green = plant
water = info - drought = lack of information
new mating partners = LisaPage -> McCabe? (cheating on wife and conspiring against Trump)
Riff Raff = RR?
person in green "flipping" his ear - elephant- "went back to his original territory" moving backwards in video...
45 year old "problem elephant" = #POTUS45's republican problem - Mueller and RR both are officially "Republican" and officially working to redact the Mueller report - report but upon talking to people still "playing the game" may have gotten cold feet and this was to warn them.
found by a "wooded area" (plant) "fall happened at Eagle Point" -at first I thought this was related to Bill "Eagle" Clinton but most symbols have more than one usage so it could be another "Eagle" like "Eagle pass" which appears to be catching child molesters this week. #Qanon
In this thread I decoded RR and or Mueller on "thin ice" - but at least with RR he appears by the end to have by the end stayed "flipped"
17/Q Inaccuracies/Omissions - in RR's statement to testify
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