in front of him until the thud of a book on the table snaps him out of his anxiety.
"You don't mind if I sit with you?" the guys says but sits anyway before waiting for an answer. His voice is raspy and deep and it makes Shiro shiver because oh no, he knows that voice.
He looks up to face Keith Kogane, his childhood friend for whom he nursed the longest, most painful crush all through high school and holy shit.
Yes it is him. Taller, bigger shoulders, longer hair, that unmistakable scar on his cheek with an origin they both keep as secret.
And those blue eyes that would look purple sometimes, during the light of night, when Shiro stared into them the countless times they shared a bed during sleep overs.
Said eyes widen in recognition and that mouth Shiro daydreamed with all his childhood opens without a sound.
He sucks in a deep breath.
Yes it was Keith Kogane, the boy Shiro loved all his early life and left behind when he left for college, using it as an excuse to get over him, cut all comunication with.
Keith Kogane, his first love, his best friend.
His straight best friend.
Shiro's love life has always been so fucking cursed.
And to honor to that curse, not only he has to meet Keith again, but shit- the moment he sees him he can feel a familiar, terrifying warmth pool deep inside his gut and his mouth dries and he knows. God he knows.
He's probably staring way too openly, but in his defense Keith is staring back and he can justify it just as the same shock that's written all over his former best friend.
It wouldn't be a lie.
Keith gulps then, and his adam apple bobs and Shiro's eyes goes there immediately and oh he has no excuse for that one now.
"Um," he says, eloquent.
Keith swallows again, and his expression relaxes. "Hey."
"It's been-" Shiro clears his throat and schools his expression. Come on man, you're better than this. He gives Keith his best smile. "It's been a while, buddy."
Keith gaves him a small nod, and the corner of his lips twich. "Yeah, after you left and stopped answering my texts."
It's half a tease and half a drag and Shiro takes it because he deserves it.
"Keith," he starts, but Keith shrugs. He crosses his arms and leans back in his chair.
He doesn't look one bit angry, but Keith was never the resentful sort anyway.
"I was still in school, and still a kid." Keith tells him, "I assumed that since you were becoming a grown up you just didn't want to deal with me anymore."
Shiro nearly panics, "That's not-"
"But now that I'm in college I know I'm not nearly a grown up" Keith gives him the tiniest smile. "But dude I'm so tired all the time- two years in and I'm thinking of becoming a shut in. No wonder you got quiet afterwards, I can't think past sending mails to Professor Slav."
Shiro pauses. Keith raises both his eyebrows at him, waiting.
He's waiting for Shiro to continue the conversation- and Shiro can't believe that it's going to be that easy.
But it feels easy, because it's always been easy with Keith.
"A hermit" he says, "I'm nearly a hermit- I have five friends."
Keith laughs.
"Five friends, Keith."
It is that easy, and it isn't. Shiro panics because it can't be this easy.
And Keith didn't use to laugh this easily when they were kids and now it feels like a reward Shiro didn't really earn, yet still bask in the sound of it because it's even more beautiful now.
A week later, Shiro has six friends.
Dated two of them and is hopelessly back in love with another.
Right after promising himself to never date a friend again because apparently he is a terrible boyfriend.
Ah, and Keith doesn't like him like that. Or men.
He thinks.
No, he's sure of it because two hours after their first meeting a beautiful busty blonde came to sit on Keith's lap and turned to Shiro with the brightest smile and a "Hi" said in the most obnoxious voice.
And Shiro hurried to gather all his stuff and left immediately.
He's sure of it because the next day Keith walked around with a very cute girl with blue eyes that held her red hair in a tall ponytail hugging his arm.
And three days later he found him in a coffee shop studying with a dark haired girl who held his hand the whole time.
And that one morning he went to jog at a nearby park and saw him help a big, muscled girl with purple hair stretch on the grass.
And Allura Alforson herlsef, another TA, sitting so close to him in the library some another day later. And they were talking, not doing homework.
