The arrest of lieutenant colonel #AbdulKhalid is another interesting chapter before that it is important to know how Jihadi and their supporters infiltrated #Pakistan Army.
Back in Gen #Zia's days in 1980s, Gen #Zia openly participated in "Tablighi Jamaat" in #Raiwind.
Gen Zia might be the only state head to participate rally organized by Extremists. This passed message to lower cadre that they are also permitted to join hands with extremists. Gen Zia encouraged and started to promote those officers who didn't miss Namaz and reading Quran.
There began a competition in #Army and #ISI to prove themselves hardcore Islamists. The Army and #ISI officers identified themselves with extremist organization.
The students from Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba were selected to #Army and #ISI without selection process.
Coming back to 2003, lieutenant colonel #AbdulKhalid was from same Islamist attitude, he used to preach Quran daily to lower level staffs and filled them with Extremist thoughts and #Jihad.
After 9/11 #CIA started monitoring all #Alqaeda calls which were made to or from #Afg .
#CIA traced one such call made from #Alqaeda head quarter in #Afghanistan to #Kohat where Pak had Air base.
The call details were #Alqaeda requested #AbdulKhalidAbbasi to shelter it's leaders in his house which included one foreign terrorist.
Zia's hand picked #Abbasi was caught
In September 11 2003, #AlQaeda organized a grand celebration on 2 years of 9/11 attack.
Ayman al-Zawahiri ( current #AlQaeda chief ) who gave open statement on behalf of #Osama addressing #Pakistan.
The message was " Americans are occupying Afghanistan , #Musharaff is supporting US and is standing against Mujahideens of Afghanistan and #Kashmir, if you support #Musharaff in few days #Jews and #Hindus will stand in front of your door with guns" .
This message by #AlQaeda created a division in Army , a section of Army hired or promoted by #Zia felt whatever said by Al-Zawahiri was true , #Musharaff should have supported #Mujahideens in #Kashmir.
The message of dissent in Army scared #Musharaff.
There was one interesting incident which took place in October 2003, an Army letter head was released without any signature in it. The summary of content was
a) We fought 2 wars against India in 1965 and 1971 but why #Kargil war created more damage than others why?
b) which ever political party you may be from , you must support sovereignty of Pakistan but #Musharaff joined hands with US.

c) India has appointed a commission on #Kargil war why #Pakistan is not ready to appoint a commission?

d) Major Javed Ul Hassan must be terminated.
e) Major #Javed Hassan was trained by #CIA but failed in Kargil. Instead of terminating him #Pakistan govt promoted him to higher role.

The letter was in official Army letter head but with no sign or seal.

Who wrote this letter ?
Then minister of information Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad came to media next day and announced it was #Raw behind the Letter head controversy !!!
The chapter of letter head ended there but who wrote still a mystery.
In mean time #US pushed #Musharaff for a peace treaty with #India .
Once #Musharaff decided for talk with #India, the dissent in Army increased there was two teams those who were liberal welcomed #Musharaff move and those who were of #Zia ideology became furious.
Same time a video was released by name "Crush India" !!
Within days of release #CrushIndia video reached entire #Kashmir (AJK) and Border towns of #AJK , especially the army controlled areas near LoC .
The videos made were highly provocative and urged Kashmiris to Join #Jihad .
#Balakot again became a terror hub - Jaish e Mohammad
" We have Army , India too got Army. We have Airforce, so does India, we have modern weapons , so does India.

We have something special which India will never have - #Jihad "

This was the message which was penetrated through #CrushIndia video in border towns of #Kashmir.
Along with this message there was a small book which was circulated to Lower level soldiers the book again tried to fill mind of soldiers on Jihad. It said " If a Muslim kills non Muslims (Kufr) Is not a crime, winning any war is in hands of Allah, #Jihadis will reach heaven".
#JeM passed such a content to Army officers and took their support in #Jihad !

There are many incidents which proved #Jihadis infiltrated inside #Pak Army.

In 2004 , #Pakistan military court gave death sentence to soldier " Abdul Islam Siddiqui" for Dec attack on musharaff.
The army report said "Abdul Islam Siddiqui " was trained by #JeM in #Bhimber of #AJK .
The Army also said there are many inside #Pakistan army and #ISI who are recruited by #Jaish.
"Abdul Islam Siddiqui " was hanged in Multan Jain on 20 August 2005 !
Interesting Part is there were 6 Airforce officers who were arrested along with Abdul Islam, all the 6 later said they were tortured by Senior Army officers to give statement against Abdul Islam who was innocent.
Did #Army falsely framed #AbdulIslam to protest big #JeM leaders?
To support my argument former soldier Hafiz Mohammad Ashfaq said Brigadier #Feroz, who was defending officer and Prosecutor Brigadier #Liaqat tortured them to sign against #Siddiqui and he also said the Siddiqui's defending officer was beaten 4 arguing 4 #Siddiqui. Mystery !
One more witness Havaldar Mohammad Younis who also signed against #Siddiqui said he was subjected to torture for 10 months in Rawalpindi cell to give fake statement against #Siddiqui.
Siddiqui was prosecuted by in-camera trial ( Military court uses these kind of Trial)
Mercy petition was filed by #Siddiqui which was rejected by #Musharaff.
According to Supreme Court verdicts " any person convicted by military courts have the right to file writs in high courts" how ever Army boycotted rules . Why ??
Why did Army framed him in fake case ??
Surprisingly then snr advocate Col (retd) Akram said Siddiqui's name never appeared in any proceedings of the lower courts. The then prosecutor said his details can not be provided, the same case was treated separately from the Air Force persons. Why ? It remained mystery.
Daniel Pearl murder an unforgettable & erased episode in #Pakistan history. #Alqaeda passed 2 message to world by brutally beheading #DanielPearl.

a) DanielPearl was both #Israeli and #American was settled in #India.

b) Wanted to raise voice 4 Guantanamo Bay camp prisoners.
#Alqaeda released video of #Daniel by kidnapping him from #karachi in Jan 2002 and beheaded brutally in feb 2002.
Though US pressured Pak after 9/11 but only after this murder #Pakistan started (had) to change its policy of supporting #Mujahideens in #Kashmir and #Afghanistan .
The murder of #Daniel was investigated by #FBI with help of #CIA . #FBI solved the case but lot of surprise were waiting for them at each step.
One such surprise was " British born" Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh who did the brutal murder was a secret agent of #MI6 ! Yes
Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was student of London School of Economics when MI6 were hiring secret agents for the #Balkan mission. They selected #Omar for the role of Spy and then sent them to Balkan mission.
#MI6 failed to track is info as he was brainwashed & became double agent.
#Omar was slowly radicalized and he joined #AlQaeda. He wanted to practice his radical ideology in live.
Though Kashmir Jihadi war was started in 1989 the kidnapping started in 1991 when 7 #Israeli journalist were kidnapped in #Kashmir on Indian side.
#Omar got his Playground.
#Omar joined Harkat-ul-Mujahideen ( former #HUJI) to support #Kashmir Mujahideens. #Omar renamed himself as " Rohit Sharma" and moved to India.

In 1994 , Omar befriended 4 Briton visitors and kidnapped them.

He demanded Indian govt to release 10 Kashmiri terrorists 4 exchange.
The case got solved accidentally when #Indian Police were investigating a robbery case , they came across a house where one was kept captive. Though #Omar was with other 3 captives in different place. The arrested driver revealed location of #Omar and he was caught in #India.
#Omar was arrested by Indian Police and he was sentenced in Jail, the biggest turning point was he became close friend of #JeM head Masood Azar in Jail, he was released along with Azar in exchange of Passengers of Indian Airlines Flight 814 was hijacked in #Kandahar.
So was befriending Masood Azar so easy ? No never ! How he managed ?
There was a twist again for #FBI, when further digging his case , he joined Alqaeda in 90s and became close aid of #Osama , he was hired by #ISI in 1993 on recommendation of #Osama .
#Omar was #ISI agent !!
By 1993 he became expert in training #Taliban in #Afghanistan through #ISI. He became so close to #Osama and he was also called "special son" of Laden.
Western world hired many Muslims before verifying their background as Spies. These spies later became double agents.
Though Omar born in UK , his parents were from #Pakistan and moved to UK. Omar grew in Islamic environment, his parents relocated to Pakistan for 2 years , he spent 2 years of schooling in Pakistan. He returned to UK , he also said his school friends that he love Jihad !
Boy who loved Jihad at age of 14 later when joined LSE got contact of many Islamic terrorists and was influenced. He got wonderful chance to join Jihad when hired by #MI6 for spy role.
Though UK has different story that he went to Bosnia driving aid convoys and joined #Jihad !
The two reason 4 sharing #Omar's background

a) West appointed many as spies whose qualification were just Muslim ! ( One more example Ali Mohammed who was in CIA but helped Osama )

b) #ISI had appointed many from AlQaeda or JeM.

