"Śrīrāma rāma rāmeti rame rāme manorame
saharanāma tattulyam Rāma nāma varānane" - So said the great lord Mahādeva to his eternal consort Uma.

It is said that in His ancient city of Kāṣi, Viśvanātha whispers the name of Śrīrāma into the ears of those accosted by Yama.
"Rāma nāma manideepa dharu jīha deharī dvār
Tulasī bhītara bāherahu̐ Jau̐ cāhasi ujiyār " - adviced Tulasidasa.

The power of His name, enabled this poet to compose the glorious epic in the tongue of Avadh people - a work that is even today religiously read across North India
"Rāma mantrava japiso he manujā
Ā mantra Ī mantra necci ni keḍabēḍa
Somaśekhara tanna bhāminigorediha
Rāma mantrava japiso" - sang Purandaradasa.

A wealthy trader gave away all his gems to regale in this gem of a name composing thousands of kritis sung even today.
"Pāyoji maine Rāma ratana dhana pāyo" - sang Mirabai echoing Purandaradasa's sentiments that there was no currency better than Rāma's name for it could not be spent away and to the contrary, keeps growing the more you spend it
"Smaraṇe sukhamu Rāma nāma" said Thyagaraja for sweet is Śrīrāma's name, like the nectar which was drunk by the likes of Sages Śuka Śaunaka Kauśika, as narrated by Sadasiva Brahmendra when he adviced " Pibare Rāma Rasam"
This name when recited keeps us afloat on the ocean of the Samsāra, despite our Jaḍatva. For it is the name that is capable of awakening the sleeping soul in the human as well as in the nation. These aren't idle words - Samartha Rāmadāsa & his pupil Śivājī demonstrated this.
To use the analogy of @dasyavevrka, like a great commander, the Lord Rāma is watching us from his makeshift residence in his unconquered birthplace - goading the people of Bharata to wake up from their slumber and reestablish Dharma in their lands.
May his potent name enable us to be worthy of this task.

|| Jai Śrīrāma || 🙏
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