And the very afternoon before Keith joins the friday movie nights for the first time, when Matt says he knows him, makes a knowing face and laughs about how he and his little sister are "very, very close."
Shiro has so much bad luck with love because of couse he falls for a straight man.
Who happens to be a fucking player.
It's always been like this: Keith is absolutely beautiful- and sure, Shiro is extremely attractive himself, but he had much less options as probably the only gay boy out of the closet in their whole school.
But Keith wasn't gay. And he had girls around him all the time, always.
He's aloof and a little too serious but he was always gentlemanly and didn't mind when the girls got too handsy on him.
It always sparked jealousy among the boys- especially during high school, and Keith's only male friend has always been Shiro.
The rest? All girls.
Boys in school used to joke that the only reason Keith was so popular among girls was because he looked like one of them.
At the beginning, Keith didn't care- especially since he took pride in resembling his mother so much.
But eventually jokes become too much. And Shiro had to use his one good arm to hug a very tense Keith during all the walk home, tell him not to listen to them, not to care.
Keith isn't the type of guy to hold grudges, Shiro knew that. But eventually he snapped.
One day someone made one joke too many. It was during lunch, and Keith lost it. Shiro didn't react on time and by the time the joke registered, Keith was already getting up.
He's gonna punch someone, Shiro thought.
Except, Keith didn't punch anyone.
He walked all the way from their table to the cheerleader's table, and sat on the captain's lap.
The girl blushed, laughed, and pulled him closer. All the cheerleaders around him began to flock around him, giggling.
Keith gave them his usual small, soft smile, picked a fork and fed them their lunch himself.
Then, they all took turns to feed him.
All while the rest of the school watched in offended, shocked silence.
And that's how Shiro just knew his best friend was straight, yanno? He had to be.
It eventually scalated, his face neve showed it- but Keith took too much delight in pissing off his classmates and every day there was a different girl hugging his arm.
Sometimes it one girl per arm. Some would come in group and would tail him and Shiro around school and drag Keith away.
Shiro never asked if the girls were okay with sharing Keith around, of if he dated any of them. His heart couldn't handle the answer.
Shiro watched, and sighed, and his heart broke with every day that passed. The more he watched, the more he was sure about Keith not liking men.
Every girl Keith hung out with was so pretty and soft and delicate and Shiro was big, nerdy, with a scarred body and face and missing an arm.
He didn't stand a chance.
College couldn't come soon enough.
But then College came, Shiro can't keep a relationship, and Keith is back in his life.
Still handsome as hell, still a comfortable friendship, and Shiro's dormant crush returns in full force- including the pain of watching Keith still charming his way around girls.
And now it's movie night and he has to introduce him to all his five friends.
Matt makes a face when Shiro announces Keith was invited.
"I thought you liked him?"
Matt coughes. "I never said that!"
Shiro frowns. "Did he do something to your sister?"
Matt shakes his head, "No, he's a fucking dear to her. Can't say a bad thing about him or she'll slap me."
Shiro eyes him, suspicious. "Then why don't you like him?"
Matt is suddenly very busy checking his phone. "I never said that either" then he sighs, "just bring him in. It's fine."
Curtis and Adam are both surprised about the news- mostly, they're surprised Shiro actually has a friend outside their circle.
Allura already knows Keith, and she's more than delighted witht his company.
Veronica flushes, says she's seen him aroun and that he's gorgeous.
Shiro lowkey dreads Keith may charm his female friends- he already seems to have charmed Allura.
And Veronica is so, so friendly already. She also falls in love oh so very easily and suddenly Shiro thinks this was a bad idea.
But there's already a knock on the door.
When Keith comes in, the first thing he does is hug Shiro.
Shiro startles but reacts quickly to hug him back, tight.
He missed Keith.
"It's good to have you back in my life" Keith whispers softly, and Shiro melts.
"It's good to have you back in my life, too" he replies.
