I was asked to do a thread that explained why Jesus never existed & the historicity of the Bible.

This thread is not meant to offend anyone, only to inform. Everything in this thread is fact (not conspiracy), feel free to challenge any of this info but have all sources ready.

Part 2
#1: Absence of Proof

Letters written by Pontius Pilate turned out to be a hoax along w/ the account by Flavius Josephus. The Dead Sea Scrolls do not show proof of the existence of Jesus & there are zero primary/eye witness, conclusive, incontestable accounts to his life as well.
#2: Trinities Before Christianity (Part 1)

In Mesopotamia, there was Nimrod, Ishtar & Tammuz. They were considered one of the first trinities of the world. Similarities between Jesus & Nimrod included: their birthdays, the resurrection and their solar representation as the sun.
#3: Osiris (Part 1)

The Lords Prayer was originally an Egyptian hymn to Osiris who was named the Father of the Heavens in the Pyramid text. Psalms 23 is also a reference to Osiris, who resurrected after death like Jesus. He’s referred to as “The King of Kings & Lord of Lords.
#4: Isis (Part 1)

Romans got their Gods from the Greeks & the Greeks got their Gods from Egypt. Isis & Mary hold a number of similarities including the immaculate conception. Between the 4th & 6th century the worship of Isis was outlawed in Rome, she’d be replaced by Mary.
#5: 42 Laws of Ma’at

Over 6000 years ago The 42 Laws of Ma’at were given, then followed the Code of Hammurabi & the 10 commandments followed it, they all state the same thing. Thus, shows another form of religious plagiarism. There is no evidence of the original 10 Commandments.
#6: Floods

The Epic of Gilgamesh (written over 1400 yrs prior) mirrors the story of Noahs Ark. In Ancient Egypt there was also an annual flooding of the Nile & Khufus ship will predate the Ark too. There is no indisputable archeological evidence that Noah or his Ark ever existed
#7: Council of Nicaea (Part 1)

In 325 AD, the modern day Jesus Christ was fabricated due to the confusion amongst the various church leaders bc there was no proof of his existence. Bc nothing could be verified, 318 leaders had to take a vote on the dogma of Christianity.
#8: Council of Nicaea (Part 2)

Examples of what was voted on here was the bday of Jesus, which books would complete the modern day bible, if Jesus was actually the son of God, etc. Also, the man u know as St. Nick was 1 of the 318 Bishops that attended this council, ironic huh?
#9: Contradictions (Part 1)

Jesus was known as the “light of the world”,Lucifer literally means bringer of the light. Jesus & Lucifer in the Bible are BOTH referred to as the Morning Star which refers to Venus,further implying that Biblical characters are associated w/ astrology
#10: Origins of Hell

2000 years before the creation of Hell, there was a Lake of Fire in Ancient Egypt located in the Sacred Cavern of Sokar. The sunless, torturous region was the destination for damned souls which no one was allowed out of.
#11: Jesus’ Birth (Part 1)

Theres many similarities between Horus & Jesus includin the virgin birth, no record of life between 12-30 & the baptism at 30. The main similarity is that they both rep. the sun, hence why u go to church on SUNday even though The Sabbath is on Saturday
#12: Jesus’ Birth (Part 2)

Isis, the mother of Horus, just like Mary would be prophesied to about her future virgin birth. The coming of the sun/son was announced by three wise men/magi/three stars of Orion’s Belt which pointed directly to Sirius(Siri) the star of the east.
#13: Jesus’ Birth (Part 3)

The 12 disciples come from the 12 zodiac signs & Jesus/Horus represent the sun. The Virgin Mary = the constellation Virgo which is where u get virgin, also why Jesus’ mother’s name starts w/ a M. Virgo also means the House or Bread, same for Bethlehem
Pause & let’s make note that:

1) I was a Christian for 20 + yrs of my life. The universe guided me & even though I didnt want to, as a historian I accepted the facts (which was a substantial amount of info) as my truth

2) when I ask for sources, they have to be historical
#14: Easter (Part 1)

Theres many origins to the story of Easter. Many temples including Luxor & Edfu show where the story of Jesus The Christ came from. There are many versions to the mythological stories of Egypt and in one version, Osiris is Horus reincarnated. (Refer #11)
#15: Easter (Part 2)

Osiris had resurrected after he was killed by his brother, cut up into 14 pieces & reassembled by his wife. The 1 piece she did not find was the phallus. The tekhenu was one of the 1st resurrection symbols, so a giant penis. Keep that in mind for next posts.
#16: Easter (Part 3)