" Masood Azar was ISI agent too"
The third twist for the case was waiting for #FBI ie., #MasoodAzar was also involved in #Daniel murder and also confirmed that #MasoodAzar worked for #ISI.( Many were asking me why US joined hands with India in naming #MasoodAzar as terrorist , this is the reason)
Coming back to #DanielPearl episode, after 9/11 attack US attacked directly and indirectly on several Terrorist hubs both in Afg and Pakistan.
Daniel who was South Asia Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal in Mumbai came to #Pakistan to report these first hand information.
There were several Journalists from West who used to come Pakistan to report these #AlQaeda episodes. If any foreign journalists came they were assigned with police security to report from ground or they used to join team of local journalists who used to report same.
In #Daniel's case he refused both as he found bias in presence of Police or local journalist. He started to travel alone in #Karachi & #Lahore, but he independently visited #Khyber and #Balochistan which were hot bed of #AlQaeda which gave wrong signal for #ISI !
Even before coming to #Pakistan #Daniel wrote an article to expose the link between #ISI and Ummah Tameer-e-Nau (UTN).
UTN was right wing extremist organization founded by Nuclear scientist " Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood " who used to be close aid of #OsamaBinLaden .
This nuclear scientist Bashiruddin Mahmood case is interesting.
After completing his education in nuclear engineering from Manchester he joined PAEC and went on becoming Director for Nuclear Power in 1998.
He opposed Pakistan becoming the signatory state of NPT and CTBT in 1999.
In 1999 Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood was also awarded with
Sitara-i-Imtiaz third highest civilian award.He took premature retirement in 1999 opposing stand on CTBT. He started Ummah Tameer-e-Nau (UTN) in 2000 and travelled several time to Afghanistan to meet #Osama.
#UTN and mehmoowas charged by US for Passing vital details of manufacturing and use of Nuclear weapons to Osama Bin Laden and AlQaeda.
#CIA also found documents from #UTN where they had plan to kidnap
U.S. diplomat and alsoba plan to mine Uranium inside #Afghanistan.
The members of UTN were big.
#HamidGul ex #ISI director.
#MirzaYousafBaig a senior nuclear chemist.
#HumayanNiaz ex Navy admiral.
#AbdulMajeed ex Nuclear senior Scientist of #PAEC.
Many #ISI #Navy #PAEC officers

So did #ISI tried 2 help #Osama to build nuclear weapon? Mystery
#Daniel wrote many articles showing the #ISI support to #UTN . There was a strong reason why #Mehmood made many members from PAEC which revealed when #Mehmood was interrogated by #CIA. Main twist is Sitara-e-Imtiaz awardee scientist could not answer simple Nuclear questions.
It still remains mystery how did Mehmood raised to such a higher position even after graduating from Manchester didn't knew basics of Nuclear reactor.
However much Mehmood is not necessary but #ISI openly endorsed this Osama friend was enough to continue Daniel episode.
#Daniel later went on investigating #Bahawalpur's #JeM HQ where he found vital bank transactions happened between #JeM and #ISI officers.
On Jan 23 2002, Daniel was kidnapped from Karachi by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheik and released a video of Daniel with " a strange demand " !
a) To release #Taliban prisoners.

b) To supply F-16 Fighter jets to Pakistan !!

Point "B" was biggest surprise for CIA and US ! Why will #AlQaeda demand F-16 for #Pakistan Airforce ?

Along with #CIA even #ISI were in shock !

Pakistan finally made Omar Saeed to surrender!
#ISI used old tricks of putting pressure on him using his family finally he surrendered on "Feb, 5 2002 " remember it's Feb 5 , according to #ISI it is February 12.

The one week went off records , what happened? Why it was hidden ?
Investigation was made by both #US and #PAK together ! First Question by US was where he stayed after being released by #India after #Kandahar hijack .
#Omarsaeed said he lived in Lahore and #ISI appointed him as agent !
Though many disagree with me but " he said it " !!
#OmarSaeed also said he was trained on Grenade handling, weapon handling specially on handling rocket launcher by " Subedar Mohammed Salim " and " Subedar Abdul Hafeez " he also confessed his role in Srinagar , Indian Parliament and Kolkata attack .
He later confessed that #AlQaeda killed #Daniel and within few days video of beheading #Daniel went viral.
The video of Daniel beheading might have not recorded properly hence they have retaken video by placing his head , in video there is little or no blood after beheading.
Fearing that #Omar will tell everything in front of #US about the link between #ISI and #AlQaeda, call was made to Pak team to stop investigation.
US requested to hand over #Omar but Pak rejected the request.
Though 500-600 were handed over after 9/11 but kept #Omar safely .
Masood Azhar had connection with Sunni extremists from very young age, though his father was school teacher he had connection with
Sunni extremist organization. He was inspired Mujahideens and decided join Soviet Afghan. He returned back to Bahawalpur after an injury in war.
He worked as teacher and later he joined Harkat ul Ansar (HuA) as head of Harkat's department of motivation.
HUA was formed through merger of
Harkat ul Mujahideen(HUM) & Harkat ul Jihad al Islami (HUJI). #HUJI was formed in 1980 to fight Soviet but split in 1985 and formed #HUM
After 1989 when Soviet went back from Afghanistan , these HuM Mujahideens were waiting for a place to practice Jihad they found #Kahmir !!
In 1993 both #HUJI and #HUM decided to merge back to fight in #Kahmir and formed new group called HUA !
Masood Azar became close to #ISI !
Though HUM and HUJI became friends in Pakistan but in Kashmir they were not ready to join hands. To mediate the issue between #HUM and #HUJI instead of crossing border #Masood made a fake passport and Visa & entered Srinagar, #Kashmir in 1994 and was caught by #Indian forces.
Though India didn't knew much about Masood Azar their intention was to catch Sajjad Afghani who was commander of #HUM.
He was the one who after coming back from Afghanistan war in 1989 declared Jihad in Kashmir!
Along with #SajjadAfghani #MasoodAzar was also caught.
Once #MasoodAzar started revealing his story #Indian Police realized that they caught bigger fish than #Sajjad! Won't explain much on his punishment period will tell 3 escape attempt made.
a) #Omarshiek's kidnapping episode in 2004 ( which I have told above) was failed.
b) In 1995 , Al-Faran a part of #HUA kidnapped 5 foreign tourists and demanded release of #MasoodAzar in exchange of tourists.

1) kidnapped foreigners.

2) wife of a tourist who got kidnapped issuing pamphlet to local Kashmiris to help.

This case again a mystery!
The reason I say it a mystery because of 2 reason.

a) Though Al-Faran claimed they killed all the hostages but #India could not find body of any tourist.

b) According to #CIA Norwegian special force  #FSK was in Kashmir and tried to release it's tourist who was kidnapped.
In 1999 another attempt was made to escape from Kot balwal Jail in #Kashmir, they dig 23-feet long tunnel Azar's complex body could not go in but everyone else tried and gets caught and during aftermath fights #Sajjad was killed. The 3rd escape attempt by Masood Azar fails.
The next successful attempt was through #KandaharHijack. Though world knows much about this but I will explain few points which is missed from history.

It was on December 24, 1999,
IC 814 from #Kathmandu to #Delhi was hijacked and they turned flight to #Kandahar.
What happened in #Kandahar is interesting.
As soon as the flight landed in #Kandahar it was surrounded by Taliban forces and they endured #MasoodAzar is released.

After Fall of Taliban , US recovered many files, one such was Conversation between #Kandahar ATC and Hijackers.
According to #FBI there were 2 #ISI officials sitting in ATC in #Kandahar who were acting as a mediator between #Taliban & #Hijackers.
#ISI finalized the demands of Hijackers and also ensured #India didn't get opportunity to negotiate with Hijackers.
#FBI record also says there were 2 more #ISI officers from #Quetta joined these officers. The Hijackers wanted to land flight in #Kabul but #Taliban didn't permit them to use Kabul , later conversation also proves there were satellite calls made to #Rawalpindi.
As soon as flight landed in #Kandahar , then foreign minister of #Taliban " Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil" became negotiator between #India and #Hijackers.
The initial deal was as soon as India handover team #MasoodAzar, Taliban govt will keep them till Indian flight goes back.
But in #Kandahar as soon as team #MasoodAzhar were released the Hijackers hugged them in front of everyone and they were offered Jeep by #Taliban and they were safely escorted till Balochistan border. #FBI investigated Muttawakil after #NA defeated #Taliban.
America had declared Harkat ul-Ansar (HuA) as terrorist organization in 1999, the group got split as Harkat ul Jihad al Islami (HuJI) and Harkat ul Mujahideen(HuM). On 31 Jan 2000, within days of escape #MasoodAzhar announced his new project

"Jaish e Mohammed " !
The " Harkat ul Mujahideen (HuM) " top leaders didn't welcome the competitor that too from their ex employee but the lower cadre of (HuM) joined in big numbers to #JeM they not only joined the organization but also took over 12 offices of #HuM and renamed it as #JeM !
Harkat ul Mujahideen(HuM) got furious over #Jaish e Mohammed and especially over #MasoodAzhar and said "he is brainwashed in India, he is now a #Raw agent #HuM must not support him ".

#MasoodAzhar had sympathy of getting arrested by India, Mujahideens joined in big numbers.
#HuM members joined everyday, soon #AzharMasood got Mujahideen bodyguards with AK-47, with in few days he became stronger!
#ISI started to support #JeM instead of #HuM due to 2 reasons

a) #MasoodAzhar looked stronger.
b) There was an American citizen inside #Kandahar flight.
Whenever an American citizen gets to trouble in Terrorist activity #US takes it Seriously.

#ISI knew like #HuA , #US govt will soon ban #HuM for their role in hijack of flight. The emergence of #JeM gave #ISI an opportunity to take their hands off #HuM.
One more voice which supported their ex student #MasoodAzhar over #HuM was Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai of Jamia Uloom ul Islamia of Binori Town, Karachi.
It was Al Rashid Trust who gave USD 3,60,000 to #JeM in Initial days but later Mujahideens collected in Millions of PKR.
Within few days #MasoodAzhar moved from small house to big bungalow in Bahawalpur. Initially #JeM focussed only on #Kashmir through funding Jihadis and their family. He soon he started to travel in costly Land Rovers.
Within no time #MasoodAzhar became rich in d name of #Jihad.
Initially #MasoodAzhar was fuming about #India occupation in #Kashmir and used to sponsor Jihadi attack in #Kashmir. #Establishment especially #ISI was happy with him as he never went against #ISI any day.

In October 2001 #JeM changed strategy.
On Oct 1st 2001, #MasoodAzhar gave approval for bomb blast infront of #Srinagar assembly. Soon realizing #US may ban #JeM he had decided a new name for #JeM as Tehreek ul Furqan on Oct 10 2001.