Someone clears his throat and they pull away, Keith's expression impassive as he nods at the group sitting on the living room in greeting.
Shiro introduces them nervously, Adam's gaze flickers between him and Shiro and looks just a little knowing for Shiro's taste.
"Pleasure to meet you," Keith says, voice rich and deep and warm.
Veronica blushes already, and Adam gives Keith one assessing look before locking eyes with Shiro and smiling like the demon he secretly is.
"I'm sure the pleasure is mine."
Shiro breaks into sweat.
Curtis greets politely- luckily, he was always a little too oblivious. Matt is trying his best to sink on his spot on the couch when Keith's expression breaks, and directs him a wolfish grin.
"Mathew Holt"
Matt grunts his greeting, sipping his beer without making eye contact.
Shiro squints his eyes at Matt while somehow, Adam looks even more delighted at the exchange.
Allura enters the living room seconds later and her face lights up at the sight of Keith.
They move like it's second nature- It is for Keith, always easy aroung girls.
She hugs his neck and he takes her waist with gentle hands and when she offers her left cheek he kisses it.
"So glad you're here" she says, and Keith pulls away slowly.
"Me too" he says, and as he does he looks at Shiro with a soft smile, but Shiro quickly looks away, because Allura's hands are now on Keith's chest and Shiro can't handle it.
The night goes on without trouble. Keith is quiet but a good listener, he replies politely to Curtis and Adam's questions and turns around to give his full attention to whoever girl is talking, who are more than delighted with the spotlight.
Matt ignores all the glances Keith throws his way, which somehow amuses Keith. He doesn't smile but his eyes sparkle just a little.
Shiro knows he's definitely missing something.
But then Keith nudges his side, and gives him the softest smile and Shiro forgets everything.
"Your friends are fun," he whispers, "but I kinda came here cos you asked."
Shiro swallows and his face feels warm. Keith leans closer and Shiro can smell his cologne and his shampoo and This Is Not A Drill.
"Talk to me," Keith insists, "you didn't use to be this quiet."
"Oh believe me," Adam interrupts, because of course he was listening. He's terrifying. "He's never quiet."
Shiro's face redden and Keith does not miss the innuendo.
He gives Adam a small glare, and Adam's grin widens.
Curtis shoves weakly at his boyfriend, blushing too, and Adam laughs. Because he's an asshole who loves embarrasing Shiro wether he's dating him or not.
And while Curtis always stands up for Shiro, he's not strong enough against the cunning devil that is his boyfriend.
Chuckling, Adam takes Curtis' chin and pulls him closer to speak into his ear. Adam's lips move, and Curtis' eyes flicker to Keith and Shiro before widening as his whole face goes red.
Now, here's the thing. Curtis is a bad liar, he's bad at keeping secrets and is both the most obvious and oblivious man they've met. The only reason Shiro didn't asked him out first was because he's probably more oblivious than Curtis tends to be.
His reaction is so telling that Shiro can feel his gut sing onto his intestines. Somehow, at some point in the night, Adam fucking caught on Shiro's gay feelings for his very straight former best friend.
And now Curtis fucking know.
He's never bringing Keith over again.
When they finally pick a movie it's already too late in the night and when it ends, it's even later.
It isn't unusual for Shiro's friends to stay over- Curtis and Adam take the couches, Veronica and Allura share Shiro's bed and Shiro and Matt share Matt's.
But Allura has a family brunch the next day- or rather, in a few hours, and cannot stay over. Keith definitely won't be staying over, so he offers her a ride home on his bike, to which she accepts enthusiastically.
And because it's such a Keith thing to do, when he says goodbye to Veronica he presses his cheek to hers and makes a kiss noise that has her blush to her ears.
And then he hugs Shiro again and Shiro wants to be hurt about it but he's too busy melting.
He could stay like that forever but quickly he notices Adam watching him with a knowing smile while Curtis is biting his own grin while also looking at Shiro and Keith, all while grabbing Adam's arm and shaking it excitedly.