The Winter solstice is the representation of the birth of the sun which I described earlier in the thread (as well as other Gods) and it’s always December 25th because that’s when the sun begins to rise out of the lowest point in the sky.
#17: Easter (Part 4)

Easter is never on the same day, unlike the bday of Jesus bc its based off of the 1st full moon after the Spring equinox. Let’s keep in mind that the definition of “Spring equinox” is when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky symbolizing resurrection
#18: Easter (Part 5)

Ishtar who was = to Mary is where we get Easter traditions. After her death, a huge egg fell from heaven & landed in the Euphrates River which Ishtar later resurrected. Rabbits don’t lay eggs but because they procreate quickly, they’re a symbol of fertility.
#19: Easter (Part 6)

Let’s also make note after Greeks studied in Egypt they took note of the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony which was a ritual for the resurrection of the mummy. Greeks did not understand this information, created Serapis who evolved into Jesus The Christ.
#20: Easter (Part 7)

I forgot one of the most important pieces, the Ankh and the cross. The Ankh by itself was a symbol of life. The Ka-Ankh was representation of the resurrection of the sun. The cross in Christianity is also a stolen symbol from the temples of Egypt.
#21: Death Penalty

The Christian myth evolved to “fact” during the 4th & 5th century in Rome & even up to the 17th century in America....u were not legally allowed to speak up against the authenticity of the church. Denying the “true God” was punishable by death, sound familiar?
#22: Contradictions (Part 2)

Read Genesis 1:3-5, then read Genesis 1:14-19. If God created the sun and moon on the 4th day, how could four days have occurred if the Earths rotational period in relationship to the sun is what dictates day and night?
#23: Creation with spoken word

Genesis talks about God initiating creation with spoken word

“And God said....”

In Egyptian texts, the creator God and King of all Gods, Amen is described as “the one who speaks and what should come into being comes into being”.
#24: Adam & Eve (Part 1)

Adam & Eve didn’t exist. Egyptian God Atum was formed out of the 1st land that emerged from the waters as a figure made of dust. The phrase “man” translates to “ha-Adam” or the Adam. Atum & Adam are both plural forms of male and female. Read Genesis 5:2.
#25: Fasting

Jesus fasted for 40 days & 40 nights, Mathew 4:2 discusses it. Haker refers to a fasting and a festival for Osiris which consisted of a 40 day cycle of figurative death by fasting & other disciplinary means in ancient Egypt. (Refer to #3 for Osiris/Jesus comparison)
#26: The Origins of the Holy Torah & Bible

The Holy Torah and European Bible was plagiarized from the very first Bible, The Book of the Coming Forth by Day and Night. Black Hebrews copied a holy text, created a holy text and passed it on as the word of God.
#27: Origins of Communion

Communion began in Egypt w/ Osiris who was a god of agriculture. The Pyramid Text of Pepi says “All the gods give thee their flesh & their blood....thou shalt not die”
The aspirants pray for “thy bread of eternity & thy beer of everlastingness”.
#28: Zeus

Jesus / “hey-Zeus” was the equivalent to Zeus in Greek culture. Zeus, also known as Jupiter(stated earlier, connecting Christianity with astrology) was the supreme ruler of the universe. From the Jesus-Zeus connection you get the idea of God “striking you down”.
#29: Amen (Part 1)

As stated earlier, the Christian story is completely astronomical. Jesus in Christianity would be equal to Amen in Egypt, the Sun God and King of all Gods in Egypt. Why in the Bible is he referred to as The Amen?
#30: King James (Part 1)

The King James Bible came abt in the early 17th century. The KJV commission consisted of 47 scholars from different universities who wrote the word of God. James had manipulated different Christian sects til scholars agreed to create a new (his) version.
#31: Books of the Bible (Part 1)

Genesis was written in 700 BC at the Sanhedrin at least 1000 years after Abram. It was also placed as the second book of the Bible. The Exodus was originally the first book of the Bible and at the Council of Jamnia they were switched.
#32: Origins of the Holy Torah/Old Testament (Part 1)

The Holy Torah/Old Testament was copied from the Book of the Coming Forth by Day and Night circa 800-500 BCE. How could Moses have written these books if he was already, supposedly deceased by this time period?
#33: Resurrections

Jesus was the last of 16 Gods who resurrected from the dead but apparently his resurrection was the only one that truly occurred. This concept was taken from rituals of The Opening of the Mouth ceremony in mummification, Osiris & the study of Lux/Masonry.
#34: Floods (Part 2)

