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🤫 Secret base at #Dluce #NewMexico near #KirtlandAirforceBase 🤫

Who was #PaulBennewitz❓

How does the ONI play into this?

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Time to open our minds and keep going down the 🐇🕳

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3. For the record, Bennewitz was a scientist living near Dulce who began to observe the flights of mysterious objects from his home, which was also near Monzano Storage Area, our country’s largest underground nuclear storage facility, as well as the Coyote Canyon Test Range.
4. It's important to note why Albuquerque is very significant. German scientists were first transferred there in 1945 after World War II through the Op #Paperclip when the U.S. brought into our country scientists from Germany AND many skilled intelligence officers.🇩🇪🇺🇸

WHY❓ 🤔
5. Is Dulce where the cabal has been experimenting w/ human & animal body parts for their sick agendas? Are there alien-human hybrid species or an even stranger chimera that is part human and part animal?

How does all this tie in to ancient Egypt❓ Sumeria ❓

6. It has been suggested that our govt and ET's may be working to create a “perfect soldier,” one that is capable of fearlessness and obedience beyond that of the normal GI.

Is this what's going on at Dulce❓
7. How about the human clones❓ Where are they kept❓
Hollywood is FULL of them. Most of them...

"The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital"

Remember who said that❓
8. The rabbit hole is super deep. 🕳💡
It's not for everyone. 😶
But the truth will hurt for a moment, whereas lies hurt forever. ♾
Listen 👂 and keep your mind open. 🧠
These times are very important for our evolution.

The time is NOW. 💯
#EnjoyTheShow 🍿
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