Jesus Christ Curtis. Dude.
Curtis and Keith must never meet again.
Keith winks at Matt when he walks by the door and Matt finally flips him off.
He hugs Allura's shoulders with one arm as they chat down the hallway and Shiro lets out a soft sigh before closing the door.
Then he turns to his friends.
"What the fuck guys"
Veronica rushes to the bathroom to avoid the scolding but Shiro doesn't mind.
"You were rude" he tells Matt, who shrugs like he doesn't care.
"You were an asshole" he tells Adam, who basks in the scolding just as much as he basks on being Right About Stuff.
"And you-" Shiro points at Curtis. Sweet Curtis. Obvious Curtis. "Jesus Christ, Curt. Dude."
Curtis downright squeals.
"Why didn't you tell us he was more than a friend?" Adam starts.
"He's not he's literally Just A Friend- Curtis come back here" Shiro turns to catch his friend who's power-walking towards the door. "They left already- Oh my God stop. Adam, stop him."
"You know he's just gonna go to the balcony to watch them, right?" Adam laughs and just as he says it, Curtis turns and almost runs to the balcony.
Shiro wants to die.
"Why are you like this,"
Matt seems done enough with the night and leaves to bed without a word and Adam tries to pry just a little more information on Shiro's crush before they both have to rush to the balcony to stop Curtis from calling out to Keith and Allura, as they walk out the building.
They go full nosy on him for the rest of the weekend.
The days pass as a blur with school and work and glimpses of Keith around campus holding hands with a girl or two.
But their friendship flourish- Shiro text him every day and all throughout the day. He makes Saturday his personal movie night with Keith (because there's just no way he'd let Keith close to Adam and Curtis again) and they sit do close to one another on the couch-
Almost cuddling.
They catch up, talk about their struggles, have deep night conversations. Share Shiro's bed during sleepovers, like before.
They wake up hugging and Shiro is happy with what he had.
He's happy like this.
Except he's not. His skin buzz with how much he wants more than their casual hugs. His lips itch to kiss Keith's face in the morning when he's still soft with sleep.
His whole body burns for nights spent doing something more than movies and chatting.
(but still movies and videogames and dinner and chatting, cos they're fun)
It's not a crush anymore- and it's probably wasn't just a crush anymore either, back in highschool.
Shiro wants a boyfriend.
And it's just his luck that he falls for not only his best friend, but his straight best friend.
He's so cursed. He's so royally fucked.
One day Shiro finds Keith and Veronica cuddling under a tree.
She seems nervous, her face red. Keith rubs her arms and whisper things against her hair and she presses closer.
That's when Shiro snaps.
He just. Gives up.
Stops texting Keith, doesn't pick up when he calls.
He may or may not also have stopped talking to Veronica too, feeling so betrayed.
The next Saturday he makes Matt answer the door to tell Keith Shiro isn't home.
Matt is totally hating the idea, but can't really resist the puppy eyes his roommate throws his way.
Shiro hears Keith's hurt, frustrated voice when Matt tells him what Shiro told him to say.
"I know you're lying" Keith says, frowning. He tries to peek inside the apartment and Shiro holds his breath.
"Then take the hint" Matt says, cold, and closes the door.
The next text Shiro receives from Keith says "Just what the hell did I do to you this time?"
That's also the last one.
Next Friday rolls in and it's also the second Friday Veronica is absent.
Allura skipped too, low-key sensing there was drama eventhough no one said anything, and low-key in solidarity for Veronica.
Shiro starts to feel a little bad.
Scratch that, Shiro feels like shit and has been feeling like shit since this all started.
Matt seems to feel like shit about something, too. He's been buying Shiro's fave meals through the week, and his favorite Mac n Cheese brand.
He's also paying for todays dinner.
And looks extremely guilty when Adam finally corners Shiro and squeezes the issue out of him.
"What the fuck" Adam breathes, completely incredulous. "Takashi, what the fuck?"
