Also I think many of us aren't aware of gentrification and what it means in an African context.

But African governments have been kicking families out of the city by bringing nice buildings, then the increase of lifestyle but never doubling or raising the minimum wages
Who belongs in the city? Who said development means nice tall buildings?

Samkara said " Afrcans must learn to live the African way"

And i have been thinking what is our African way? Is it coping the west with cool and fun buildings and kicking the poor away from the city?
When African governments invest in buildings who later stay empty because the people are poor, should we just celebrate that we have infrastructure?

Sankara also said " we are not against progress but we do not want progress that is anarchic and violate the rights of others"
When Ruth Glass gave us the term gentrification. She was naming the forced displacement of working class in London (most were black) because the middle class were moving in as the rich were nvesting into rebuilding and making it modern

And it's happening in most African cities
I have been thinking on how to organize against gentrification in the African context

But our African leaders thriving on unaccountability and are busy buying multi million villa, could never understand the pain of being told you are too poor to exist in the city that raised you
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