1. Q has encouraged us to dig, to find the truth. I'm doing that with the help of @americanlll and @mastersshelby. They've been an amazing source of support and info for this thread. You're not going to believe everything we've uncovered. This goes WAY back and explains so much!
3. We'll talk about the dirty dealings of Shen Juren, Li ka-Shing, James Riady, and of course, the Clintons. It all ties to the Carter administration, the Panama Canal, world domination, trafficking, slavery, and maybe even treason!
The following thread pertains to one of the...
4. ...most criminal partnerships we've seen in American politics. Please read it now or after you finish reading THIS thread. It will explain the reason THIS thread is so extremely critical. You HAVE to know the backstory and just who these players are. https://threader.app/thread/1078610531399811077
5. In 1903 a grand project was taken up by America. The Panama Canal. The project was usable by 1914 but took a total of 34 years to complete. It was the biggest achievement for shipping and military response time in the history of naval operations.

6. Traversing the canal would halve the time it took to travel by boat from New York to San Francisco. Usually a boat would would have to sail 8,000 miles down and around the tip of Brazil and back up. But, commerce and travel wasn't the only benefit from the canal.
7. The US military took control of the "Canal Zone" and was able to turn away enemies, search and seize weapons and drugs, and prevent smuggling. The canal was considered to be "non-profit" but its annual revenue is roughly $500 Million per year! It was a huge strategic asset.
8. Additionally, the US built multiple military bases in Panama and ports in the canal. It became a hot spot for immediate military response into the region. Many special forces veterans remember their days in the jungles of panama. Hooaah!
9. So, if there was such great benefit from controlling it, why did Jimmy Carter decide in September 1977 to sign a treaty to turn it over to Panama? And, why was it decided in 1977 to do this, yet didn't become "official" until 12/31/1999?

10. This question has never been answered. Those protesting the move cited the loss of military might and control of the area. The ability to stop bad actors as they moved through the area and forcing enemies to endure the additional 8,000 miles around Brazil was a great asset!
11. Carter never explained his position more than "It's the right thing to do". Little did anybody know, Mr Carter may very well have been acting for someone else's best interests, and nobody saw it. If they did, they didn't say it very loudly. Well, we saw it yesterday!
12. There's a nefarious bunch of bullshit going on here and Carter sits at the tip of the spear. This guy, Mochtar Riady, a multi billionaire from Indo-China, wanted to help Jimmy Carter's former budget director, Bert Lance, sell stock he held in the National Bank of Georgia.
13. Lance was going to be financially destroyed if he couldn't sell the stock, but in comparison to Riady's billions, the stock was nothing...worthless. So, why this obscure effort, that never actually went through?
The thought is, Riady was tyring to reach Jimmy Carter's ear.
14. Riady wanted to start building assets in the US and what better way to do that, than with the help of a push-over democrat president?

"Mochtar Riady’s connection to Arkansas began in 1977. Arkansas-based Stephens Inc., one of the country’s largest investment banks outside...
15. ...New York, was trying to help Bert Lance, Jimmy Carter’s friend and former budget director, sell stock he held in the National Bank of Georgia."


That article has pretty much the whole story and more. You should read it when you have time.
16. Although the stock deal never happened, Witt and Jackson Stephens, the brothers who ran Stephens Inc., urged Riady to join them in their bank, "Worthen". Riady joined Worthen to learn the American banking business. During that time, Riady met Arkansas governor, Bill Clinton.
17. "The Panama Canal was constructed by the US government, beginning in 1903 and ending in 1914. The present U.S. investment in the canal over the years is $32 billion dollars. Approximately 5,000 men, U.S. citizens and local laborers, died of malaria and work-related...
18. ...accidents during the construction period...Over 13,000 Naval and commercial vessels pass between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans every year, saving the time of an 8,000 mile trip around South America's Cape Horn, its southernmost point. Under Theodore Roosevelt in 1913...
19. ...U.S. Secretary of State Henry Stimson said to Scribner's Magazine: "The Military importance of the (Panama) canal to the American nation has not been so clearly recognized by the people at large. While they have been quick to see how important it is that in time of war...
20. ... the canal should open to our own fleet, it has not been equally appreciated how important it is that the canal should be closed to the fleet of the enemy."