"But he's gay" Curtis blurts out, looking between his boyfriend and his ex. "There's no way he's not gay."
Shiro rolls his eyes. "Have you seen him?? He's a literal chick magnet."
"So?" Adam shrugs, "it wouldn't be the first gay boy that gets along better with girls than other boys."
"He's just very charming, polite and enigmatic" Curtis sighs. "He's an interesting guy with a bike."
Shiro shakes his head, "it doesn't apply."
"Maybe he's more of a person magnet?" Curtis continues. "I mean we all met him and felt a little drawn to him, no?"
Matt chokes. Everyone ignores him.
Adam hums. Shiro is really not digging the idea that Keith not only attracts girls but also his very gay exes.
"I mean look at the way he dresses" Curtis insists, "he's probably just a scorpio."
"What does that have to do with anything?" Shiro snaps. "Just. How even?"
"Babe, we talked about this" Adam starts. "The zodiac isn't real."
"That's such a libra thing to say" Curtis raises his chin, and crosses his arms.
There's a pause in the room. No one can Ever tell when Curtis is joking or not.
"Sometimes," Shiro says slowly, "I don't understand you."
Adam gulps loudly, though, eyes fixed on his boyfriend. "You fascinate me."
Curtis waves them both off. "The point is that Keith is gay and I'm gonna a prove it to all three of you. Let's go."
"I'll pass" Matt says, rushing to his room and locking himself in before anyone could say anything.
Curtis tsks at Matt's bedroom door but beging to powerwalk to the entrance.
Adam just raises an eyebrow, silently, before following.
Shiro goes after then to stop them.
He can't stop them.
Curtis is the smallest of the three and also very lean- and one fast motherfucker.
Adam and Shiro are quickly left behind, wheezing as they run after him.
"I thought you were the terrifying one!" Shiro pants.
"Me fucking too!" Adam replies, also panting.
Curtis finds Keith at a bench near the statue of the University's founder. He stops so suddenly his sneakers screech, and Keith looks up from his phone.
He has bags under his eyes and looks very very miserable.
"Hello!" Curtis greets him, a little breathless from his sprint as he fixes his clothes and gives Keith an open mouthed smile. "It's me, you friend Curtis!"
That's a massively bold statement, they've only met once besides this, but Keith just raises both eyebrows and gives him a tired nod.
"Hey man," he says.
Adam grabs Shiro drags him into hiding in near a tree far enough to avoid being seen in the darkness, but close enough to hear.
Shiro is bigger, and begins pushing back but Adams pins him back against the tree.
"What you gonna do now? He's already with Keith-"
"I have to stop-"
"And what" Adam hisses, " show your face after ghosting him for two weeks?"
Shiro stops struggling.
"Thought so" Adam says, "now behave and trust Curtis a little."
Curtis, who's frozen in place suddenly because he clearly did not think this through.
He kind of hoped he'd think of something on the way.
But unfortunately he found Keith too quickly.
Keith clears his throat.
"You're, um," he starts, "boyfriends with the guys in glasses? Loos like he has a stick up his ass but that's just his face?"
"Oh that's my Adam, yes"
"Excuse you" Adam breathes, offended, but Shiro shushes him.
Keith cocks his head, "Uh yeah, Adam" he says, awkward. "I'm sorry, he's a little--"
"What" whispers Adam, from his hide. "what am I, Keith."
"Adam," warns Shiro, low.
"Oh it's okay" Curtis interrupts Keith softly, "it's just that he's a Libra."
"I'm a what now" Adam says, a little louder.
"//Adam//" Shiro hisses.
From where they are, they can see Keith's face twist in what seems to be pity, as he lets out a loud hiss.
"Wow--that explains a lot of things" He tells Curtis, "also I'm so sorry for you buddy."
"What's that supposed to mean" Adam frowns, looking at Shiro "What does that mean?"
"It means you're a born asshole, shut up" Shiro pulls his friend closer to the tree, since his curiosity literally had him poking out of their hiding place.
