The moral case against Brexit is so obvious it shouldn't need restating but, given that even Justin Welby can't see it, let's run some easy tests.

- Does it help the weakest?
- No, it hurts them.
- Does it promote tolerance?
- No, it fosters intolerance.
- Does it bring people together?
- No, it divides them.
- Does it enable peace?
- No, it threatens it.
- Is it altruistic?
- No, it's selfish.
- Is it generous?
- No, it's mean.
- Is it fair?
- No, it's unfair.
- It is honest?
- No, it's dishonest.
So choose Brexit, if that's what you want. But don't pretend to have morality on your side.

You are at a fork in the road - you can choose the right path, or you can choose Brexit. Choose carefully.
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