The Egyptians were the most documented ancient society ever. Around their 5th & 6th dynastic period is when historians date the Genesis flood. How could this flood have occurred if theres no pause in Egyptian chronology & pyramids were still being built?
#35: Pandora

The 1st mortal woman in Greek mythology was created as a punishment for the actions of two brothers, Prometheus & Epimetheus. Given a box, Zeus ordered that she never open it but she did, releasing all evils into the world only leaving “hope” inside. Sound familiar?
#36: Isis (Part 2)

In the Bible, Luke talks about the Angel, Gabriel being sent to Mary to announce she will be having a holy/virgin birth. 3000 years prior, in the pyramid texts, Thoth also acts as a messenger prophesying that Isis will too, have a virgin birth.
#37: Amen (Part 2)

Here is shown the hieroglyphic representation of the God the Haribu (Hebrews) called Yahweh. The 1st four letters mean “divinity” & the last is a picture of the God himself. Ywh was the name of a very minor God, equally Amon who became Amen in Ancient Egypt.
#38: Origen (Part 1)

In the Bible it says “Prove (ALL) things, hold fast that which is good”. Origen was the father of biblical criticism. His work is highly criticized bc he attested to the fact (1800 yrs ago) that the Bible had spiritual truths & lacked historical truths.
#39: Contradictions (Part 3)

Early Christians viewed Jesus not as a God but as a human sorcerer which is why he is depicted here w/ wands. Why were there so many perceptions to who Jesus The Christ was so early on if he was a real figure? Doesnt the Bible look down on magic?
#40: Book of the Dead (Part 1)

The Book of the Dead or Book of the Coming Forth By Day and Night was the first holy text in the world. This was produced by Egyptians 3400 years before the Old Testament and 4200 years before the New Testament.
#41: Book of the Dead (Part 2)

Moses is called the Father of the Old Testament bc he supposedly wrote it. The Torah (a distorted version of the Book of the Dead) was completed during the 6th century BC but Moses supposedly lived 700 years prior so how could he have wrote it?
#42: Osiris (Part 2)

In Egypt the Osirian pose was a position by the pharaohs that symbolized their rule of lower & upper Egypt. The flail repelled negative energy & the crook pulled in positive energy. This is also where u get

“Thy rod & thy staff, they comfort me” in Psalms.
#43: Dead Sea Scrolls (Part 1)

The Bible says prove all things, hold fast that which is good. The Dead Sea Scrolls are a compilation of biblical and non biblical manuscripts. The Bible museum of Washington D.C admitted that at least 5 fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls were fake.
#44: Amen (Part 3)

Amen in Egypt was the sun God, the one whose reign has no beginning nor end. You end your prayers in his name bc the Pharaohs would end their prayers saying “Amen”. He was regarded as a divine physician/magical healer who responds to supplications and prayer.
#45: Adam and Eve (Part 2)

In Ancient Sumerian mythology, Enki was part of their trinity. He ate the forbidden plants which caused 8 pains, 1 from his rib. The deity who cured Enki was Ninti, a name that holds a double meaning. Nin means the lady of, ti means rib.
#46: Imhotep

Imhotep, the Father of medicine said

“Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.” 3000 years before the creation of the Bible.

Isaiah 22:13 says “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die” showing clear plagiarism.
#47: Council of Nicaea/Constantinople/Chalcedon/Jamnia etc. (Part 1)

How could the Bible have been written by these ancient ppl/inspired by God when a # of councils were happenin to finalize different versions of it? God came down from heaven to help vote on these discrepancies?
#48: Council of Jamnia (Part 2)

The Council of Jamnia occurred in 90 CE where there was a vote on “holy scripture”. They would eventually finalize the Hebrew Canon & establish which “disputed books” were true. It’s also where the Ham story was created, there is no 400 year curse
#49: Days of the Week (Part 1)

It’s implied that the 7 day week originated with Jesus The Christ but before the Bible was even written, we have the Sumerians and Babylonians using a 7 day week system hence the origins of the names of each day of the week.
#50: Council of Laodicea

In 364 AD at the Council of Laodicea there were 41 books banned from the Bible. If Jesus supposedly inspired the book, why were church officials repressing this information? What were they trying to hide or keep away from other Christians?
#51: Mother Nature

