I will start posting outfits for men to wear.
I will post some lewks of Cerno throughout the years.

Each served a purpose at a specific time.

Remember a Women notice shoes immediately.
With fashion you must ask

- What reaction do I want?

This look softens my image and makes me more approachable.
The biggest fashion mistake straight men make is being afraid of colors.

There’s a uniform men wear - dark clothes.

They blend in rather than stand out.

I always stand out.
Team cargo shorts will hate but women literally cat call me.

Got caught on video
Pink cardigan, Henley, fitted jeans.
Even a bold jacket as this young man has is clutch.

One item should stand out.
Look for the principles of men fashion.

Rule 1 - Stand out.

Most men are invisible dressing line they are in Maoist China.

Always wear patterns / colors.
Cargo dorks won’t understand.
Team Cargo Dorks are triggered, but I’m with @ShaunaGee so the smart ones are learning.
Even the blues I wear are vivid.
Shoes can make an outfit. The fellow on the right can pull this off because of the shoes.
Shorts are allowed, however

No cargos

No flip flops

Wear colored shorts and sockless shoes.
White pants?

Yes, we do those, too.
Hortizontal stripes but you need to be slim as stripes add 20 pounds.

Note the canvass belt and bright laces.
Some great style rules from @ShaunaGee

- Proper Fit first, then play with colors and patterns
Men’s shoes are key key key.

Get a pair of Clark’s desert boots, you can’t lose.
Scotch & Soda has the best fabrics / colors POP.
Me when team cargo shorts finds this thread and tries to defend their lack of fashion sense
Should I keep posting fashion advice?
Have to get back, stay woke.
Post your fashion questions and I’ll answer them.
Well! @WallStPlayboys sent me $260 to but the gaudiest hoodie possible.

Post your suggestions below

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