Modern History of the Globalist Deep State.

Derek Shearer and Strobe Talbott were roommates at Yale and both graduated in 1968.

Bill Clinton and Strobe Talbot where roommates at Oxford, from 1968 to 1970.
While in England Strobes girlfriend Brooke Shearer introduced her brother Derek Shearer who was a freelance journalist traveling in Europe to Bill Clinton.

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Hillary and Bill both attend Law School at Yale and both probably show up in the fall of 1970.
All three Shearer siblings Derek, Cody and Brooke are the children of Lloyd Shearer who wrote the personality parade article in Parade magazine for 33yrs probably the widest read article in the country till 1991 when he stoped due to Parkinson’s.
Bill and Hillary stay at Lloyd Shearers House when they are in California. This is probably where they met Cody.
Lloyd Shearers roll cannot be understated his House was a destination of political activist on the west coast. There is no telling the people that all the Shearer children came in contact with at their fathers house including Henry Kissinger.
Derek Shearer brings Bill to the attention of Sidney Blumenthal.

Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978 so this conversation between Blumenthal and Derek had to take place before that.
Blumenthal meets Bill at 1987 Renaissance weekend in South Carolina. He is impressed with him right away.

That stuff about Larry Johnson in this article is BS. He admits he spread smears about Obama and he admits they came directly from Blumenthal.
Let’s take a look at who worked on the 1992 Campaign with Clinton.

Here is a 9-24-1992 article primarily about Derek Shearer. Notice that line about the exclusive clique.
Well what did Derek and team Bill do during the 1992 election?

They went on the attack. I want you to read this memo written during the campaign.
Then I want you to read this article and especially the 2nd memo.

Read the entire memo carefully especially where Derek describes his interactions with Cody and Sidney.

Read the part about Cody having something on Bush.
What did Cody have on Bush? I don’t know, but Jonathan Freedland says John Major allowed Home Office Officials to rummage through Bill Clinton’s papers looking for dirt on Clinton. Did Cody get dirt on Bush from the British?
I won’t go into to much detail about the scandals around the 1992 Campaign but I do suggest you read this article as it blends the old and new scandals together very well.

Notice the part about Tim Oliphant knowing Cody really well.
Bill Clinton opened up his Campaign strategy to Blair’s aides! Wow!
Very importantly there was one more really interesting person hanging out with the exclusive clique during the 1992 Campaign, Jonathan Powell. Yes, British politics Jonathan Powell.
Clinton spoke at an Irish candidate’s forum night in April 1992 and promised a visa to the U.S. for Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.

On Jan 31, 1994 he gave him a visa.

Where do you think this ideal came from? It came from Powell.
Hillary Clinton meets Tony Blair in Sidney Blumenthal’s home circa April 1996.

Jonathan Powell describes how he started the Irish Peace Process in an email about his new NGO.
Back to Powell.

Powell attached himself to the Clinton Campaign during the primaries in 1991 and followed it all the way to the end.

Powell then brought Tony Blair and Gordon Brown over to learn how it was done.
Sidney picks up the story in this interview. Read it very carefully, then read it again.

Read this whole interview, it explains what is really going on.

Remember as you read it Sidney is suppose to just be a reporter at this point.
Sidney makes a real interesting statement. “In terms of Britain I’d been going back and forth for a long time”.

Sidney uses the word “We” became friendly. This means the clique.

When Clinton won he (Jonathan) held a lunch at his place, Tony and Gordon came over.
If I was a Federal CI Officer, I would be on my way to pick up this entire interview from UVA.

Read this.
I had written out a bunch of text to go with this interview but twitter just doesn’t lend itself to that.

Read this interview yourself.

Play attention to the last paragraph on the last panel.
“After Blair was elected last May, Clinton adviser SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL started working with Mandelson and Blair's chief of staff, DAVID MILLIBAND, to set up a more formal connection”.
Sidney organizes meetings with David Milliband. Wow, there is Al From.
Now to seal it all up read this affidavit submitted by Sidney to the Fed Court on March 16, 1998.
Sidney Blumenthal and Jonathan Powell are the co founders of the modern globalist movement.

I am not overstating that.

Are you starting to get a sense of just how big this problem is?
Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Goran Persson and Romano Prodi all meet in New York to discuss the “Third Way”.

In other words Globalist gonna Globalize.
The “Third Way” team of Blair and Clinton aides help Ehud Barak get elected PM of Israel.

Read this whole article carefully, it is still relevant today.
Look over what Wikipedia has on the “Third Way”. Look at how May countries and people are involved.

Read the very last section “Weakening of the Third Way”. 
Jonathan Powell directs Scarlett to change the wording of the Iraq War Dossier.
There has been much speculation about Sidney and his connections.

I have just shown you that Sidney has a direct connection to the very top of MI6 directly thru Tony Blair and Jonathan Powell.
Thread roll please.


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