Surprisingly US didn't impose ban. #MasoodAzhar next decided attack #Delhi !!
#ISI strictly said no to attack beyond #Kashmir , #MasoodAzhar decide and attacked Parliament of India in Delhi on December 13, 2001 !
Though UN sanctioned #JeM as terror group in Oct , US started pressuring Musharraf only in December by then #JeM had transferred all assets.
There is a reason why #US wanted to stop #MasoodAzhar , going back the difference between #HuM and #MasoodAzhar increased gradually, #Osama tried to mediate between #JeM and #HuM but it didn't go well bcoz by then Mujahideens were against #HuM.
Osama decided to support JeM.
Though #CIA found #Osama getting closer to #MasoodAzhar long back they never touched him ( even UN banned #JeM in Oct 2001 ) but only after 9/11 #US decided to ban #JeM(December 2001) and try to catch all Osama associated groups.
#US started to pressurize #Musharaff to ban #JeM and Tehrik ul Furqan but by then #MasoorAzad had already transferred his assets to unpopular Mujahideens. #Musharaff could not withstand pressure of #US and banned #JeM in early January 2002 but didn't seize his much assets.
Connecting back to story of #Jabbar who increased suicide attack on foreigners but #MasoodAzhar remained dearer to #ISI.
#MasoodAzhar was becoming unbelievably rich , this hurted a section in #JeM who were poor Mujahideens who fought #Soviet war and never saw money.
The top names to split from #JeM were Sindh province leader Abdullah Shah Mazhar, within few days of his exit Maulana Umar Farooq left #JeM along with 12 commandos.
Soon down fall of #MasoodAzhar started as most of Mujahideens were against his policy of supporting #ISI.
#JeM got split into Khuddam ul Islam (KuI) led by #MasoodAzhar and Jamaat ul Furqan (JuF) led by team #Jabbar.
#ISI had no problem with #KuI who always agreed to what #ISI said but #JuF had hardcore Mujahideens and Taliban supporters who wanted to wipe off #US !
The JuF supporters were scattered across Pakistan it became impossible for #ISI to identify them, the Musharaff feared of more attacks as the fall of Taliban regime in Afghanistan and arresting of AlQaeda leaders in Pakistan had triggered Mujahideens of #JuF.
There were several attacks on foreigners as I said in above tweets , one incident to recall was on 22 Jun 2003 when both #KuI and #JuF fought each other in Karachi's Masjid Batha .There were fighting and went on shooting each other , police had to intervene and control.
Similar fight between these two groups were happened in Binoria and Korangi as well for the issue of wealth which they created in the name of #Kashmir.
#MasoodAzhar planned and got many #JuF Mujahideens caught to help #ISI.
But attack on Musharaff changed everything.
#Jameel who attacked #Musharaff was from #KuI and was trained in #Balakot camp, both #KuI and #JuF were banned.

" Jaish killed Kashmiris, killed #DanielPearl and attacked #Musharaff " said Rtd DG ISI
Lt General Javed Ashraf Qazi.

#MasoodAzhar calmed , #Hafizsaeed tookover !
His name is Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, even since childhood he was Influenced by Ahl e Hadith which always propagated #Wahhabism & #Jihad as only solution not Democracy.

After graduating in Islamic studies he was personally picked by Gen #Zia to the Council on Islamic Ideology.
#HafizSaeed went to #SaudiArabia for his higher studies in early 1980, where he was Influenced by extremist speeches by the Salafist leaders who were motivating youths to join #Jihad in #Afghanistan to fight Soviet forces .
Soon after graduating from #SaudiArabia, #HafizSaeed started Jamaat ud Dawa ( #JuD) in 1985, the main aim was to preach "Ahl i Hadith" version of Islam and to motivate people to Join #Jihad .
Before knowing much about #LeT , it is important to know about " Abdullah Yusuf Azzam"
Abdullah Yusuf Azzam is an important character in history of #Jihad !
Born in Palestine he was attracted towards Muslim Brotherhood leaders since childhood , he later went to #Syria to do bachelors in #Sharia & in 1967 due to #Israel attack on WestBank he moved to #Jordan.
In #Jordan during that time Yasser Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was working for Palestine cause in Marxist approach which was supported by then Soviet Govt. #Azzam didn't like #PLO instead he decided to preach #Jihad and declared Jihad as only solution.
The same people who learnt under him later went on founding #Hamas movement !
#Azzam then went to Egypt to continue his master's in #Sharia at Al-Azhar University and later for some time he was professor in University of Jordan, again he went back to #Egypt and did PhD in Islam.
After PhD #Azzam returned to Jordan to teach #Sharia and build Jihadis but he didn't get support from Jordan govt and he decided to move to #Saudi which was home for Exiled Brotherhood members from Syria and Jordan !
#Azzam became lecturer King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah.
#Osama was student in same University during that period. #Osama was impressed with ideology of #Azzam , on 20 November 1979, few extremists Seized Grand Mosque at Mecca & announced revolt against the Saudi Regime. Soon #Saudi expelled #Azzam.

#Azzam found his new home #Pakistan
The #Afghan #Soviet war and Gen #Zia had already created an image for #Azzam which motivated #Azzam to relocate to #Pakistan. #Azzam began to teach at International Islamic University, #Islamabad but within few days he moved to #Peshawar and started Maktab al Khadamat !
Maktab al Khadamat was started with an intention to provide shelter for the Mujahideens who come from different parts of the world to #Pakistan to learn #Jihad and fight against Soviet in #Afghanistan, after graduating #Osama travelled directly to fight Soviets.
#Osama joined hands with #Azzam and started to sponsor flight tickets for the foreign Mujahideens to travel to Pakistan.
Soon #Osama started Bait ul Ansar(BuA) in 1984 where he funded #Azzam to support Afghan Arab Jihadis.
On other side #Hafizsaeed starts Jamaat-ud-Dawa ( #JuD) !
#Azzam by then had became famous as " Father of Global Jihad", #Azzam comes in contact with #Hafizsaeed both #Hafiz and #Azzam along with few others decides to start a new Jihadi entity called " Markaz ud Dawa wal Irshad " (MDI) with an aim to motivate youngsters to join #Jihad !
#Osama started to fund the movement, #Hafiz gets in contact with #Osama through #Azzam !
#Osama asks #MDI to build big campus in #Muridke before it was completed. On 24 November 1989, #Azzam and his both sons die in a car bomb blast.
Who killed the "Father of Global Jihad " ?????
#Azzam and Ahmed Khadr had an issue in 1988, when #Khadr asked #Azzam on the accounts of the #Jihadi funds, #Khadr suspected that #Azzam used all those funds for personal benefit, #Azzam declared #Khadr as #CIA agent, #Sharia court in #Osama's compound declares #Khadr innocent.
The Incident created a cold war between #Osama and his teacher #Azzam. #Azzam also tried to stop #Osama from operating #Jihad in the way he wanted. These things slowly separated both of them.
"Did #OsamaBinLaden killed his teacher " ???
After the #Soviet #Afghan War #Azzam wanted to shift the #Mujahideen movement to #Palestine to fight against #Israel.
Did #Mossad and #CIA together planned and killed #Azzam ?
Did #Iranian spies who hated Wahhabism to core did this act ?

Death of #Azzam remains mystery !
Just after the death of #Azzam , the Soviet troops completely withdrew from #Afghanistan , the same period #Hafizsaeed decided to start #LeT (Lashkar e Taiba) as a militant wing of #MDI.
Though #HafizSeed had very less role in #Afghan war but he managed impressed #Osama & #ISI .
Between 1990 to 2000 , #Hafizsaeed moved all the Jihadi camps from #KP to #Kashmir.
He also built 200 acre empire in #Muridke, he slowly expanded his territory, he owned secondary schools , mobile hospitals, ambulance, Madrassas , bloodbank what not ! He built a big empire !!
In Dec 2000, Lashkar claims attack on Redfort in Delhi, India. In Dec 2001 , #JeM takes help of #Lashkar to attack on Parliament of India in Delhi, along with #JeM , #LeT also got banned by US.

Then starts the strategic game by #Hafizsaeed which #CIA could not guessed !
After #Musharaff banned #LeT in Jan 2002 , #Hafizsaeed silently made Maulana Abdul Wahid as chief of #LeT and he decided to remain as Chief of #JuD ( Parent group of #LeT ).
The strategy was simple Maulana Abdul Wahid was from #Kashmir , and he is a "Kashmiri" !
Soon #Lashkar announced that it is moving its operation and HQ to Indian side of Kashmir , and thereby passed a strong message that it is for #Kashmir !
#LeT started to hire local Kashmiris unlike #JeM which hired more from Punjab.
#ISI started to feel #LeT as strategic asset
The main reason #ISI felt #LeT as asset is bcoz

a) It had mix of people from both from Punjab & Indian side of Kashmir who will hear them.

b) #LeT unlike others used to be secret organization where details of members were maintained confidential.

c) Members were Multilingual.
d) Unlike other organizations #LeT taught it's members both Islamic and Western education .

e) LeT gave training to members on using weapons.

f) Unlike other organizations #LeT didn't depended much on #ISI for money instead collected from People.
#LeT unlike the other organizations were more loyal and was the best organization for "Controlled Jihad " who could hear whatever #ISI said.

#JuD though worked as funding partner never got directly involved with #LeT ( this helped them many times to escape from getting Banned)
#JuD even escaped ban from #Musharaff, after the attack on him he started to ban all the extremists but #JuD escaped from it.

Most surprising thing was when Jihadis across Pakistan were in anger against #Musharaff after " Islamabad Declaration " in 2004, #LeT remained silent.
Two reasons why #Hafizsaeed remained silent bcoz

a) To avoid possible ban on #JuD, he knew if he goes against #Musharaff he would ban him.

b) Islamabad declaration had little or no effect on #LeT as by then #LeT used to had stocks of ammunition for 6-7 months of #Jihad.
Going back when #Hafizsaeed renamed #MDI as #JuD he became head of it and #LeT was headed by #Lakhvi, #Lakhvi who was the one who moved #Lashkar to #Shawai in #AzadKashmir from #Punjab.

#Hafizsaeed through #JuD concentrated on collecting funds.everything went well few years.
The dissent voices in #LeT started to grow big especially the leader #Lakhvi himself became rebel.
#Lakhvi and other leaders turned against #Hafizsaeed bcoz they felt the main reason #Hafiz renamed #MDI as #JuD was to eat money which was collected in name of #Kashmiris.
The dissent increased when #HafizSaeed announced that he will
marry a 28-year-old widow, whose husband who was a #Mujahideen and was killed in Kashmir.

