Some of you friends have been asking me to clarify things relating to work in #Kashi from time to time
1.Anyone who is truthful and honest will vouch for the change that has been ushered in.
2.Visit #Kashi stay for a few days, explore yourself and you will see things urself 1/n
.. election season so many "experts" will be expressing themselves , "bringing truth" of #Kashi to you ...
Let them, no need to get worked up or get angry,pity their compulsion for they will disappear after 23rd may,only to appear in next elections 2/n
Now coming to the issue of untreated sewage water falling in Ganga ji.
Construction of new STPs and rehabilitation of old ones is underway at a fast pace,many are up and running. This will surely increase the water treating capacity of #Kashi .
Some "experts" will talk 3/n
about how the calculation methods are faulty or how the STPs will meet the fate of the STPs made earlier.
The biggest differences from the way things were being done earlier & now-
1) There is @narendramodi ji behind this vision who knows how to deliver
2) There is intent 4/n
..these experts will not tell you that treating sewage is NOT ONLY about setting up STPs but also taking the sewage to them through dedicated pipelines. They will not tell you that never before has such comprehensive and planned approach has been taken.
They will not tell you 5/n
.. that they find it hard to digest the revival of the same Ganga ji whose worsening condition had become a major opportunity for them is being taken away from them, since a clean Ganga ji with abundant aquatic life doesn't fit into their plans of a dying river !! 6/n
.. have heard people flaunting their work all around .. I mean no offence when I very humbly as such great souls - Shouldn't ANY work be tested on the RESULTS rather than the accolades , prizes one received?? Shouldn't we have RESULTs as the only standard and only benchmark? 7/n
..People talk about Ganga Action Plan& other efforts (GAP is such an apt short form) which was started in 1986(??) !! 23 years(deducting BJP rule) is a long time, long enough for results to be achieved.
Try doing an honest comparison of those 23 years with past 5 years. 8/n
When we were planning this in Feb, we came to know of what Govt was doing. The Nagwa Drain (Asi River) is indeed an eyesore.
But when I came to know of the work on Ramna STP, I was really happy!!
And this Govt has a track record of delivering!! 9/n 9/n
this is an article from 2009. You could derive the hopelessness of the"work"underway and the negativity of everything surrounding the efforts . People were supposedly doing "everything" but I fail to understand that work when those people talk of failures
here is a pic of the Nagwa pumping station and the connected drain, this pic has been and will be used to target Modi ji&all the current efforts to show how NOTHING has been done. They will never talk about WHEN was this beauty constructed and what was achieved by making it? 11/n
.. first read about Nagwa Pumping Station and all other STPs that were made before @narendramodi ji was chosen as the MP,then find out about how many STPs were made/are being made.
This one will take care of the Nagwa drain,show this clip to"experts" 12/n
If someone says nothing is being done about sewage falling in Ganga ji ,show them these pics,ask them to visit Ramna,I am sure they will no talk, because all of us know that if it was as easy as waving a magic wand, the previous Govt would have done it on the first day itself 13
This tweet is a part of a thread,please read each1 carefully,it will answer many questions.
I have visited the Ramna STP(under construction)!I could see the sincerity of efforts!This will take care of the sewage from Assi& around.
Posting this for-Ganga Ji ke liye Kya kiya types
Behind me is the Ramna STP, anyone asks you WHAT has been done, ask them if they have personally VISITED Dinapur,Goithaha or Ramna STPs. Because anyone genuinely concerned will try finding out the work done and not merely exploit this as an opportunity to malign the Government!
Thanks to @cleanganganmcg for this clip, you can show this to anyone who is honestly interested in knowing what has been or is being done in #Varanasi when it comes to Ganga ji! You should visit these places and convince yourself! I did that. And I am more than convinced :) 1/2
.. these STPs have a few things which were lacking earlier - VISION and INTENT :) and while we can deservedly rejoice (for having chosen @narendramodi ji as PM) rest assured that the best is yet to come when he takes oath as the #Kashi MP for his second term as Prime Minister 2/2
Remarkably dedicated volunteers efforts to clean #Assi have been undertaken by groups like INTACH too. They experimented with what best they could do to revive the river! & they have not stopped. You won't find them doing agitations or screaming in front of cameras!No time for it
Full video can be found on YouTube. You can search and find out many such unsung heroes. They are working very hard to protect one precious gift we have - HOPE !!
When next time someone tells you that there is no hope left, remember them and tell those naysayers to try harder !!
Am adding some tweets to share a few thoughts that also convey my relation with #Ganga ji .. she is more like a mother , a teacher !!
This clip captures how I look at her, for she and #Kashi changed me , my life forever !!
I have learnt to be patient 😀😀😀
Now coming to the efforts towards cleaning #Ganga ji I am lucky to have come across persistent and genuine efforts that inspire hope and confidence. From @cleanganganmcg , @mowrrdgr to countless dedicated volunteer efforts,the relentless pursuit is totally worthy of praise.
I understood the magnitude of the TASK and efforts needed towards reducing dirtying of #Ganga ji , in fact I was overwhelmed to the extent of getting depressed!!
It was then, I came across the BEST person and Best way to START - ME!!
Read what I started>>
I started sharing what I felt with others and tried taking them along.Yet to achieve something remarkable enough but I am NOT STOPPING and I am satisfied that people are understanding.
Imagine each one of us being EXTREMELY sensitive about what flows from our own houses in drains
Many like me being get all the credit of cleaning #Ganga ji without having done anything.
Imagine people working for 20,30,40+ years on this and having no tangible achievements to showcase!!
These great minds couldn't think of something as simple as a trash/containment boom!! 1/n
Simple efforts like a containment boom may not achieve much,but they r efforts!
These people came from other places to do their bit while we were busy clicking Nallah pics and doing nothing but cribbing about a dying river!!Wish we could learn a thing or two from these doers 2/2
Adding some more facts to this link (which is hopefully informative).
You can use this link to have a look at the status of projects with respect to @cleanganganmcg !! 

Do ask yourself honestly-Was there ever such transparency? This level of info sharing? Here is one more link with precise info on the status of projects related to #Ganga ji
One can search , research and then point out the flaws , but this will require hardwork and indulgence, a bit difficult for many ...
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