"No it doesn't" Adam counters, then he pauses, "the zodiac isn't real."
"Then stop caring about it."
"I don't!" Adam hisses.
"Shut up!" Shiro hisses back.
"Ah it's okay, I'm a Leo" Curtis announces, and winks at him.
Keith lets out a puff of air, before making space on the bench and inviting Curtis to sit down. "Really? Could've sworn you were a Cancer"
"Everyone says that!" Curtis giggles, and sits down.
"I have no idea what is going on."
"Adam, for the love of God- stop. Talking."
"Everyone guesses my sun" Keith says, amused, as he places his phone into his pocket.
"You're a Scorpio Sun, duh" Curtis tells him, "it's written all over your clothes"
Keith laughs. A sound that sends a shiver down Shiro's spine.
"Why are they still talking about astrology?! Curtis, focus!"
"Adam I Swear To God."
"Everyone says that." Keith admits, "I'm a walking stereotype."
"Uhuh," Curtis leans in a little, a big smile spreading on his face. This works, astrology is his Best conversation topic. Now that he broke the ice he can go for the killing. "And you know Shiro is a pisces, right?"
Shiro holds his breath. "I have no idea what's going on right now," he breathes.
Adam is dragging both hands down his face. "Me neither."
His panic kicks in when he sees Keith's face redden just a little, but his face is sad.
"I know," he sighs, and he sounds heartbroken.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Shiro is a scientist. He's studying astronomy. This is bullshit. "What does that mean?"
"It's like they're speaking a completely different language" Adam whines.
"HEY!" they hear behind them, suddenly.
When Shiro and Adam turn, they find themselves facing four lovely girls. Shiro recognizes all of them.
The big muscled purple haired lady, the redhead with a tall ponytail, the dark haired goth girl, and the bubbly blonde with a full chest he first met.
"Takashi Shirogane" the biggest lady growls, pointing at Shiro. "You made Keith sad."
Shiro gulps. "I- what?"
The big chested girl, the smallest among them who dresses fully in pink with stars and unicorn motives, glares up at him.
"I will fuck you up."
The next thing Shiro knows is that he and Adam are running all over campus, away from Keith and Curtis, as four very terrifying girls chase them with murderous intent.
Adam's legs give out and he trips over, falling flat over his face and Shiro is such a good fucking friend-
He stops and jogs back to pick him up.
The ladies get to them quickly.
"You're so dead, Shirogane" the dark haired girl goes.
"No, please don't hurt my friends" like an angel, Veronica runs towards them and puts herself between her two dumb friends and the terrifying girls. "They're stupid but they'll fix it, whatever they did!"
Shiro doesn't have enough air going to his brains to feel insulted.
"Veronica," the goth girl breathes, hard. "Is this asshole your friend?"
She points at Shiro.
Veronica blushes an almost neon red before grabbing Adam's arm.
"No Acxa," she says, hugging Adam and dragging him away from Shiro. "Just this asshole."
Now Shiro reacts, "Hey!"
"Oh shut up!" Veronica snaps at him, "you ghosted me for two weeks just because you saw Keith consoling me about my failed date with Acxa, you jerk! As far as I know we're not friends anymore!"
"What" Shiro says voice thin as a string.
"What failed date?" Acxa asks, blinking.
Veronica turns to her, red. "Oh no- I mean I was sad you didn't call but turns out it was because I uh,"
"You forgot to give me your number" Acxa said, cocking her head. "Keith gave it to me later."
"Yes," she smiled at the girl, "I know."
The busty blonde is the one that interrupts, "Can you girlfriends talk about this later? I'm here to castrate the asshole who keeps hurting Keith over and over again!"
"Well said Romelle" the big buff lady cracks her knuckles, "It's hamburger time."
"No wait! Wait!" Veronica shields Shiro behind her. "I lied, this asshole is also my friend. Please, he'll fix it. If he doesn't by tomorrow, you can do whatever you want with him."