The same time US started pressuring #Musharaff to ban #JuD as #CIA had caught #LeT sleeper cells in #US !
#CIA also found that Indonesian terrorist organization Jemaah Islamiyah leaders got training by #LeT in #Karachi including it's popular leader Riduan Isamuddin.

#CIA had also found #JuD's role in promoting #Jihad on #US army in #Iraq.

#US wanted to stop #HafizSaeed !
Controlling #Hafizsaeed was impossible with Mujahideen and economical strength he had built in decades !
There steps in #ISI , #ISI fuels the rift between #Lakhvi and #Hafizsaeed , soon #Lakhvi decides to move away and forms new organization "Khirun Naas" !
There are many versions of
"Khirun Naas" !
Few say it's just renamed version of #LeT but there is a lot to know about the split.
Going back to late 1980s when #MDI was formed #Azzam and #Osama had request Gen #Zia to give land. Gen #Zia gave land in #Muridke for free of cost.
The huge construction in #Murdike was sponsored by Arab leader Abdul Rehman Sherahi who was a close to #Lakhvi, after #LeT split , #Lakhvi started to fight for the assets.
Both #KN and #JuD did activities in the name of #LeT as both claimed #LeT is theirs !

"LeT grew stronger"
I have explained in my previous tweet on groups #HuM , #HuA and their relationship with #MasoodAzhar and their role in getting him escaped from India.

However there are few more things to know else the thread will be incomplete.
Again going back to soviet war , Harkat ul- Jihad al Islami (HuJI) was founded with an intention of helping the Afghan civilians who were victim of war but slowly it took turn to train Mujahideens to kill Soviet forces, Maulana Irshad Ahmad became the chief of the group.
Maulana Irshad Ahmed was from Punjab and within few years of the start he died in #Kunar province in 1985 fighting Soviet forces.
Qari Saifullah Akhter and Fazal ur Rehman Khalil were from KP but Akhter took over the leader role of the organization.

Within years #HuJI divided
Will share #Akhter growth and his relationship with Establishment later part.
Now the separated Rehman Khalil founded #HuM and became too close with #Osama, #HuM not only trained Mujahideens from Pak and Afg but also trained those who came from Egypt, jordan, India, Bangla etc.
Within days #HuM started it's own center near #Miranshah border and started training these Mujahideens, #CIA found these Mujahideens from #HuM were stronger so #CIA provided #HuM with Stinger missiles and trained them in using it to bring down Soviet planes and helicopters.
After the fall of Najibullah Government in Afghanistan by mid 1992, #CIA ordered #HuM to return all the unused stinger missiles but #HuM denied , #CIA asked Lt.Gen Javed Nasir ( #WhiteBeard) who was then DG of #ISI to help in recovering the stinger missiles but he denied to help.
As the #Kabul was taken over by #Mujahideens , those foreign fighters who came and got training in #HuM camps went back to their country and started #HuM wing there, within year #HuM announced it's presence in, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Bosnia,Tajikistan, Myanmar & Philippines.
The local Mujahideens were still in war mood and mode as I said earlier after the Soviet Afghan war the Mujahideens play ground was #Kashmir.
The #HuM merged back with #HuJI and started to expand in #Kashmir but they stepped wrong by targeting Foreign tourists.
I have already explained on few incidents of #HuA earlier will not repeat same here but will highlight few major incidents.

One of the shocking incident happened on Sep 8 1995 , Customs officers stopped a car with load of heavy arms & ammunition near #Kohat.
It was Qari Saifullah Akhtar who was caught red handed with all those weapons, he tried to escape by saying those weapons were being moved to Azad Kashmir inorder to support #Jihad in #Kashmir, upon further questions he told name of " Brig. Mustansar Billa ".
Will tell it in detail as It is important to know on how few Jihadi organization along with few extremist Army officers joined hands together and decided to kill elected Prime minister Benazir Bhutto and other senior military officers to establish Islamic state in Pakistan.
It was in March 2005 when Qari Saifullah Akhter used to live in #Islamabad , once a #HuM Jihadi #Bilal met #Akhter and said his cousin Mustansar Billah who is brigadier in Army and is currently deputed in #Quetta wants to meet #Akhter on an important mission !
Within a week #Akhter travelled to #Quetta and met Brig Mustansar Billah , #Mustansar was a product of Zia and was deeply penetrated with extremist ideas, as soon as both met #Mustansar explained about his idea of making #Pakistan an Islamic state by bringing military rule.
In July 1995, #Akhter met Brig #Mustansar in Rawalpindi that too in #GHQ !
Brig Mustansar said that he is planning to implement Islamic state by imposing martial law, Akhter wanted to know if he had power to impose martial law , Brig said he got Support of "Major General".
Brig #Mustansar repeatedly said that he wanted to do it at earliest as he was approaching retirement soon and wanted support of all Religious leaders to make Pakistan an Islamic state and to overthrow the govt and impose martial law.
#Akhter decide to support him and said yes.
The main task assigned to #Akhter was to get commando uniforms , army boots and weapons.
#Mustansar gave PKR 700,000 , #Akhter got 15 pair of uniform and shoes from Rawalpindi and travelled to Darra Adam Khel and bought 15 AK-47s, 2 rocket launchers and 5 pistols.
#Akhter requested them to deliver it till Rawalpindi but they denied. Later the Langra promised to deliver them till #Kohat city.
#Mustansar agreed that he will collect those from Kohat but fortunately the custom officers caught the van and foiled the attempt.
#Akhter was investigated by #Army in army barracks in the Cantonment area.
#Akhter revealed name of #Mustansar and entire episode came out, along with #Mustansar , Major General Zahir ul Islam Abbasi,Colonel Raja Liaquat & Colonel Inayat were arrested.
Interesting thing is Maj Gen #Abbasi previously served as Military Attache in the Pakistani High Commission in #India. He was expelled by then Government of India in 1989 for indulging in espionage.

Whom was he sharing info with ?
Another interesting fact found during investigation was these arrested Army officers were hardcore followers of the "Tabligi Jamaat" based in Raiwind , which I already said was encouraged by Gen Zia .
Army stopped biggest Coup attempt led by Mujahideens but left #Akhter free !
There are many versions why #Akhter escaped from the case.
Few say he was asked to become approver in the case and he confessed and hence was released.
Few say he didn't turn approver because he knew Army had no evidence to fit him in the case except Weapon smuggling.
By then #Akhter was close to #Osama and soon after his release from the case he straight away moved to #Kabul in 1996 and joined hands with #MullahOmar .
He was appointed as special advisor for #MullahOmar, he got special treatment from Taliban govt.
Taliban gave #Akhter VIP treatment, there were 3 taliban ministers and 22 + judges who belonged to the Harkat.
Akhter supported Mullah Omar in difficult stage of war, Mullah Omar started to trust #Akhter as by then Harkat had lost 400+ fighters to defend Taliban Govt.
#MullahOmar gave permission to Harkat to build six additional camps in #Kandahar, #Kabul & #Khost where they trained Taliban army and police forces.
These camps became launch pad for harkat to launch its campaign in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan & Chechnya.
Again going back to mid 1980s when #Azzam became famous in Pakistan, he motivated several foreign Mujahideens to travel into Pakistan, most of them were Arabs from Saudi, Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia, Somalia, Yemen , China etc reached Pakistan, the number of Arabs was around 25000+
These Mujahideens went back to their home country after the Soviet war but few rejoined in Afghanistan after Osama sought shelter in Afghanistan in 1996.

Osama used that as an opportunity and formed a small force to help Taliban and named it as
"Brigade 055"
This " Brigade 055 " was made of all the foreign fighters who wanted to support Taliban Govt.
#Osama always felt that Muslims of #Afghanistan , #Pakistan and #India were nowhere comparable with those from Arab, even "Brigade 055 " was majorly filled by Arabs.
This " 055 Brigade " also included many terrorists groups who were fighting in #Kashmir and majorly #Uzbekistan.
This Brigade was nothing but AlQaeda fighting for Taliban. #Osama wanted to take control of entire central Asia.
The "055 Brigade" soon became " backbone " for Taliban
This 055 Brigade started its training in #Rishikor outside Kabul where Afghan army had it's base.
These Alqaeda fighters unlike Talibans were paid heavily and were highly motivated , most importantly there was no possibility of defection so Osama had full confidence on them.
They were highly trained with satellite communication and use of night vision goggles.
Within no time 055 brigade made it's presence in Jalalabad, Khost, Kandahar and Mazar-i Sharif.
In 1998 it was 055 brigade which won Mazar-i Sharif, in 1999 they attacked #Bamiyan .
These terrorists also attacked #Hazarajat and killed 100s of #Hazaras.

In February 1998, Abdul Aziz Kamilov, the Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan accused HUA for creating violence in #Uzbekistan he said terrorists are being trained in Karachi, Mardan and Peshawar.
#HuJI and #HuM were close to Osama , in Feb 1998 when Osama declared Fatwa against Jews and Americans the same Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khalil was the signatory , he also went on saying "we will kill Americans wherever we find them" .
After 9/11 , US airstrikes pushed these groups back to Pakistan, soon after the 9/11 Musharaff was forced to ban #HuM.
One interesting case has to be discussed in same period during ban on #HuM
It was in June 2002 after the suicide attack on US Consulate General in Karachi.
In June Karachi rangers arrested 5 terrorists in connection with the suicide attack and in July 3 more from same Al- Qanoon group were arrested for the same case the terrorists confessed a shocking incident that they had planned a suicide attack on #Musharaff in April but failed.
The arrested terrorists were from Harkat ul Mujahideen Al alami (HuMA) group, the rangers had arrested it's top leaders #Imran and #Haneef.
They also confessed they used vehicle with load of explosive to kill Musharaff but was failed, they used same vehicle in Karachi blast.
Though Police named #HuMA behind the attack both #CIA and a section of #ISI knew there is something wrong.
In May 2004, Karachi Police arrested top leader of HuMA #KamranAtif after a shootout.
The Mastermind behind both Musharaff attack and Karachi consulate attack was caught.
#KamranAtif revealed the truth that #HuMA and #HUM are same which was funded by #AlQaeda.
#HuMA's main intention was to kill #Musharaff as they felt he was Americans puppet.
Later in 2006 he was sentenced to death by ATC.
Will skip few incidents on #Kashmir and #MasoodAzhar.
The episode of #HuM will be incomplete without two curious cases.