Most ppl believe it is a man who rules the universe which is funny bc the term “Mother Nature” would contradict that idea. Isis in Ancient Egypt, the equivalent to Mary in Christianity, was known as Mut Netcher or Mother Mature, where you get the term from.
#52: God (Part 1)

The 1st concept of “God” came out of Egypt & their term for it was ntr/neter. In Christianity, the term God is a name & a title, idk how bc there are many Gods & they all came before him. The term “God” was 1st used around it looks to be the 4th-6th century.
#53: “Holy Cow”

Hathor was the first goddess ever worshipped in Alexandria, Egypt, represented as the Golden Calf. From her you get the term “Mother Nature” embodying all aspects of motherhood. The Bible too, discusses a Golden Calf in the story of the 10 commandments.
#54: Books of the Bible (Part 2)

Genesis began as a oral folklore tradition, similar to a bedtime story. In Ancient Greece/Rome, court jesters would tell the story of Genesis to King’s & Queens, often altering the legend to keep the ppl engaged, if not he risked losing his life
#55: Creation Stories (Part 2)

There’s many creation stories that talk about man being created from dirt/ clay. These stories also include a mistake from a woman which man is punished for. Why is the Christian story (one of the last) the only story taken as fact?
#56: Sargon vs Moses

Sargon was the 1st ruler of the Akkadian empire. Centuries before Moses, he states that he was an illegitimate son of a priestess who was forced to cast him onto a river in a reed basket. He was then rescued by a servant who raised him as his own.
#57: Gabriel

Gabriel was used by two different Gods under two different religions that claim to be nothing but the truth. He revealed the Qu’ran to the Prophet Muhammad over a period of 23 years. Gabriel was also used in Christianity to warn Mary about her virgin birth.
#58: Vritra

Indra, the Vedic deity is similar to Jesus, Thor, Zeus etc. Vritra, similar to Apep, Satan etc was the serpent who was defeated by Indra. There is no exclusivity within religions when it comes to stories involving the patron deity and the serpent.
#59: Samson & Delilah (Part 1)

Samson = sun/ sun child
Delilah = night/Queen of the night

These two didn’t exist. This story was used as a metaphor for the battle between forces of night and day in Egyptian solar theology. Similar to Horus and Set.
#60: Samson & Delilah (Part 2)

The long hair = manes of the lion = rays of sun. In Egypt, the lion was used to rep. the power of the sun. The blinding of Samson is compared to a solar eclipse & u see the same when Set, the enemy of the sun blinded Horus who was the sun figure
#61: Samson & Delilah (Part 3)

Herakles or Re-Herakhte or Ra in Egypt, killed a lion & wore the skin like a clack with the animals head and long flowing mane forming a helmet. This is also another reason why Jesus is depicted with long hair, bc he too, is personified as the sun.
#62: Islam vs Christianity

Allah means “the God” in Arabic. Some people associate the God in Islam with the God in Christianity because the terms are equal. If that is the case, what do we say about Egyptian mythology & their term “Ntr” which means God as well?
#63: Mandate of Heaven

Repeat terms show the influence of cultural diffusion. That + lack of evidence confirms all religion as mythology. The Mandate of Heaven (according to some, there is only 1 Heaven) justified the rule of a King but the Chinese did not believe in a Jesus.
#64: Serapis (Part 1)

The Greeks conquered Egypt in 332 BC and this was the beginning of the Ptolemy Rule. Ptolemy I confiscated all of their divine and sacred inspired wititings which were written on papyrus scrolls and stored them in one temple in Memphis, Egypt.
#65: Serapis (Part 2)

This was the temple where his image had been made into the pagan God Serapis. Every Ptolemy ruler from then on out would become the “Vicar of Serapis” similar to the Pope and the Vicar of Christ. From Serapis came the image of Jesus the Christ.
#66: Jesus vs Horus (Part 1)

There are many similarities between Horus & Jesus. Gerald Massey discusses over 200 but just to name a few:

• they were both born of a Virgin on December 25th
• Jesus had 12 disciples, Horus had 12 helpers
• Both are representations of the sun
#67: Sunday

The Lords day is the Sabbath day, the 7th day, Saturday. Religion is said not to be man made but many follow a man made law. In 321 AD, Constantine ordered that SUNday be the day of rest & worship. Most sun Gods hold the same characteristic as Jesus.
#68: Jesus’ Name (Part 1)

Jesus is considered a real person but had no last name like all other Gods. The names: Serapis, Christ, Zeus, Jupiter and Mohammed were all applied to the same image.

