Dear #Wayanad
We havent met but I’m sure you’ve heard of us.
Amethi. Amethi from Uttar Pradesh.

Just this morning we learnt that you are going to be Rahul Gandhi’s second constituency so you might just want to know a little about us, our relationship
& our experience of his tenure.

To begin from the very begining -
we first came to be known nationally in 1977 when we dealt his Uncle Sanjay Gandhi a crushing defeat on his maiden attempt at electoral politics.
It was soon after the Emergency & we were very angry
like the rest of the country.

However, later in 1980 we brought him to power when he stood again for elections, expecting our destiny to change with his.

From then on we have been tied to this Family and it would not be an exaggeration to say that we in the bargain forfeited
our future, that of our children & grand childten to them.

After Sanjay’s death just 5 months later, came Rajiv, then Sonia & now Rahul since 2004.
We were so flattered to be represented by these powerful people & lived in much hope.
We could have been that model constituency.
We could have been that opportunity to show case his abilities - to be replicated & held up as his vision for the country.

But alas it was not to be.…
Our MP is opportunistic & no different from so many others.
He comes every five years or sends his sister & then is not to be seen again till the next elections.
VIP constituencies such as Mulayam Singh’s Mainpuri, Mayawati’s Ambedkar Nagar & Akhilesh’s Kanauj have been cared for & pampered leaving us far behind in our Sub Saharan misery.
There is no greater indictment of his tenure than his own fear of rejection & that search for other pastures, ending with you.

Why would anyone do that if they had worked diligently & served their constituency well ?
In their deviousness they will offer you obfuscations.
They will tell you that Narendra Modi did the same by chosing Varanasi.
Remember Modi walked into their lair & took them on succesfully. He had three good terms of CMship behind him & was known to be an able administrator.
Today Varanasi & the waters of Ganga are a testimony of that ability.
Whereas Rahul is fleeing to save his skin, relevancy & brings nothing of value to you, except his surname.
So #Wayanad you have been warned.

Don’t get taken in & allow yourself to be decieved.
Your children’s future & aspiratioms in your green forests are the same as ours in the dust bowl of North India.
Don’t allow someone with no known skillset except a tremendous sense of entitlement to use you, discard you, play with your future.

We have borne the brunt of reposing faith in him & his Family. You don’t have to.
Take care,
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