Case One :

After Taliban govt fell down, US backed govt took over Afghanistan and started clearance operation, one day they caught 17 year old boy by name Mohammed Suhail.
The #US coalition first found
Jamiat ul Ansar ( After #HuM was declared terrorist organization in 2001 it was renamed as #JuA) card with him.
Theystarted to investigation, #Suhail started to reveal the secrets and accepted that he was trained in #Pakistan.
#Suhail said he along with few were sent from #Karachi's mosque to #Mansehra camp where they were trained on using guns and bombs.
Suhail said after three months of training one day Fazlur Rehman Khalil came to camp and ordered them to fight against foreign forces in Afghanistan.
Then they were sent to Afghanistan via #Balochistan , they first reached #Kandahar where they collected Guns and bombs and then they reached #Panjwai .
#CIA became angry on #Pakistan and requested to handover #Khalil for further investigation.
To protest #Khalil from #FBI , #Pakistan arrested him in August 2004 and as soon as the issue cooled he was released in Dec 2004, again to calm #CIA #Kahlil was asked to resign and he resigned as #JuA head quoting health reason and appointed his associate Muneer as #JuA head.
Case 2:

It was in #Lodi, #California an American with Pakistani descent was arrested as terror charges , his name was #HamidHayat a boy in his early 20s as intelligence had strong information that he was sleeper cell and wanted to commit a blast in California.
Let me explain you the case as it happened "that day".
#HamidHayat was son of #UmerHayat was a cherry picker in #Lodi.
Intelligence said that he went to #Pakistan and he was trained on Jihad by #Khalil.
#Hamid was awarded jail for 24 years for joining hands with #AlQaeda.
As soon as #US heard name of #Khalil role in sending sleeper cells to US , they again asked #Pak to handover #Khalil to #FBI but again #Pak arrested him for 2 months and released him in August after issue calmed.
#Khalil was kept secured from hands of #US.
The #PTI govt sought support from same #AlQaeda leader #Khalil during Elections.

Even today he spreads hate and roams freely not even feeling guilty for the massacre he committed.
It was in 1983 when Maulana #Saduddin Amir of Jamaat Islami in Kashmir met Gen #Zia and explained his vision of starting #Jihad in #Kashmir valley.

#Zia who was Influenced by Jamaat ideology gets interested by the proposal and agrees to support the movement.
#Saduddin also met another Jammat leader Amir Mia Tufail Muhammed and discusses on the idea of introducing #Jihad in Kashmir in full pace.
In 1984 the training centers were started in AJK to provide Jihad training for Kashmiris of both sides. They were also sent to Afghanistan.
#SyedAliShahGeelani was assigned task of sending the selected #Kashmiris for Jihad training.
By 1987 , 1000s of Jihadis were Produced in #AzadKashmir and #Afghanistan.
The same time many groups like #ZiaTigers , #AlHamza etc supported the #Jihad in #Kashmir.
By mid 1988 these trained #Jihadis started attack on #Indian forces in #Kashmir.

There were n separate groups which were conducting these attack and the Mujahids who went for Soviet war were waiting for new battle ground and joined the battle.

#JI realized it is going aimless.
In September 1989 , Jamaat-e-Islami organized a meet and decided to unite all the small #Jihadi group and to fight under a single name and have same goal.

By same time a school teacher from #Baramulla, Indian #Kashmir , had crossed border and was ready for big scale Jihad.
By November 1989 unofficially #HizbulMujahideen was started but officially accepted the Constitution in June 1990.

The returned Jamaat teacher was Muhammad Ahsan Dar , he becomes the founder and head of #HizbulMujahideen.
To support #AhsanDar , Jamaat appoints Mohammed Abdullah Bangroo as his military advisor in conducting the attacks.

Within a year of founding #HizbulMujahideen gets 10000+ trained Mujahids who were ready to attack #Indian forces in #Kashmir.
Before understanding entire #Kashmir Jihad one must know about 3 kind of People on both side of Kashmir.

a) Who wants to Integrate #Kashmir with #Pakistan.

b) Who want #Kashmir as an independent country.

c) To stay whereever they are.

Both a) and b) are involved in Jihad.
By mid 1980, #JKLF was stronger voice in #Kashmir. Though #ISI supported it in both #AzadKashmir and #Srinagar initially but later decided to stop them at any cost as #JKLF stood for #Kashmir as an independent country which started irritating #ISI.

They decided to stop #JKLF .
Meanwhile in early 1990s due to crackdown by Indian Govt most of the JKLF leaders were arrested including #Yasin.

Meantime #Jamaat made a deal and merged Tahreek e Jihad e Islami (TJI) with Hizbul strengthened the #Jihad in Kashmir .
The merger also helped in increasing the member strength by 10000.

Within a year #Hizbul outnumbered #JKLF and grew as strongest voice in kashmir.

In Nov 1991 , Hizbul decides to remove the founder chief Master Muhammad Ahsan Dar from Hizbul and appoints #SayeedSalahudeen !
Why the founder was sidelined within an year of founding ?
Simple, the main reason of #Hizbul was to silence the voice of #JKLF which wanted Kashmir as an independent country.
#Hizbul before starting Jihad against Indian forces decided to kill all independent voices.
#Dar was against the idea of Killing #JKLF members , he also was against the Shura kind of council which Jamaat preferred.
As soon as #Syedsalahudeen took over leadership he left #Hizbul and started new organization in 1992 called it as #MuslimMujahideen.
But he was arrested soon
#Hizbul became more notorious under the leadership of #SyedSalahudeen. By late 1992 popular leader of #Sudan's National Islamic Front and close aid of Osama who invited Osama to Sudan , " Hassan Al-Turabi " funded Hizbul both through financial and by providing arms.
In next 2 years unlike other earlier Jihadi organizations, #Hizbul penetrated deep into rural Kashmir.
By 1994 pro independent group #JKLF slowly moved away from militancy and decided to go through state Politics.
Many ground level militants decided to move towards #Hizbul.
Slowly there started difference between #SyedSalahudin and #Jamaat leadership.
By 1997 it reached peak where #SyedSalahudin openly said that #Hizbul is not part of any group and its main intention is to liberate #Kashmir and it has support of all Kashmiris.
#ISI became angry .
The stage was set to dethrone #Salahudin and to put someone in his chair , first name #ISI thought was Masood Sarfraz .
The problem with him was corrupt he was using funds for Mujahideens for his personal benefits, ISI thought bringing him to chief role will be dangerous.
Soon instead of #Salahudeen , #Sarfraz was removed from his role and was replaced by local Jamaat leader in Azad Kashmir.
This created rift inside #Hizbul both factions started fighting openly.
In 1998 the rivalry increased and 21 most of them were civilians lost life in #AJk.
The Hizbul officially split into two in 1998 when Al Badr (Jammu and Kashmir) formed and Lukmaan became chief but during Bahkt Zameen Khan period Al Badr became dangerous group.
The main reason why #ISI decided to promote Al Badr was to stop #Salahudin's run.
On one end APHC chief #SyedAliShahGeelani objected peace talk with India but in the year 2000 #SyedSalahudin sent his commander #GulamRasoodDar for peace talk with Govt of India.
The peace talk ended negatively as Rasood was not ready to stop Jihad .
The platform was set for another split in #Hizbul.

The Kashmir story will be incomplete without "Abdul Majeed Dar" a commander of Hizbul.

Abdul Majeed Dar episode reflects how the Jihadi network works in Kashmir and how one cannot step out after entering.
The commander Abdul Majeed Dar was with #Geelani during 1980s and went to Jail with him several times, the rigged elections of 1987 motivated him to join extremism.
He formed a group called Tahreek e Jihad e Islami (TJI) and became popular voice he merged it with Hizbul in 1991.
The #TJI merger with Hizbul strengthened Hizbul as along with Dar he got 1000s of hardcore Mujahideens to fight against Indian security forces.
The things changed slowly after Chittisinghpura massacre incident where 35 Sikhs were killed in Kashmir by #LeT.
The incident changed #AbdulMajeedDar, he felt killing own ppl will never bring end to the problem he started to preach his followers that Peace is the only solution to problem.
He slowly started to interact with the RAW and started to talk peace.
The News reached #Salahudeen.
In 2000 #Hizbul commander Rasool dar who crossed LoC to represent the peace talk between Jihadis and Indian forces rejected the negotiation.
Within few month in July 2000 , #AbdulMajeedDar openly announced that he is willing for ceasefire based on few conditions.
The main conditions from #AbdulMajeedDar were,

a) The Indian forces must not kill the Mujahideens henceforth.

b) The Indian forces must follow all the humanitarian laws in Kashmir.

c) The Kashmirs should be allowed to express their ideologies (any) in Political way.
Within hours of this announcement by #AbdulMajeedDar, #Salahudeen also announced same thing in #Islamabad, entire Kashmir Jihad were stunned after the incident.

The other Jihadi groups in Kashmir came together and said they are not with #Hizbul and they still continue #Jihad.
In 1994, #ISI formed an umbrella organization to unify and control all the Kashmiri militant group and make their stand and named it as Muttahida Jihad Council (MJC) or also called as United Jihad Council.

This council had 15 groups including #Lashakr, #Albadr , #Hizbul etc.
This #UJC slowly became strong organization and #SayeedSalahudeen became it's chief.

#UJC had it's words in each and every bilateral treaty with India especially related to #Kashmir.

#UJC had also fought alongside #Pakistan army in 1999 #Kargil war.
Though the #UJC role in #Kargil is open secret but point here is , #Army wanted #Jihadis to fight in #Kargil war because of their guerrilla warfare experience, but things changed when these #Jihadis killed few Indian soldiers ( I don't want to name them) on Pakistan side.
This act of Jihadis brought Pakistan bad name in international community.

