I know he peeps through the #keyhole. I don't mind, even more: it turns me on. Standing between door & bed, I undress. Then I lie down and spread my legs. I hold my breath to listen to the faint sounds from the other side of the door, him gasping & vigoriously rubbing...

I envision him standing there, the pants of his wine red pyjamas on the floor around his feet, bent forward, an eye at the keyhole, his right hand working. As I start breathing heavily myself, I can't hear him anymore, only his final moan is loud enough.

#microprompt #wine
For a moment I stop, listening to him wiping the door with a tissue. Then I climax, stand up, and push the key back into the #keyhole. I hear his breath, but he'll soon return to his private room.
I #collect my scattered clothes and put them on the chair. Time to sleep.

I leave my room, wrapped in my robe. In the kitchen I come across him. It's like always on the next day: He murmers 'Good morning', but avoids to look at my face. Hastily he drinks his tea, then leaves for university.
I sit down at the table and open the newspaper.

#vss365 #robe
I'm startled for a #second. Instead of the usual 20 Euro note, I find a pair of earrings. They seem to be made of silver, and I like them.
In the evening, I don't mention anything, but I wear them to show him I accepted his present. I notice a shy glance & a slight smile.
I remember what was probably "our first time". It was last summer, I lay on my bed, pleasuring myself. After finishing, I noticed unusual sounds in front of the door, but I was too tired to take a look. As day #broke, a ray of light fell through the keyhole...

Now I noticed that the key wasn't in the hole. I found it on my shelf. Being sure I hadn't removed it, and remembering the sounds in the night, I wondered whether I had been the #victim of a voyeur. He was the only suspect.
If it happened a 2nd time, it would be obvious.

A few days later the key lay on the shelf again. So I would #verify my suspicion tonight.
Resting on my bed, playing gently between my legs, I was all ears. He tried to tiptoe, but I heard him coming...
On the next day, I found 20 € in the newspaper. I accepted the deal.
Last week he drove home to his parents for semester break.
Now I hear a key turn in the lock, then his #voice calling "hello". I hope my key will lie on the shelf tonight. I'm so curious what I'll find hidden in the newspaper tomorrow morning.
But is it really just that?

The key is on the shelf...
Hearing him approach, I undress & lie down, facing the door. I hang my head over the edge & smile at the keyhole. I want him to see my earrings & the tip of my tongue, as I lick my lips. His quickening breath #tells me he likes my new pose.
I have a plot in my head for this story. If possible, I use the #vss365 prompt. #vase could have been useful a few episodes later, but not now. So for today I switched (again) to #microprompt.

...and here is the picture of a 70s (or 60s) vase. 🙃 My newest flea market treasure.
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