From Zeus-Iesus you get Jesus which came in 1630. Which image is of Jesus?
#69: Ma’at (Part 2)

This 15th century picture 1st shown is of St Michael Weighing Souls. At least 4000 years prior, we see Ma’at who weighed a man’s heart against her feather to determine if they should move on into the afterlife. This is another clear form of plagiarism.
#70: Logic (Part 1)

Christianity is one of the last major religions to be created. If Jesus is real, why was he brought into the world over 200,000 years after man obtained intellectual thought? What would that mean for the billions of men & women who lived before him?
#71: Logic (Part 2)

The Greek Septuagint was written around 250 BCE at the Library of Alexandria by 72 Jewish Scholars. It was the 1st translation of Hebrew Scriptures. The real ? is, how could this have been written & Jesus supposedly didnt step foot on Earth til 250 yrs later?
#72: King James (Part 2)

The King James Version was printed in 1611. This bible served as the “official translation” for most English speaking protestants for more than 300 yrs. During its early yrs, women & the poor were forbidden from reading the Bible, under penalty of death.
#73: Ancient Temples (Part 1)

Ancient temples were ordered closed & converted into churches by Christian Emperors Theodosius in 391 & Justinian in 527 CE. Ancient Netcherw (Gods) were chiseled out of the walls and crosses were carved where ankhs and other images once stood.
#74: Voodoo (Part 1)

Slaves in the new world were not allowed to practice African religious traditions so some adopted Christianity as a cover up. W/ voodoo specifically, each God was identified as a Catholic Saint. Many of your Christian customs come from instances like this.
#75: Creation Stories (Part 3)

Khunum is one of the oldest deities in the Nile Valley. In one of the Egyptian creation stories, he molds the Ba and Ka from clay. Adam was also made from clay & his name means man from the Earth.
#76: Dionysus (Part 1)

Dionysus is an Ancient Greek God. He was turned on by Pentheus, he’s the God of wine, Ancient Greeks celebrated his birthday on Dec. 25th & he was resurrected by his father Zeus. Dionysus actual name means Jehovah Nissi, another title given to Jesus.
#77: Slavery (Part 1)

After Antao Goncalves invaded Africa in 1441, the Pope sanctified the enslavement of Africans on the grounds that they were “pagan”. In 1452, Pope Nicholas V gave King Alphonso of Spain general power to enslave “pagans” also = Africans who didnt know Christ
#78: Slavery (Part 2)

Bc Africans were looked at as less than human, the Spaniards and Portuguese both believed that they had no actual soul to save. Therefore they did not administer Christianity to save their soul. Africans were converted in order to justify their bondage
#79: Isis and Mary (Part 2)

The crescent moon is connected to the female principle and the element of water. It is also linked to virginity and here we see Isis/Hathor along with Mary (who both had virgin births) are depicted with the crescent moon.
#80: Zoroastrianism (Part 1)

Zoroastrianism is from Persia & it’s roots go back 4000 years. This religions traditions also deal w/ end time events including the appearance of a savior, resurrection of the dead, & victory over all evil with a reward in paradise/punishment in Hell
#81: Islam vs Christianity (Part 2)

Christianity was popularized by the Romans & Greeks, specifically through their philosophers who contributed to the dogma of the religion. Muslim scholars revived Greek texts & made them their own which influenced the establishment of Islam
#82: Ancient Temples (Part 2)

When early Christians came to Egypt, monks destroyed many “pagan” figures that laid on their sacred temples such as Isis & Heru, which became Mary & Jesus, same with the ankh/cross. These same temples would be taken as places of Christian worship
#83: Ophites (Part 1)

The Ophites were a group of early Christians who deemed Jesus as a subordinate deity who only created the world. It was the serpent, who to them, was the true liberator of mankind. If theres only 1 truth, why was/is there so much confusion about The Christ?
#84: World Mission Society Church of God (Part 1)

The WMSCG is a group of Christians that preach an unorthodox version of the “word of God”. Christ Ahnsahnghong, according to them, is the Second Coming Jesus who came to restore the truth of the Passover in 1948.
#85: Jesselsohn Stone (Part 1)

This stone was found on the banks of the Dead Sea & the text dates back as early as the 1st century BC. The text depicts a story similar to Jesus, the stone discusses a Prince of Princes combating the AntiChrist. This Prince was Simon of Peraea
#86: Jesslesohn Stone (Part 2)