In most of the cases no soldier treated or will treat PoW badly.

It was the Jihadis who killed those soldiers from Indian side and at the end Pak army faced blame.
Coming back to 2000, as #Salahudeen announced ceasefire in #Kashmir , #UJC decided to dethrone him as chief and the also announced Jihad in Kashmir will continue.
#Salahudheen understood the blunder he committed, he changed decision within no time & said Jihad will continue.
This U turn by #Salahudeen made #AbdulMajeedDar angry , the slow division in #Hizbul started to visible.

In 2001 #AbdulMajeedDar decided to go for peace talk with Indian govt without permission from #Salahudeen or #UJC or #ISI.

#Salahudeen decided to bring #Dar down from power.
#Salahudeen started to replace all the existing filed commandos with his loyal Mujahids, and also ordered the #Dar and his followers to return to Pakistan.

#Dar and his followers were angry on #Salahudeen for replacing them, they openly announced that they won't return.
This enmity reached peak when #MajeedDar's friend Abdul Hamid Tantray who was Commander of #Hizbul who had also joined the Peace brigade with Dar was killed brutally by #Salahudeen team.

The message from #Salahudeen was clear, it is only #Jihad, no question of peace deal.
In May 2002 , #AbdulMajeedDar was officially expelled from #HizbulMujahideen.

Along with #Dar , few more top field commandos who were moving towards peace were expelled.

Surprisingly within 15 days Kashmiri politician (Indian side) Abdul Ghani Lone who wanted Peace was killed.
By 2003, #AbdulMajeedDar decided to form a political party and fight elections.

He had also decided to name his party as Salvation Movement and he decided to announce the same in Pakistan.

But in March 2003 #Dar was killed outside his house in Sopore by Salahudheen team.
The killing of #MajeedDar passed a message , though #Salahudeen got appreciation from #ISI , the field commandos became rebel to #Hizbul.

Few joined new organizations and only few returned back to #Hizbul, #Salahudeen allowed only Mujahideens to join back not field commandos.
Within days after killing Dar #Hizbul announced openly that they used #Strela ( low altitude surface-to-air shoulder-fired missile) on #Indian Armed forces which was also used by Soviets in Afghan.

US became furious , it asked #Musharraf to control Hizbul.

He ordered #ISI.
The Hizbul had reached a stage where they were not ready to listen even to #ISI.

#ISI tried several meetings to convince the Hizbul leaders but they were uncontrollable.

The next started the serial hunt of Hizbul leaders.

Did #ISI killed them ? Nope it helped #Raw to hunt them
Pak Army first stopped " Artillery cover " for this Mujahideens to cross LoC.
Hizbul mass hunt was started the first one was the commander of Hizbul #RasoolKhan in April 2003, the next big name was " Saifulla Rehman Bajwa " who was shot in Nov 2003.
It was in Jan first week of 2004, when Pakistan and India signed #Islamabad treaty.

Peace and controlling Jihad was one of the major points of the treaty, as soon as the treaty was signed #ISI openly started to catch Hizbul members.

This made #Salahudeen to go angry on #ISI.
#Salahudeen openly criticized #ISI

What happened next is interesting.

Indian forces kill #AbbasMallik who was the brain behind the logistics of arms and ammunition and with 24 hrs the Hizbul commander #RasoolDar was shot.

This happened within 10 days of Islamabad agreement.
Within 30 days of #Islamabad treaty, #Indian forces killed 13 major leaders of #Hizbul.

Through this #ISI had passed message to #Hizbul that " we are the boss ".

#Hizbul became weak when in May 2004 , Hizbul's chief commander #AbdurRashid was killed.
After 9/11 #US forces started to push Hezb-e-Islami members out of Afghanistan, the #CIA started to track the movement of these members.

#CIA found that the Hezb members were given protection by Qazi Hussain Ahmad's Jamaat e Islami.

#CIA and #ISI kept eye on it.
It was on March 1 , 2003 when #Osama's close aid and 9/11 Mastermind "Khalid Sheikh Mohammed" was caught by #ISI in a raid in #Rawalpindi which was pressurized by #CIA.

The reason raid was pressurized by #CIA was because of a past incident where #ISI lied #CIA.
Just after two months two more #Alqaeda leaders were caught in Jamaat leaders house .

In 2004 in National Assembly then interior minister Faisal Saleh Hayat had openly criticized the Jamaat for joining hands with #Alqaeda.
There was one curious missing students case which was traced by #CIA.

After 9/11 , the foreign students who came to Pakistan for Islamic studies in Maududi Institute
were Missing in a suspicious way.

#CIA later found that these students were exported to Afghanistan 4 Jihad.
Before I start about next group it is important to know about the history of #Jhang district.

Jhang historically a Shia dominated district in Punjab province.

The Partition forced the Muslims especially Sunni Muslims from Indian side to relocate to Jhang.
The relocated Sunnis migrated to rural places of #Jhang and started to work in lands mostly owned by Shias.

It was in 1970 the modernization in agricultural sector forced these Sunnis to relocate to Urban places in search of Jobs.

The relocated Sunnis became traders.
The migrated Sunnis not only concentrated on business but also started to get into Politics.

In 1970 elections Sunni dominated Jamiat Ulema i Pakistan (JUP) won all three NA seats in #Jhang.

Shia Sunni fight was about the start but 1974's anti-Ahmadiyya movement stopped it
#Jhang became the platform of anti #Ahmadiyya movement both Shias and Sunnis joined hands to declare Ahmadiyyas as Kafirs.

The Shia Sunni cold war again started after the Ahmadiyya war calmed.

The 1977 Election further fuelled the hate between Sunnis and Shias in #Jhang.
In 1977 elections PPP gave tickets to candidates from Jhang’s prominent Shia families whereas the right-wing alliance, gave tickets to influential members of Sunnis. The PPP had won all five NA seats.

The main issue started in the year 1979 ! "Islamic Revolution " in Iran !
The Rich Shias realized that along with the monetary power they need to have political power equally to rule.

The Iranian revolution created a platform for groups like Tehrik-e-Jafaria Pakistan (TJP) which wanted to convert Pakistan into Shia republic !
The Rich Shias sent their kids to #Iran and made them study in Shia madrasas, Suddenly Shia organizations increased overnight in mid 80s !

Realizing the threat the then Dictator #Zia started to strengthen Sunni extremists !

The main among them was Haq Nawaz Jhangvi !
#Jhangvi became propagator of #Zia's ideology he started organization called Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan #SSP and started to speak against #Shia, he started receiving funds from #Saudi.

#Jhangvi also went on saying #Shias are kufrs and were not related to Islam.
#SSP started to grow big in #Jhangvi's hometown #Jhang. Shia's decided to fight SSP through #TNF but at the same time it's top Shia leader "Allama Syed Arif Hussain Al Hussaini" was killed , this was a major shock as he had a good friendship with Iranian govt !
The funeral of Arif Hussain Hussaini was attended by Gen Zia and other top Iran leaders but who killed him ?

Few reports say #ISI was behind the attack as one of the then Army officer Raja Geelani was had planned the execution and escape way.

However it remains mystery !
#SSP slowly turned more notorious, it started to kill Shias across Pakistan. But on 23 February 1990 the founder of #SSP Haq Nawaz Jhangvi was killed by a Shia #KakaBalli who was kin of ex MNA Amanullah Khan.

The #SSP after 1990s became even more terror.
It was in 1992 , when #SSP grew to next level where they started using modern weapons.

The same year they killed 5 police through "Rocket launchers ".

In 1994 , #SSP killed 70+ and injured more than 300+ of Shias most of them during prayers in Mosque.
#SSP leaders announced Shias were Iranian agents .

Everytime a Sunni leader was killed the revenge by #SSP was to kill a Shia leader in revenge.

Ex : Revenge of Jhangvi's murder was killing #SadeqGanji  who was the Iranian Consul General to Pakistan in same year.
It was after the death of #Jhangvi, #SSP had internal clashes, In 1996 Riaz Basra & Malik Ishaq decided to break away and form new organization as they felt #SSP deviated from #Jhangvi's ideology.

They founded new group named it #LeJ Lashkar-e-Jhangvi !!
It was second week of January 1997 when Ziaur Rahman Farooqi was appearing for a bail was killed through a bomb which was placed under a motorcycle outside courtroom.

It was one of the most powerful devices ever used in Pakistan by that time.

"26 people had lost life "
Once #Musharaff took power kept many groups in control including #SSP.

He also banned #SSP in August 2001

After 9/11 US started bombarding #Taliban leaders this fuelled many groups in #Pakistan including #SSP.

#SSP's then 3 time MNA from #Jhang #AzamTariq spoke against #US !
#AzamTariq organized rallies across and started to motivate people to support #Taliban troops.

#Musharaff arrested #AzamTariq and kept the things in control.

The #SSP was getting weaker on other hand #LeJ was getting violent !

#AzamTariq who was close to #ISI was shot dead !
Though #SSP and #LeJ are two faces of same coin they never claimed so but #AzamTariq used to be present in funeral prayers of these #LeJ leaders and #SSP flags were also present on dead bodies of #LeJ leaders.

Ban on #SSP was revoked on 26 June 2018 a month before election!
I will explain about #LeJ and their way of #Jihad.

Though #LeJ was created due to ideological difference after the death of #Jhangvi among leaders of #SSP.

There was close connection among #LeJ and #SSP even after the split.

#LeJ even today strong due to their strategy.
#LeJ unlike other groups had "cells" for different places, the cell usually had 3-5 people and in case of bigger crime they had 7 people.

These #Jihadists after the attack usually go back to their hometown and continue to work as a Common people till they get next task.
#LeJ members were ordered not to have beard nor to wear religious clothes and they always used to carry identity cards with them everytime they go out !

It was/is nearly impossible for #ISI to identity them after the attack as they split and go back to their places.
#LeJ also warned it's members not to involve in any illegal activity till they engage in next terror activity.

