Just days ago, a fanatic convinced that @IlhanMN is a radical Islamist working for the Muslim Brotherhood was arrested after threatening to "put a bullet in her fucking skull."

From the moment she was elected, @imamofpeace has been obsessively pushing such assertions.
And he's proud to have been the one who sparked the latest reprehensible smear campaign. He is also actively encouraging others to assist in harassing her.
Kudos to those who are firmly pushing back against this disgusting, targeted harassment. https://twitter.com/normative/status/1116036812319932416
If this isn't the thing which leads to #cdnpoli media figures and politicians waking up to just what the self-described "Imam of Peace" is actually about, then I don't know what will.
Further, click over to see the sort of thing @imamofpeace claims doesn't exist. Notably, this journalism comes from the man who has repeatedly exposed Tawhidi as a fraud https://twitter.com/cjwerleman/status/1114709495278518272
It continues: https://twitter.com/GlennKesslerWP/status/1116325335019261955
Tawhidi will not stop until this young woman is assassinated, figuratively and/or literally.
Reminder: As @imamofpeace falsely accuses others of being radicals, he actively partners with and promotes known far-right extremists. https://twitter.com/a_picazo/status/1106443364445020160
Laureen Harper, Linda Frum, Michelle Rempel, Chris Alexander, Doug Ford... just some of the #cdnpoli figures who've embraced this man.

Is he still a welcome figure in the CPC, @andrewscheer? https://twitter.com/a_picazo/status/961168674399797248
No, the man who massacred 50 Muslims in NZ wasn't a "leftist terrorist." He's a proud, proven white supremacist who continues to be celebrated by white supremacists. The manifesto title: The Great Replacement. https://twitter.com/a_picazo/status/1108954033761345542
Yes, you're putting Ilhan's life in danger.
First 3 lines in the manifesto:

It’s the birthrates.
It’s the birthrates.
It’s the birthrates.

One month later, and ppl like @imamofpeace are trying to re-write history b/c they cannot accept that the victims - Muslims - didn't somehow deserve it. https://twitter.com/a_picazo/status/1108954033761345542
Old habits die hard, I guess. https://twitter.com/a_picazo/status/1110086762934616064
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