(New) Melohubby stories: He knows the names of @BTOB_6SJ and @PenielShin. For now he knows the others as leader, other high voice, rapper 1, rapper 2, and songwriter. #BTOB
Another Melohubby story

Hubby: Oh that's @PenielShin! He's their rapper who speaks english? He's the one who prays a lot.

Me: Huh?

Hubby: He always prays night and day.

Hay nako!!!

(He has been listening to Someday and Missing You.)

Melohubby story:

Hubby, after seeing Changsub in a #BTOB video that I was watching: “Oh wow, kilay is life!”

They’re celebrities, ayos shempre yan!

Melohubby story: Last night while I was eating some snacks the music of Missing You played on the TV. I was surprised! It was a choreography tutorial vid on YouTube! Hubby tried to follow it. "Ang hirap pala nito!" He gave up after 1 try. 😂🤪 #BTOB
Melohubby story:

Hubby: Did you download na #BTOB's songs on Spotify?
Me: Huh? Why?
Hubby: For the flight. (We are traveling to Japan next week.)

😭 He's so thoughtful and sweet!
Melohubby story:

I was watching a #BTOB performance when hubby returned from his run.

Hubby: (out of the blue) I see the appeal of the songwriter. Cute nya.

Melohubby story:

Hubby sings a line from #BTOB's "Finale: Our Concert"

Me, beaming with pride: OMG you're singing lines from other songs!

Hubby: Eh what can I do you play that every night while I'm sleeping so they're being subconsciously embedded in my brain!

Melohubby story:

H: I know them! *points to each one* Peniel. Sungjae. Changsub. Mga rappers. Sino dito yung nagpapa sexy?
Me: Minhyuk!
H: *continues to point* Leader. Songwriter.

Ok we are getting there! #BTOB
Melohubby story:

In bed, 11:40PM

Hubby: "Why aren't you playing BTOB?"

I didn't notice that Melon paused the playlist. It does that sometimes.

For hubby, going to sleep means listening to #BTOB. (I play it really soft during the day, but increase the volume a bit before bed.)
Hubby's funniest misheard lyrics of a #BTOB song. From "Beautiful Pain":

🎶 Ibyeoreul manna AFRITADA 🎶


Melohubby story:

I was watching Idol Radio clips of Ilhoon with Red Velvet.

Hubby: Is that Hyunsik?
Me: No, that’s Ilhoon.
H: I’m getting there!
Me: No, you’re not. 🙄

Melohubby's misheard lyrics for #BTOB's "Only One For Me":

🎶Nandyan na si ganda, na na na na ganda...🎶

Melohubby's misheard lyrics for #BTOB's "Someday":

Me singing:
🎶nal manjideon neoui geu du soni
nal bureudeon neoui moksoriga🎶

Hubby chimes in:
🎶Mag-sorry ka...🎶
Melohubby story:

This is the calendar in our dressing room. When he saw it he said "oh is that Sungjae, the rapper, and Changsub?"

He knew even if they're not full photos! *proud*

Konti na lang!!!

Melohubby story:

On our way home from #BTOBPH6GMissingYou, hubby noticed it was quiet.

Hubby: "Hey, why aren't we listening to #BTOB???"

He then proceeds to turn on Spotify and go to the BTOB playlist, on his own.

Melohubby story:

I showed him the videos from #BTOBPH6GMissingYou, especially the ones with the slow blue ocean and fan chants.

Hubby: "WHOA!!! That's so cool! So, when is your next gathering?"


@leihoonie kelan daw yung next gathering, o!

Melohubby story:

Hubby: "Sarangeul ma-- hmm..."

He keeps singing this incomplete line OVER and OVER...

Me: "Why do you keep singing that one word?!!!!" *whining*

Hubby: "Because it's the only lyric I know, but it's my LSS!!! I can't take it out of my head"


Melohubby story:

Last Night -
Hubby: "Why are you crying?"
Me: "It's Ilhoon's last day as Idol Radio DJ. #BTOB had touching messages."

Today -
Hubby turns on Spotify in the car, plays Missing You.
I look at him, a bit shocked.
Hubby: "For Ilhoon!"

Melohubby story:

Hubby sings out of the blue: 🎶Sarangueul manna, ibyeorul hago...🎶

Me: *smiles widely at him* because he knows 2 lines!!!

Hubby: What? I'm singing the Afritada song!

Melohubby story:

He just checked his Spotify 2019 data and HIS NUMBER 1 ARTIST IS #BTOB!!! Hahaha!!! No.2 is Jeff Kale and No.3 is U2. 🤣

His number 1 song is Missing You!!! 2 to 5 are Only One For Me, Beautiful Pain, Cheer Up, and Friend.

I love it!!!!! 💙
Melohubby story:

I've been streaming Melon since last night. Hubby asked this afternoon "why is it paulit-ulit?" 🤣 So I had to explain again the charts. Tonight:

H: Have you memorized the new songs?
Me: Not yet!
H: Hala, Sungjae will be disappointed!


Melohubby story:

I was telling hubby about how fans did fanchants while Changsub sang in military concerts. I even showed him a video. Later...

Me singing: 🎶noreul geuriwohada haruga da jinasseo
Hubby, feel na feel: 🎶da jinasseo
H: Tama?

Melohubby story:

Me to Hubby: Hey, it's @PenielShin's birthday!
Hubby: I'll pray for him every night and day. Maybe someday soon I'll see him once again.

Melohubby thread re: Choeaedol 🤪 https://twitter.com/CarambsK/status/1275283668580184064?s=19
Melohubby story:

Hubby and I watched #MysticPopUpBar Ep11 last night.

H: "Kelan yung next Sungjae?" (Translation: When is the next episode.)
Me: "Tonight around 9:30-10:00PM."
H: "Ang tagaaaaaaaaaal."

Yes he said it the way I typed it. Impatient! Fan! 🤪

Melohubby story:

He suddenly played an instrumental version of Missing You on his own.

H: "Feeling ko if we were just getting married now this will be our music no?" *jokingly*
Me: "Yeah!"
H: *shocked* "Talaga?"
Me: "Pero puro sad songs sila eh."
H: "I want to be a chicken!" 🤪
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