Haiti paid $90M Francs for lost propert (black slaves) which is the equivalent of $21B today. This payment made Haiti put 80% of its revenue out which made it miss out on industrialization, education, and overall development. People of Haitian decent, lets bring awareness to this https://twitter.com/zellieimani/status/1118254640833925121
I also want to add...keep in mind the U.S purchased the Louisiana territory and all the land it included for $15M Francs from France...But charged the Haitian republic $90M Francs for black slaves...that should tell you enough about the situation...
History paints Napoleon Bonaparte(A French military leader) as this great leader who was a genius. what they won’t tell you is that he was basically Hitler for black people as he attempted genocide on the Haitian population after France lost the island. HITLER LOOKED UP TO HIM
(Pt 1) The U.S government sent Marines to forcibly invade Haiti in 1915 because they feared foreign powers. This occupation lasted for close to 20 years. They slaughtered thousands of Haitians during this occupation (Not even the worse part)
(Pt 2) During this occupation, in 1917 Franklin D. Roosevelt (A president worshipped in U.S history) Forcibly changed the Haitian constitution to allow foreigners to own and sell land in Haiti.
(Pt 3) After this The U.S government seized some of the most plentiful/profitable farm lands and gold lands in the country
(Pt 4) This is why the Clinton family have been able to bleed Haiti dry of its plentiful natural reserve of oil, gas, and gold, which they’ve been taking and making a personal profit off of...these resources are estimated to be worth more that $20B+ combined
(Pt 5) After the earthquake, the Clintons took the $12B+ funds raised for the recovery and rerouted it into their businesses and bank accounts. So on top of bleeding the island of its resources FOR DECADES...they stole the money for its recovery after the earthquake
(Pt 6) At this point Haitians aren’t allowed to grow their own crops...They have to import goods from other countries...A lot of the time it includes goods like plastic rice or plastic chicken (THINGS THAT ARE INEDIBLE FOR ANY LIVING BEINGS)
(Pt 7) Haiti is the richest island in the Caribbean in resources and they can’t even use their own assets to recover with THEIR OWN POWER...This is the MAIN reason why Haiti isn’t allowed to recover...The earthquake just broke their economy even more.
I didn’t mean to turn this into a thread about the many times Haiti has been exploited (without even mentioning the U.S involvement in the corrupted government over there, or other countries involvement in exploiting Haiti). But I had to since the first tweet was received so well
Haiti is a country that is being continuously raped...Its not the citizens fault why the country is in the state it is..you must understand this
For those of you curious as to the details of how the Clintons have been exploiting Haiti, I’ve attached a video of a Haitian brother giving you the breakdown.
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