1. Irrational fear of believers of Islam among non-Muslims.

2. Rational fear of discussing Islam in its entirety among Muslims. (Snare the fundamentalists but spare the fundamentals.)
Horrific. Prayers for the families of the victims. This is the second terror strike on this Sufi shrine; the 2010 attack had killed 42.

Praying at a Sufi shrine or Dargah is expressly admonished in the Holy Koran (35:13-22 46:5 27:80 22:73) & forbidden in the Hadith (Bukhari).
Shafiqur Rahman is correct on Vande Mataram. He is a good Muslim.

Considering anyone else other than Allah as a deity, worshipping it, bowing before it, is expressly forbidden in Islam (Al-Tirmidhi) and also the Holy Koran (17:22-23; 12:40; 3:64; 5:55)
"Vande Mataram is not only idolatrous but in its origin and substance a hymn to spread hatred for the Mussalmans"..."Muslims all over India have refused to accept Vande Mataram or any expurgated edition of the anti-Muslim song as a binding national anthem." - MA Jinnah.
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