1. Here is my 🧵 about #RayChandlerChildHandler

Ǫ has been busy. Open your mind. 🧠

Down the rabbit hole we go 🐇🕳

Who is Ray Chandler ❓

Quick answer: Child Handler for the Cabal. 👺👶🏻
(Makes Allison Mack look like a declawed cat).

Meet Ray 👇
(continued ...)
2. And just what *is* a #ChildHandler ?

Someone who supplies babies for sick pedophiles.👶🏻
Someone who makes sure they get their fix.
They are paid well in return. Fame, fortune, #SatanicSlaves

Here are some examples of the kids. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
3. Remember this?

This is a photo of the way you enter #Epstein s island via the #LolitaExpress

Check out those flight logs on your own time. I won't go into those here.

There is an elevator that takes you underground from this structure.
What does it remind you of? ...
4. Do you know where this is?
5. Let's take a look at the Q post again - here it is so you don't have to scroll around:

Q says: "This is not just about sex trafficking" 🚨


Q continues w/
"Occult/Worship of Evil"👺

What and who worships evil? 🤔💊⏱
6. The answer is right before our eyes.

7. Remember, in order to be a part of the "club", there are certain rules. Here are some of them and here are some of the participants.

I have seen alot of crime in my career, but never anything of this magnitude.
8. Even the Vatican - no excuse me - ESPECIALLY the Vatican and the #PedoPope is involved. Note the red shoes... Do you know about those? If not check out my thread embedded 👇

(I heard he's finally about to have a very, very bad May...)

(Thank you @amory_miller for the memes)
9. Here is my old thread about the shoes for anyone who does not yet know the horrors 👇


Thread continued after this post in #10
10. The 🐇🕳 is sooooo deep.
This is why Q is tell you that #ThisIsNotJustAboutSexTrafficking

In order to understand a small slice of what's going on, we are going to have so ask some questions ❓❓❓

I have been waiting for this drop for some time.
11. When I started looking into this last year sometime, I realized that there was another Chandler that stood out to me. I forget how they are connected so please dig. It's not obvious or on Google. #EvanChandler was Jordy's dad & connects to Ray. #MichaelJackson
12. Evan Chandler (suicided) was a hollywood personality who was a screenwriter, pedophile and evil member of the worldwide Luciferian cult in Hollywood. His role in this story is very significant. Here is some of his bio from Wiki (which has been bleached):
13. It is really important to note that Evan Chandler was a DENTIST
14. Why are dentists important?

This graphic is hard to read, but I can make out most of it. This is a picture from Epstein's island. Note the little girl....

At the bottom left, you can see that full dental exam rooms with equipment were found on Epstein's properties
15. Here are some pics of the dental rooms and of the island of this sick creep
16. For the record, in case you were not aware, Epstein is a convicted pedophile.

Even wiped-washed Wiki has to say it. It's the law.
17. AND hes cahoots with the #PedoPodestas & #JamesAlefantis who owns #CometPizza #Pizzagate #Cannibalgate

Its ALL connected.
18. Real quick, lest we forget, or if you haven't already heard, Alefantis is really James ROTHSCHILD.

So is:


ALL #RothschildZionists
All related to the #Pindar

But let's go back to where we began ... and not get too far off track (tho its all related)
19. Back to Evan Chandler. The dentist. Also known for accusing (extorting) MJ. Another thread, for another day.

Evan was a dentist for the Hollywood elite... He also had visits to epstein's island and was tied in to more than #pizzagate
20. The dental exam rooms on the island, and at JE's mansion in Florida.

What were they used for?

For some reason, they needed teeth... WHY?

(sorry its graphic but this is nothing compared to what's on the data that has been seized and in @POTUS and Q's hands)
21. I apologize in advance, but over a decade in SVU, I have seen everything.
When a corpse is found, the only way to ID it if badly damages is by the dental records. WHY?

Teeth are the densest form of human DNA.

Although even a human hair has our genetic code, teeth are best.
22. So how convenient: Evan Chandler - a dentist collects the teeth of Hollywood elite and little kids - to later use it for ... for WHAT?!

How do you make a monster? How do you clone a human being?

You need a DNA sample.
Have you heard of Crispr?
23. Human cloning is real. A lot of it takes place overseas in Asia. All contracted by the cabal. The #RothschildZionists run the show. You do remember who Q is saving for last.


I know its not easy to swallow, but they ARE doing these evil things.
24. This is how they are able to "suicide" a lot of celebrities, and literally, keep the clones. Yes, its all true.

It's also why you will find out that many of the "stars" are transgenders. There is alot you can dig on here, and again, for another thread.

Clones are grown.
25. Q said that “many cannot/will not swallow”

That’s why it’s very important to keep God First, and make sure you keep your mind open. No one said these people are good.
Quite contrarily:

26. It's really hard to take in. Please give yourself time.

Hence the slow, steady Q drops. So we can get used to this stranger than fiction info.

Don't shoot the messenger. This info will be revealed eventually.

This is why Q says its not just about human trafficking & pedos
27. "The truth would put most people in the hospital"

28. Think about all this:


How in the heck do you come out and tell the world re: an #AlternateReality without getting crucified?
29. The stage must be set. And is.

Crumbs are easy to swallow.

We have been at this for three years. Online.
And then some. ...

Now we are seeing the bigger picture.
But this is still the tip of the iceberg.
30. This is a picture from #RayChandlers IG

It's of the cctv that was seized by our (white hat) teams.

This is hallway at Epsteins's where kids await in rooms to be tortured by pedos.

This is all true. Real life.

Take a good look at this picture... and wait for it.
31. Can you guess who that may be?

It's beyond mind blowing.
32. A picture says a thousand words.
33. Just to scathe the surface, here are a few examples of other visitors at Epsteins island

#PedophileSatanisHawkins #HimToo
34. There are some things you can only learn in a storm.

The choice to know will be yours.

35. I told you this rabbit hole is deep.

It takes time to take in, process, & respond such demonic evil. Especially for the average person with no background in sick crimes. This is real. #FakeMSM #FakeNews controls the narrative. Don't be sheep. Think 4 yourself.
36. We need to pray. Justice will be served. We are really lucky that @POTUS is in charge. We are really lucky that that Jesus is at the helm and that God always wins. 🇺🇸⚖️

Keep your faith. Walk by it.
It is what God wants. He & all of us are #Winning

37. God bless America. God help all of His Heavenly children. In Jesus Holy name, amen.✝️⚖️

Thank you for reading this.
Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for being here. ♥️
(Thank you to the anon who made this meme )👇😊🇺🇸
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