The value of that canal cannot be more stated than by that quote. It was VITAL.
21. Also from that article: "As soon as the world became aware of the intent of the U.S. government to surrender the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government on December 31,1999, a Hong Kong international trading company, Hutchison-Whampoa, owned by Hong Kong billionaire...
22. ...Dr. Li Ka-shing, quietly began adding the Panamanian seaports along each coast of the Isthmus of Panama to its world-wide seaport holdings. 10% of his new venture, Panama Ports, is owned by China Resources, the commercial arm of the Peoples Republic of China's (PRC)..."
23. An extremely wealthy businessman from China set his sights on making nice with president Carter. The president's director of the office of management and budget, Bert Lance, fell into financial trouble (by design?). The Riady's came to his rescue but it was too late.
24. Lance resigned to protect Carter. BUT introductions had been made. Less than one month later in September 1977, Carter signed the agreement to surrender the Canal to the Panamanians, which would take effect Dec 31st, 1999. China immediately began investing in the ports there.
25. Is it just a coincidence, the partnerships that Riady edged his way into the outskirts of the administration and befriends Bill Clinton? And then, when the real deal is supposed to go down, to actually surrender the canal to Panama, Bill Clinton is president? Coincidence?
26. Oh and guess what, Clinton decided not to go to the official signing over of the canal in 1999. Guess who he sent in his stead? Jimmy Carter!
But, there's a lot bigger issue here. In 1987 the Iran Contra Affair exploded in the faces of US president Bill Clinton and Texas...
27. ...Governor George W Bush! The ClA hired pilots to traffic drugs into the US, there's a movie out about it now starring Tom Cruise. Eventually, "Barry Seal" was arrested by law enforcement agencies in the US for trafficking. A call from governor Bush, and it all went away.
29. That's when all nefarious eyes were set on the Panama canal. But, there was a problem. The US military operated the canal and commonly stopped low level smugglers. Since the Iran Contra Affair was exposed, a LOT of attention was focused on traffic through the canal.
30. In fact, Reagan was one of the most outspoken apponents to surrendering the canal. "It appears that Ronald Reagan was right when he declared in 1976 that Americans not only built and paid for the canal but are needed to keep it operating efficiently...
31. ...Through bureaucratic mismanagement and indifferent maintenance, Panamanians have spent 17 years letting the former Canal Zone deteriorate."


Nearly 10,000 US troops who worked day in and day out in that region, contributed to the local economy.
32. They offered protection from outside players, and served both Panamanian and US interests; they left Panama by the end of 1999. In addition, over 10,000 Panamanian jobs were lost by the troops leaving. The US left behind 3,600 buildings and 71,000 acres of land.
33. Bill Clinton once said he "loathed" the US Military, and closed military bases as fast as he could. Here's a list of all the bases closed in Panama thoughout the years. You will see the majority were closed from 1993 - 2000, the Bill Clinton years.

34. "On July 16, 1997, Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) was quoted in the South China Morning Post as stating that China Resources was "an agent of espionage--economic, military, and political--for China."

35. Folks, I know this is a long thread but this is where it gets insane. You see, many Republicans and even some democrats, raised their concerns over allowing the Panamanians to take control of the canal because the fear was, China would step in and take control.
36. They had already started dominating the ports and investing large sums of money into businesses interests in Panama. Last quote from the holyhillcross article: "On January 16, 1997, the Panamanian National Legislature passed "Law 5" which granted Hutchison-Whampoa a lease...
37. ...to manage the locks of the Panama Canal using pilot boat crews which consist of up to 25% of troops from the People's Liberation Army of China...include harbor police boat crews for Port Balboa on the Pacific side of the canal and for Port Cristobel on the Atlantic side...
38. ...By empowering this new Port Authority, Law 5 violates the 1997 Panama Canal treaty with the United States governing the order of passage for ships proceeding through the canal. No one in the Clinton administration has objected to this move by the country of Panama."
39. Nearly 3 years before the deal was supposed to complete, Panama already began breaking its long term treaty with the United States by allowing China's own Liberation Army to begin patrolling the Canal water ways. This should've been a bright red light to Bill Clinton.
40. But, not one person in his administration objected to the move. Why not? Because, it was his plan all along!

