Thread of K-POP artists appreciating Zayn and his artistry ❤️
Taehyung jamming to fool for you 🥺he invented zts nation 💜
fun fact: this video got me into bts so thank u zaehyung
THIS ICONIC TWEET. President Namjoon really KNOWS.
Taehyung is the president of zts nation .
Jungkook singing along to ZAYNs part only in Little Things, his mind 😍
Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation on her Instagram listening to Sour Disel from Icarus Falls (Zayn’s legendary sophomore album that the world slept on)
Jimin’s playlist 💕
Rosé from Blackpink listening to I Don’t Wanna Live Forever 💅🏼
Jimin said he listened to Zayn’s songs a lot in an interview with SK Telecom
Jisung from NCT Dream calling Zayn and Sia’s vocals an attractive blend on Dusk Till Dawn!
Ateez Members saying they love zayn’s music and singing along to the iconic singles - Pillowtalk and Let Me
Jinwoo from 1Team expressing his love for Zayn’s open mindset and his music..he also said Drunk and Fool for you are his current favs! An intellectual 🥳
Taehyong from NCT 127 listening to #AWholeNewWorld
Chan from Stray Kids listening to A Whole New World 😋
Chan again listening and singing along to Pillowtalk!
mayhaps we had to stan! 🥺💓
if zayn performs in South Korea there’s not gonna be any seat left for the gp its gonna be an idol reunion
Jeon Woong covering Drunk from Mind of Mine!
another one...kpop idols are the only ones with taste
Xiaojun from WAYV listened to Let Me & said he really liked Common, both from Icarus Falls 💆🏽‍♀️
all the boys from TXT have shown love to Zayn’s entire discography several times, especially Taehyun 💓
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