Simon, a real person, led a revolt in Judea in 4 BC. After his death, his followers crowed him the King of the Jews. The Angel Gabriel was said to command him to resurrect after 3 days

“I command u, prince of princes in three days you shall live!”
#87: Origins of Hell (Part 2)

Socrates was killed in 399 BC & Plato was a student of Socrates. Plato was pissed because his mentor was killed and bc of this, he created a new system of punishments & rewards. Essentially he wanted a new form of democracy through religion.
#88: Apollonius of Tyana (Part 1)

There was a book that came out in 1866 written by Albert Reville who had his PhD in theology & was also the pastor of the Walloon Church in Rotterdam. He, as a full Christian argues that Apollonius of Tyana was the real life Jesus
#89: The Beast (Part 1)

You’ve been bamboozled. Revelations was written around 100 AD. According to multiple historians, when you apply numerical values to the Hebrew name “Neron Kaisar” the name of the emperor, the total comes to 666.

https://twitter.com/coachwilmore_/status/1119596830176755713?s=21 https://twitter.com/CoachWilmore_/status/1119596830176755713
#90: Big Bang (Part 1)

For Christians, God is the reason for our existence, opposing this idea was a Christian man himself. It was Georges Lemaître, a Belgian priest, astronomer and cosmologist who first formulated the modern big-bang theory.
#91: Serapis (Part 3)

In 134 AD, Emperor Hadrian wrote a letter to Consul Servianus asserting that the worshippers of the sun God Serapis were Christians. They referred to themselves as “Bishops of Christ”.

(Refer to post 64 & 65)
#92: Gerald Massey (Part 1)

Massey (white) wrote Ancient Egypt: the Light of the World Vol. II in 1907. In his book, he cites more than 200 similarities between the lives of Ausar and Heru and the life of Jesus the Christ who was allegedly born 4000 years later.
#93: Nicholas Notovitch

“By the third century A.D., there were no fewer than 25 different versions of Jesus’ death and resurrection! Some have him not being put to death at all, some have him revived back to life, and some have Jesus living on to old age and dying in Egypt!”
#94: Vegetation Cults (Part 1)

Over 15,000 + yrs ago tribes worshiped “Gods” for fruitful vegetation, these vegetation cultus also depended on the well being on the ruler. The ruler was usually regarded as the god in human form so he was sacrificed if he was old and feeble.
#95: Vegetation Cults (Part 2)

Over time, the son substituted the father in these sacrifices. Being the offspring of a god, he was the “son of God”. Similar to Odin, the son was slain while bound to a sacred tree with arms outstretched in the form of a cross.
#96: Vegetation Cults (Part 3)

After being sacrificed, he was believed to rise within three days representing the return of vegetation. This period is based on the three day interval between the old and new moons.
#97: Plagiarism (Part 1)

To further prove the Bible plagiarized many works, here are a few examples:

Luke 17:21 - “The kingdom of heaven is within you”

Egyptian proverb - “The kingdom of heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it”
#98: Plagiarism (Part 2)

Matthew 7:7 - “Seek and ye shall find”
Luxor Proverb - “Seek peacefully, you will find”

John 10:36 - “I am the son of God”
Demotic Magical Papyrus - “I am the son of the living god”
#99: Pseudepigrapha (Part 1)

Pseudepigrapha comes from the Greek word pseudepigraphos meaning “w/ false title”. If all biblical works were 100% factual, the word wouldnt exist. Theres hundreds of falsely written works in the Bible used to validate the concept of Jesus The Christ
#100: Jesus’ Birth (Part 4) Christmas

Krst or Ka rest means to be at rest. This refers back to the opening of the mouth ceremony (refer to post 33). Christ originates from Kristos which comes from Krst, they’re all virtually identical.
#101: Contradictions (Part 4)

In Christianity, angels=messengers of God. Ancestors in Africa = extensions of “God” w/ more power than angels. Angels are derived from the goddess concept in Egypt hence why many goddesses/angels in dif. cultures bear wings, u cant believe in both
#102: Ark of the Covenant

There is no proof that the biblical Ark of the Covenant ever existed. Ethiopian Christians never gave evidence, only “their word”. This Ark derives from the Egyptian Ark/Throne of Isis that was used to transport the dead. This is clear plagiarism.
#103: Codex Sinaiticus

This Bible is the oldest most complete bible in the world, produced in the 4th century. If you read “Manuscripts of the Greek Bible” it states how there’s been some 14,800 “alterations” made to the Bible over the span of 1700 hundred years.
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