#LeJ members once escaped from crime scene were difficult to find.

In 1997 person by name #Kasi was convicted for killing 2 #CIA agents at Langley headquarters.
Within 48 hours of the conviction 4 Americans who were working for a foreign Oil company were killed in #Karachi.

The local police suspected and informed US govt that it was carried out by Harkat ul Anasar but #CIA had eyes on #LeJ !
In the same year 1997, #LeJ committed a strategic attack on Iranian Consul in #Multan !

They organized fake wedding procession with horse and groom, there were lot of noise and as soon as they entered infront of Iranian Consul in Multan they started celebrating with crackers.
As the security diverted their attention towards the royal procession #LeJ members jumped the wall and entered the Consulate and killed Seven Iranians.

All the 7 were officials and saddest part was they killed the Consul and Director of Khana-e-Farhang "Syed Muhammad Rahimi".
They jumped back and escaped, the people could not hear anything due the cracker sound.

It was in 1999, #Nawazsharif was Prime minister of #Pakistan and his brother Shehbaz Sharif was chief minister of Punjab both strated to act on #LeJ and #SSP.
In January 1999, Nawaz Sharif then PM was target.

Nawaz Sharif used to pass on a concrete bridge which was very near to Sharif's private estate in Raiwind.

There was a timebomb which was placed on the bridge matching exact time of his arrival on the bridge.
#NawazSharif was late by 10min in his duty. The bomb blast happened and the entire concrete bride broke down and 3 people lost life in the blast.

#LeJ was out of control, it had also announced that it will pay millions for those who kill shahbaz sharif !
In 1999 as soon as #Musharraf snatched power #LeJ knew he will not allow to continue Shia killing in big way.

The Riaz Basra who was the founding member of #LeJ and his associate Qari Abdullah started to fight on issue of deviation from the ideology

In Oct 2000 #LeJ got split !
Basra wanted to continue Shia Genocide but Abdullah felt Musharraf will never allow it and will also kill everyone through fake encounter through #ISI.

Basra continued his attack on Shia even after the division.

The same time #Taliban became weaker in #Afghanistan.
The fall of #Taliban created fear for the #LeJ leaders who were fighting in #Afghanistan , the Northern Alliance became stronger and used to hunt #Taliban and their allies ruthlessly.

#LeJ leaders were ready to die in fake encounter by #ISI but not in hands of Northern Alliance.
#LeJ continued #shia killing, it was in August 2001 when #Musharraf thought #LeJ and #SSP were moving out of his control decided to ban both of them in span of 5 months.

In March 2002, #LeJ did suicide bomb attack on a church in #Islamabad which killed 5 including 2 Americans.
Again in May 2002, #LeJ mistook French as Americans and targeted them near Sheraton Hotel #Karachi through Suicide car bomb in which 11 Frenchmen who were working with Pakistan Navy to design an Agosta 90B-class submarine lost life and 40+ were injured in the attack.
On June 2002 , a suicide bomber with truck of bomb attacked United States Consulate in Karachi in which 12 lost life and 51 were injured.

Though #HuM was the brain (I have shared this incident during the HuM)

All these 3 attacks had one #LeJ name behind it " Asif Ramzi " !
US had also doubted the role of Asif Ramzi in Daniel Pearl's case ( I have written detailed incident ) also I had stated earlier the attack on US Oil company workers.

I have stated it many times whenever US citizen gets into trouble US jumps into case irrespective of difficulty.
It was in May 2002 when Riaz Basra was shot dead in a shootout in Shia village in Vehari district.

However there are lot of doubts on his death as few reports say he was in police custody during that period few say it as an extra judicial killing but that ended Basra's life.
After the death of #RiazBasra, #AkramLahori was given the chief position, even he was arrested within months and in 2003 January US declared #LeJ as foreign Terrorist Organization.

Akram Lahori had 38+ cases on his name and also millions of Bounty.
#AkramLahori revealed a shocking fact that he was involved in assassination attempt of Rtd Lt Gen and then interior minister in Musharraf Govt #MoinuddinHaider, as he had security he escaped several times but Unfortunately his brother Ehteshamuddin Haider was later shot.
Both #CIA and #ISI (then) considered #LeJ as "Delta Force" of #AlQaeda.

These Delta Force are believed to be personally trained by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and they were expert in killing big names , including names like #Musharraf were in their hit list !
#MalikIshaq who was another co-founder of #LeJ along with Riaz Basra and Akram Lahori took over as chief of #LeJ and during his time #LeJ became extremely violent killing 100s of #Shia in each attack.

He operated entire #LeJ staying in Jail and killed 100s of #Shias.
On July 4 2003, 3 #LeJ terrorists entered #Shiite mosque in #Quetta and killed nearly 50 & injured nearly 70.

Sept 18 2009: #LeJ was responsible for #Uztarzai Bomb blast which killed 29 & injured nearly 50.

On Jan 9 2010: #LeJ did series blast which killed 50 and injured 200 .
March 12, 2010:  #LeJ attacked #Pakistan army patrol in #Lahore through IEDs which resulted in more than 50 losing life and 100 critically injured.

January 10, 2013 : one of the Biggest attack in Pakistan by #LeJ in #Quetta snooker club which killed 120+ wounding 200+
February 2013:  #LeJ did explosive water tanker blast in #Balochistan targeting #Hazaras which killed 100 and 200 + got injured.

August 2015: #LeJ did suicide bomb attack near the home of then Punjab Interior Minister Shuja Khanzada on revenge of Malik Ishaq's death.
October 2016: No #Pakistani can forget this, #LeJ militants were Part of attack along with #ISIS on police training college in #Quetta which killed 60+ and injured 100s

June 2017 : LeJ claimed responsibility for #Parachinar attack which killed 60+.
July 2018 : Attack in #Mastung which killed more than 130 , though #ISIS claimed responsibility, #LeJ was the one who operated on their behalf.

April 2019: Attack on #Hazara is Quetta market in which 15+ lost life .

The reason for details is to share the intensity of attacks.
Ayman #AlZawahiri born in Religious family in 1951 in Egypt, he was silent and studious since childhood. He was inspired by popular brotherhood leader "Sayyid Qutb Ibrahim Husayn Shadhili" and joined Brother hood movement at the young age of 14 but #Qutb was executed in 1966.
At the young age of 15 he along with his friends decided to overthrow the govt and establish Islamic state in Egypt.

The same time the Arab coalition waged war on #Israel and eventually Israel won the war .

This made him angry and he decided to establish caliphate in Egypt.
#AlZawahiri continued his education and completed his Bachelors in Medicine and he served in Army for 3 years while continuing to preach his Extremist ideas.

He slowly joined Egyptian Islamic Jihad along with friends. He in a short span reached position of recruiter.
It was in 1977, Egypt's the president
Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat decided to go friendly with #Israel and he personally visited #Israel.

#Sadat signed a peace treaty with #Israel in 1979 this angered the Extremists in #Egypt including #Alzawahiri.

#Sadat also banned extremist orgs
The ban on these extremist organization made #AlZawahiri furious he joined the protest to dethrone #Sadat Govt.

#AlZawahiri then joined hands with then military officer who had fought war with Israel and had made several attempts to kill #Sadat !

His name was "Aboud El Zomor"
Aboud El Zomor wanted to kill all Political leaders, take control of Army HQ, TV and Radio stations. He wanted to kill Secularism by bringing Islamic revolution. He thought killing #Sadat will lay foundation for Islamic state.

The stage was set on Oct 6 1981 to kill #Sadat.
Oct 6 1981 , #Sadat was with ambassadors of many countries and was on stage receiving the gaurd of of honor.

Suddenly a military Jeep headed towards Sadat and the soldiers inside it threw grenade and started firing on him and #Sadat died.

Egypt lost its leader !!
Before this in March 1981 , #Alzawahiri had visited Afghanistan once and also joined an Anesthesia specialist and plastic surgeon specialist and reached #Peshawar to serve the Mujahideens who were fighting against Soviet forces.

#Alzawahiri gave moral support to Mujahideens.
#AlZawahiri had met another Egyptian born Ahmed Khadr (was later killed in Waziristan) , Ahmed Khadr in 80s started hospitals in Pakistan and Afghanistan to help Mujahideens this impressed #AlZawahiri both became friends in a short span and later #AlZawahiri returned to Egypt.
After assassination of #Sadat , Egyptian govt attacked religious extremists and arrested every brotherhood leader who were part of Sadat's assassination including #Alzawahiri.

During interrogation in Maadi a police had slapped Alzawahiri and he inreturn had attacked Police.
Egyptian govt failed to prove the role of #Alzawahiri in #Sadat's assassination but he was just charged of holding ammunition , he was released after 3 years of punishment.

#Alzawahiri after release was more violent ,he moved to #Jeddah in 1985 and he became friend of "Osama" !
I don't explain much on Afghanistan war as I have explained before, after Soviet forces left Afghanistan both #Osama and #Alzawahiri left Afghanistan and moved to Saudi and Egypt respectively.

#Alzawahiri decided to establish Islamic state in Egypt .
#Alzawahiri had became expert in building Mujahideen network after Afghan war , so he started to build Mujahideen teams in 1990s soon sensing the danger Egyptian Govt decided to stop him and he escaped to Sudan !

Osama was already in Sudan after he objected US forces in Saudi !
In 1992, #AlZawahiri joined Osama in Sudan and in 1995 #AlZawahiri planned and attacked Egyptian Embassy in  #Islamabad where 17 lost life and 60+ were injured.

The Pressure by Egyptian govt made Sudan to send Alzawahiri and Osama out of Sudan .

Both travelled to #Afghanistan
Osama and Alzawahiri became closer, Osama had people with him who were ready to fight but Zawahiri had engineers , doctors , scientists etc with him. #Alzawahiri introduced fellow Egyptian "Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar" to Osama he was a chemist who was famous in making Bombs.
Midhat Mursi was popularly called #AbuKhabab was a chemical engineer and knew #AlZawahiri since late 70s. #AbuKhabab had travelled to #Saudi and from there to #Afghanistan in late 80s during the end of soviet war.