Shiro tenses, "hey-"
But his protest dies quickly as Veronica stomps on his foot.
The girls all don't seem too convinced, and all turn their heads to look at Acxa, who's pensive.
She takes one look at his girlfriend, then sighs.
"One day."
The other girls share a collective growl but begin to march back to their dorms.
Veronica turns to them. "Whatever the fuck you did," she tells Shiro, "fix it. Don't mess this up."
Shiro lets out a groan, "Why do everyone thinks I'm the one that did the hurting? He's the playboy!"
"No he's not!" Veronica barks at him. "He's a sweet guy, you jerk."
Shiro points a finger at her, "And what is this new girlfriend you got? I thought you liked Keith! You called him gorgeous!"
"Because I have eyes" Veronica tells him, "but I found someone else who's much prettier. Plus, he's gay"
Shiro blinks at her. "How do you know that?!"
"Because I have eyes!" Veronica tells him.
Someone clears their throat behind Veronica. It's Acxa.
Veronica lets go of Adam's arm and licks her lips. "I have to go" she tells her boys, "but you guys better clear things up by tomorrow because I won't protect you again."
She's turning away when Shiro catches her arm.
"Hey," he says, then swallows something thick down his throat. Guilt. "I'm sorry for being a jerk all this time. Thank you for saving us."
Veronica swats his hand away. "You'll have to do more than this so I can forgive you, Shirogane" she tells him, but her lips twich.
"We'll talk later."
And she leaves, holding hands with her new girlfriend.
Adam lets out a long exhale. "We're saved."
"Yeah" Shiro says, feeling sad. "Let's go find Curtis."
They found Curtis where they left him, but he's completely alone now.
"He was waiting for Allura and she already came to pick him up" Curtis "they went out for dinner."
Shiro's gut twist at the news. "I told you guys," he says, softly.
Adam frowns at him before turning to his boyfriend. "What did you find out?"
Curtis stands up and gives them the biggest grin.
"Well, for starters," he says, "my suspicions were absolutely true"
Shiro's eyes widen and so does Curtis' smile.
"I told you he was a scorpio."
Adam and Shiro just. Gape at him.
"Oh my god. Curtis oh mygod." Shiro is shaking, "You were supposed to find out his sexuality not his zodiac siGN"
Curtis frowns at him, "But he *is* gay."
Shiro covers his face with both his hands, and screams.
Adam grabs his boyfriend by the shoulders. "Babe. Honey. We got chased down by rabid lesbians for this."
Shiro stops his lament to stare up at Adam, shocked.
"Wait- they're lesbians? Like, all of them?"
Both Adam almost twist his neck when he turns to face him.
His voice is trembling when he asks, "How did you survive this long?"
The walk back to Shiro's dorm is slow bc his legs ache and his mind is running like mad.
What if they're right? What if Keith is into dude ? But no, Shiro IS Keith's best friend he knows him best than Adam and Curtis.
But what if he is?
--- even so, what if he is, though?
Shiro's clearly proving himself an idiot. He's already hurting Keith without dating him.
Matt is right, Shiro supposedly is a better friend than he is a boyfriend.
But right bow he sucks at being both.
All of this, assuming Keith is actually gay and interested in him.
Which he can't be.
Shiro's lovelife is so cursed.
Behind him, Adam and Curtis bicker.
"It's just a bunch of vague traits conveniently organized into lablels to put people in boxes and they let it happen cos they're desperate to feel understood, to fit in and relate with others" Adam says, "I'm gay. I'm not fond of stereotypes."
"You're just mad that you're a typical Libra." Curtis tells him.
"I don't even know what a typical Libra is or does!" Adam snaps.
Curtis lets out a small snort.
"Libras are known to often play Devil's advocate."
Adam shrugs, growing annoyed. "So?"
Curtis looks at him, incredulous.
"Babe" he tells him, "you're in law school."
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