Now, you must understand, ever since Carter signed the bill to turn the canal over to the Panamanians, there were rumors about who would end up controlling it.
41. In fact, Bill Clinton was asked repeatedly throughout his time in office if the Chinese were in fact going to run the canal, to which he abruptly and consistently said NO! However, one fateful day, just a month before the final handover, he slipped.
42. “'I think the Chinese will in fact be bending over backwards to make sure that they run it in a competent and able and fair manner,' Clinton said. That’s verbatim. Those are his words, not mine. Clinton, who has until now denied that the Chinese were to take control of the...
43. ...strategic canal, admitted it publicly...'They’ll want to demonstrate to...the world that they can be a responsible partner,' the president said. 'And I would be very surprised if any adverse consequences flowed from the Chinese running the canal.'” https://www.wnd.com/1999/12/1493/#SVFbsDyoyX3KlddX.99
44. Let it be noted...just about a week later, Bill Clinton recanted and said his comments on China running the canal were a "mistatement". But, we all know, he knew exactly what was happening. In fact, there's solid evidence to prove it. The Pentagon released statements in...
45. ...2000, stating they provided reports in April 1998 showing the US knew China was in fact looking to take control of the canal at the Dec 31, 1999 turn over date. The entire Clinton administration knew exactly what was going on!
46. "The Army report, from April 22, 1998, contains an article with the headline, 'Panama: China Awaits U.S. Departure' and is based on a Defense Intelligence Agency intelligence information report.
'According to a DIA Intelligence Information Report, Li Ka-shing, the owner of...
47. ...Hutchison Whampoa Lt. (HW) and Cheung Kong International Holdings Ltd. (CK) is planning to take control of Panama Canal operations when the U.S. transfers it to Panama in December 1999."


You getting the picture folks?
48. "Don't expect the Clinton Administration to interfere with China's stunning beachhead in the Western Hemisphere. Clinton is hopelessly indebted to the Chinese and their allies in Indonesia for financing his presidential elections in 1992 and 1996."

49. People knew it back then! Why was nothing ever done about it? Why didn't the FBI or the DOJ or the CIA or the senate ethics committee or the Speaker of the House, or the elections council or the Bush administration or the Obama administration do anything about these crimes?
50. Because...the buyoffs were being passed around. Each and every person that COULD do something, was outnumbered 10 to 1 by people that would NOT do something.

Now. Are you ready for the connection of all connections?
51. "Two years ago, on July 16, 1997, Senator Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) was quoted in the South China Morning Post as stating that China Resources was ‘an agent of espionage — economic, military, and political — for China.’ Shen Jueren, the Communist official who heads China...
52. ...Resources, and Li Ka-shing are both partners in the Riady family’s Hong Kong Chinese Bank. Dr. Li is also a principal in the PRC’s huge China Telecom, and the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC), a ministry-level conglomerate with global assets...
53. ...f $21 billion run by Chinese “princeling” Wang Jun. As chairman of Poly Group, Wang Jun also serves as the PRC’s main arms dealer to Communist regimes, terrorists, and rogue states. Nevertheless, Shen Jueren and Wang Jun, like many other notorious Red Chinese agents...
54. ...bearing campaign gifts, were welcome guests at the Clinton-Gore White House.”


China telecom? If you read my other thread in the beginning you know what that turned out to be. Shen Juren and Li Ka-Shing are both partners in the Riady family's bank!
55. The Riady family owns the widely powerful Lippo Group and the family has repeatedly donated to the Clinton campaigns and the Clinton foundation. He was caught donating to Clinton and the DNC and was charged for campaign finance violations. Two dozen people went down.
56. They donated MILLIONS to Clinton and democrats illegally. But somehow, Clinton himself never received any punishment! And he was the one receiving the money! Here's the entire story, with all the people involved.

