The Greatest Generals & Warriors in Islamic History [ THREAD ]
▪ Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed R.A.

Born: 585 C.E. in Makkah
Died: 642 C.E. In Homs

《 Saifullah "Sword of Allah" and the companion of the Messenger of Allah S.A.W. Khalid R.A. never lost a Battle he took part in. Commander of the Muslims in the Conquests of Greater Syria & Persia》
▪Al-Qa'Qa' Ibn 'Amr at-Tamimi R.A.

《 Played a pivotal role in the Conquest of Persia & Greater Syria. He is 1 man that is equal to 1,000 men. A companion of the Messenger of Allah S.A.W. 》
▪Muhammad Ibn Qasim ath-Thaqafi

Born: 695 C.E. In Ta'if
Died: 715 in Shaam

《 At the age of 18, conquered the land of Sindh. Ushering the spread of Islam into the Sub-continent 》
▪Tariq Ibn Ziyad

《 The Commander who Conquered the Iberian Peninsula ( Spain ) from the Visigoths. The Strait of Gibraltar is named after him 》
▪Sultan Muhammad Ibn Dawud Alp Arslan

Born: 1030 C.E.
Died: 1072 C.E.

《 The Sultan of the Great Seljuq State, he defeated the Byzantines in the Battle of Manzikert. Ushering in the settlement of Anatolia 》
▪Sultan Salahuddin Yusuf Ibn Ayyub

Born: 1137 C.E. in Tikrit
Died: 1193 C.E. in Damascus

《 The Sultan who liberated the city of Jerusalem from the Crusaders & once again brought Palestine under Muslim rule 》
▪Al-Muzaffar Saifuddin Qutuz

Born: Unknown
Died: 1260 C.E. in Salihiya

《 Stopped and defeated the Mongol forces and halted their expansion to the west in the decisive Battle of Ain Jalut 》
▪Ertuğrul Ghazi

Born: Unknown
Died: 1280 C.E.

《 Laid the foundation of what is later to be known as the Ottoman Empire. A Bey of Principality 》
▪Berke Khan

Born: Unknown
Died: 1266 C.E

《 The Khan of the Golden Horde, he was a thorn on the side of Hulagu Khan & the Ilkhanate. Established the first Islamic governance in a khanate of the Mongol Empire 》
▪Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh II

Born: 1432 C.E. in Edirne
Died: 1481 C.E. in Hünkârçayırı 

《 The Sultan who Conquered the City of Constantinople in 1453 C.E. at the age of 21. Some would say he fulfilled the prophecy of the Messenger of Allah S.A.W. 》
▪Zahīr ud-Dīn Muhammad Babur

Born: 1483 C.E. in Andijan
Died: 1530 C.E. in Agra

《 Defeated the Sultan of Delhi. Founded and established the great Mughal Empire. 》
▪Sultan Sülayman Al-Kanuni "The Magnificent"

Born: 1494 C.E in Trabzon
Died: 1566 C.E. in Szigetvár

《 Under this Sultan's rule, the Ottoman fleet dominated the seas from the Mediterranean, Red Sea & through the Persian Gulf. Expanded more into Eastern Europe 》
▪Imam Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi

Born: 1506 C.E. in Zeila
Died: 1543 C.E. in Wayna Daga

《 The Somali Imam & Sultan of the Adal Sultanate who embarked on a Conquest which brought three-quarters of Abyssinia under Muslim rule 》
▪Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad Aurengzeb

Born: 1618 C.E. in Dahor
Died: 1707 C.E. Ahmednagar

《 During this Mughal Ruler's reign, the Empire reached its greatest extent. Ruling over nearly all of the Indian subcontinent 》
▪Imam Shamil

Born: 1797 C.E. in Gimry
Died: 1871 C.E. in Al-Madinah

《 The leader of the resistance against Imperial Russia & the 3rd Imam of Dagestan 》
'Omar al-Mukhțār "The Lion of the Desert"

Born: 1858 C.E. in Zawiyat Zanzur
Died: 1931 In Benghazi

《 The Lion of the Desert, he led the resistance against the Italian colonization of Libya. A teacher turned general 》
▪Muhammad Ibn 'Abd El-Karim El-Khattabi

Born: 1882 C.E. in Adjir
Died: 1963 in Cairo

《 He led a large-scale revolt of Berber- speaking Rif tribes against French & Spanish Colonization. Established the Republic of the Rif 》

Honourable Mentions ✍🏼
May Allah have mercy upon all of them. They strived for this Deen & fought for the sake of Allah. May Allah make us of those who are raised with them on the Day of Judgement.
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