In late 90s #AlZawahiri and Osama returned to #Afghanistan.
#Alzawahiri introduced #AbuKhabab to #Osama and explained him about the next generation war ie., Nuclear and chemical to target #US.

#Osama liked the idea and soon the issue was discussed in #AlQaeda shura and was granted $4000 to him.

The project was named as "Al-Zabadi"
Al -Zabadi project was started in Derunta Camp in Jalalabad which later went on producing notorious Terrorists.

Though the dream nuclear weapon couldn't complete after the 9/11 attacks but before that #AbuKhabab successful taught his Mujahideens how to prepare bombs.
Ahmed Ressam who tried to attack Los Angeles airport in 1999 ,
Group who attacked Port of Aden in 2000,Richard Reid & Zacarias Moussaoui who tried blast in Paris Miami flight and mainly #Moussaoui the brain behind 9/11 all were trained by #AbuKhabab in same Derunta compound !
#CIA reports also says that on Sept 11 ,2001 in #Kandahar house #Osama , #AlZawahiri and along with other top #AlQaeda leaders #AbuKhabab too was present hearing the Arabic radio on the attack.

Though NA thought #AlZawahiri was dead but soon he released statement.
Soon after 9/11 , Musharraf allowed US airforce to setup base in Pakistan, this triggered #AlZawahiri and #Osama.

CIA had inputs that #AlZawahiri is inside #Pakistan and in then FATA , CIA asked Musharraf to push troops inside tribal Areas.
In 2004, #AlZawahiri released a statement condemning #Musharaff for allowing troops to kill #AlQaeda to favor #US.

By then #US troops started attacking #Waziristan and hunting AlQaeda , #ISI gave info that #AlZawahiri is present in #FATA.

#Musharaff sent Pakistan troops !
The #AlQaeda started attacking the #Pakistan army , almost 80+ Pakistan soldiers lost life in the mission, 8 soldiers were taken into custody and later were shot on head and killed brutally and then the operation was forced to stop.

#AlZawahiri managed to escape again.
It was in March 2002 in #Faisalabad in #Pakistan , #CIA caught a big name of #AlQaeda whom they were following since years.

" Abu Zubaydah " the name was famous in terror industry, Abu Zubaydah born in Saudi but had moved to Palestine in young age to fight Israel ! – at Defence Officers Colony, Peshawar
Abu Zubaydah had graduated in Computer science from #Mysore a city in South of India and later moved to #Afghanistan to join Mujahideens.

His education and previous activities in #Palestine helped him reach senior role where he handled entire human logistics in Khalden camp
#CIA had followed him since his days in Afghanistan once they got to know about his role in training Los Angeles bomber.

In #Faisalabad he was staying with 30+ AlQaeda Terrorists and it was " #CIA" who traced him and took #ISI support to catch him.
Firing happened during the raid and the troops loaded the bodies into the van ,it was #CIA officer who identified a wounded person as #AbuZubaydah.

#CIA paid $10 million to #ISI and also helped #ISI to build new building in 35 acres land and a helicopter.
As soon as CIA caught #AbuZubaydah they took him to Afghan complex and got Arab #CIA officers to deal with him.

#Zubaydah was given Truth Serum and Arab CIA officers were given responsibility who introduced themselves as #GIP officials ( Saudi intelligence) .
The 9/11 secrets then started revealing one after the other. The top secret which he said was #Saudi and #Pakistan(few officers) knew that 9/11 was going to happen.

The top names were Salman bin Abdulaziz (now king of #Saudi) and Pakistan's then Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir.
Before #CIA think it may be false he gave the number of "Prince Turki Alfaisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud " who was then Intelligence chief of #GIP surprising the number matched exactly.

The investigation further shown that Abdul Aziz was close to #MullahOmar and #Osama since 1991.
He also revealed that #AbdulAziz spoke and convinced #Osama not to make #Saudi a Jihadi hub inreturn he will help him in getting his seized passport and money from Kings (Later Osama moved out of Saudi).

Mir was then the command of the Northern Air Command #Peshawar.
Air Vice Marshal Mir was closely working with #ISI and was looking after the aerial support for #Afghan war.

Vice Marshal Mir had entered the deal between #Osama and #Abdulaziz . The deal was #Pakistan will be providing Osama with all the arms and Saudi will pay Pakistan.
#Saudi were not against Osama carrying out Jihad but they were against him carrying it out in #Saudi !

The same Prince Turki, #Osama and vice marshal Mir met in #Kandahar in 1998.

Prince Turki promised Taliban and #Mir big money to take care of #Osama .
The task of this trade negotiation and Price distribution was given to 3 Saudi Princes. Once #Abuzubayed was caught in March 2002 he started revealing the facts

1) " Prince Ahmed bin Salman al-Saud " - who was 43 dies mysteriously on July 2002 they painted as heart attack .
2) The next day "Sultan bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah" who was coming to visit funeral of his cousin Ahmed bin salman dies of "Accident" !

3)Next week (Last week of July 2002) "Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Saud al Kabir " found dead in desert. Saudi said he died due to thirst.
So all three Princes who were part of deal between #Osama and #Pakistan's Air chief Marshal Ali Mir died mysteriously within 2 months of #AlZubayedh's capture.

The interesting and most mysterious part here is the death was of Pakistan's then Air chief Marshal Ali Mir !
Though I have already explained about the mystery behind the death of Air Chief Marshal Ali Mir, will explain in detail about the incident.

After 9/11 US and Pakistan made an agreement according to which US were given permission to use any Naval and Airforce base in Pakistan.
#Kohat Air Base was one such startegic place selected by US army .

It was on Feb 20 , 2003 just about 7 months after death of 3 Princes , Pakistan's Air chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir had lost his life in "Air crash " when he planned to visit #Kohat Air Base.
16 other officers too lost life in the blast. Just before the crash the nearby villagers had heard the bullet sounds and surprisingly they also found the guns near to crash site.

A committee formed to investigate the incident which headed by Air Vice Marshal Khalid Chowdhury.
Mysterious incidents in the death of Air chief Marshal Ali Mir were.

a) Just 30 min before the journey the flight was changed.

b) The Pilot was changed before the flight.

The investigation came up with a conclusion of faulty plane and plane had hit the mountain.
The Fokker F-27 which carried the Air chief Marshal went to fly without proper checking ? A blatant lie.

The security clearance were obtained before the flight.

a) There were no warnings calls made.

b) There were no Proof in Radar that there were mountain covered by fog.
c) The day and sky was bright and clear there was no evidence of fog in the region.

d) The most surprising element was Pilot made no "distress call".

e) The highly experienced Air Force pilot who carried Air Chief Marshal fly Soo low in the danger zone ?
The report says that flight hit the mountain but the way the flight was crashed and the remains found on either side of the mountain shows that the flight was attacked before the crash ie.,through the missiles from land.

On March 2003 Khalid Sheikh was caught in #Rawalpindi.
Soon after his arrest the #Kohat secret started to reveal.

I have already explained the details of story of Air chief Ali Mir
So did Major Adil Qadoos who was working in #Kohat airbase killed his own Air Chief Marshal Mir Ali ???

The entire team who did negotiation with Osama , #ISI and #Saudi lost life and surprisingly all in mysterious condition.
Another incident to prove that #ISI knew the 9/11 was popular "Money Man " story of then #ISI DG #MahmudAhmed.

It's important to understand little history before going to this curious case of #ISI funding the 9/11 attacker .
In 1999 #Musharraf unconstitutionally snatched power #Nawaz convenienced his bullies that #Nawaz may cooperate with US to counter Taliban which is against the interest and policy of Pakistan ( He too did same later ).
The other fact was after #kargil loss #NawazSharif had  terminated the commission of Gen #Musharraf and promoted then DG #ISI Gen #Ziauddin as an army chief.
Soon after Gen #Musharraf took over the office , he took back the decision of promoting Gen #Zia and ordered an enquiry.
The enquiry was mainly to see if Gen #Ziauddin had role in getting himself in shoes on #Musharraf. Musharraf replaced Gen #Zia by #MahmudAhmed as #DG #ISI ( later the commission found Gen #Ziauddin had no role in getting promoted even then he was sacked through " scouts penalty")
#Mahmud was selected as DG #ISI by Musharraf for two main reasons

a) He had major role in the success of the coup which was planned by #musharraf

b) He had close relationship with Taliban which Musharraf thought was important to continue his tenure.
In the year 2000, #Mahmud visited US to speak on war on #AlQaeda, US which was in anger against Taliban for sheltering AlQaeda, during the visit of #Mahmud , US indirectly warned Pakistan that anyone who directly or indirectly support #AlQaeda are enemy of US !
In 2001, #CIA Director #Tenet visited #Pakistan to put pressure on #musharraf to convince #Taliban to handover #Osama to US forces.

#Tanet also met #Mahmud also asked (ordered ??) him to speak to Taliban leaders and convince them.
Just months before 9/11 again a US delegation visited #Pakistan to put pressure on #Musharraf and #Mahmud to put pressure on #Taliban.

Surprisingly #Mahmud travels to US on September 4th for a week trip till September 11 ( Not a coincidence 9/11 ).
CIA knew in August about the money transaction happened between Gen #Mahmud and terrorists . On the day of 9/11 discussion was happening between Gen #Mahmud and Senator BoB Graham on #AlQaeda in #Pakistan soil at the same time #WTC was blasted. #Mahmud acted as if he knew nothing
On next day ie., On 9/12 Richard Armitage met #Mahmud and warned

"Help us and breathe in the 21st century or be prepared to live in the Stone Age." (That's exactly way US warned #Pakistan )

#Mahmud instantly agreed to all the demands of US and noon he called #Musharraf.
One more incident happened just days before 9/11 i.e, #Taliban killed the Commander of Northern alliance Ahmad Shah Massoud (popularly called #Lion or #Panjshir).

#Mahmud knew the aftermath of 9/11, Osama wanted to please #MullahOmar he took help of #ISI and killed Ahmad shah
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