58. So why would Bill Clinton want the US military OUT of the Panama Canal, and why would Bill Clinton want his friends from China to run the canal? Because of the Clinton's OTHER suspected business. Trafficking. Drugs, children, women, body parts, weapons, etc.
59. Who does Bill Clinton have a great raport with? All these men...and they belong to the same companies, invest in the governments and programs.
James Riady, Shen Juren, and Li Ka-Shing. They're all affiliated with Riady's Lippo Group and Li Ka-Shing's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.
60. Lippo group does the banking, Whampoa does the trafficking. Remember too, the Clinton Foundation worked with these players to deliver tainted HIV medications to Africa which killed hundreds, if not thousands of African people. Think that's a far fetch?
61. Tell me, what do you need to transport your victims and your cargo? Ports. And, you need to control those ports too, right? Well...look at the 2006 portfolio of Whampoa Ltd. It has no doubt grown by now!

"The powerful Chinese-owned Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. is now the world's..
62. ..biggest cargo terminal operator, according to London-based Drewry Shipping Consultants. It also is the world's largest port owner.
Hutchison Port Holdings has assumed control of scores of potential economic choke points, including 169 berths at 41 ports worldwide.
63. These facilities control about 15 percent of global maritime container traffic. Some of Hutchison's ports lie near key sea lines of communication, such as the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal and the eastern coast of the United States. Of the eight international regions with...
65. They have ports in 6 of the world's 8 ocean going choke points that are vital for international maritime transit. This group's massive. Trafficking is simple for them. They control everything needed for discreet, international transportation of everything on the black market
66. Is slavery and trafficking really that big in China? Well, see for yourself.
"The Global Slavery Index estimates that on any given day in 2016 there were over 3.8 million people living in conditions of modern slavery in China, a prevalence of 2.8 victims for every thousand...
67. ... people in the country. This estimate does not include figures on organ trafficking."


COSCO is "China Ocean Shipping Company". They are the main shipping lines for communist China and they're owned by Li Ka-Shing's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.
68. Look at what ELSE they're transporting!
"COSCO ships have carried weapons to Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and Iraq. COSCO ships also have carried nuclear weapon components to Pakistan. COSCO ships have been used to ferry tanks to the Marxist regime in Burma, ship...
70. ... that about 15 years ago they began influencing eduation, politics, and law in the region. It is now mandatory for ALL schools in Panama to teach their students Mandarin! It was introduced in 2007.

71. The more you read about Li Ka-Shing, the more you realize how much of an icon he is to China. Nicknamed "Superman", it's no wonder he has such a following. He has done more to build China's economy than any other person in Chinese history, but he has also benefited greatly.
72. Li Ka-Shing's net worth is about $37 BILLION! He is one of the richest men on earth. You see what's happening. All of this stuff ties together in so many ways. The Clintons have had their fingers in literally every single major move in global history for the past 40 years.
73. They're intertwined in some of the biggest criminal entities in history! They've never once been caught or punished for their crimes.
Consider this: If Jimmy Carter knew this was the ensuing result of his decisions to give Panama the Canal, then he may have committed treason.
74. Bill Clinton DID KNOW the Chinese would be taking over the Panama Canal, which DOES account to treason. The treaty signed by Carter could've been revoked at anytime until Dec. 31st, 1999. His nefarious dealings with all of these people just keep finding their way out.
75. Remember too...while James Riady was banned from the US, he somehow made it back here while HRC was secretary of state! He was given "permission" to circumvent his ban. He met with Bill, Hillary and even Obama. He toured aerospace companies and deep space telescopes.
76. By the time he returned to China, it is believed he was taking with him advanced missile technology that China had been searching for, for years. You'll see that in my thread I provided you at the beginning of this.
That's it for me folks. We've done a lot of digging.
77. I hope that you'll spread this info to help educate others. I know it's a long thread but at what point do I stop? There's just so much to know.

God bless you all.



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