1/ $TSLAQ - thoughts? Feedback? Any relevance whatsoever or none at all?

I just visited a salvage yard near Tesla's @Gigafactory1 in Reno, NV.

The manager of the yard shared some interesting info about @Tesla

Folks, what's your take on this?
2/ Was shooting the shit waiting on a part to be pulled and the topic of Tesla came up.

I told him about a recent Model X taking out a light pole, in flames, barreling through a major intersection, verring into oncoming traffic, and burning on the side of the road here in Reno.
3/ Like most, he hadn't even heard about it (not surprising).

I asked if he had any Tesla's at the salvage yard. He laughed and answered with a, "hell no!"

He said they have no Tesla's at the yard, have never had any Tesla's at the yard, and they're not the only ones.
4/ He said Tesla vehicles are rarely seen at salvage yards and when they occasionally do end up there, they're not there long.

(This salvage yard is one of the biggest in the Reno/Sparks area. The company is well known w/multiple locations throughout the Northern NV region.)
5/ He went on to say that Tesla does some really weird "stuff."

I said it was weird that the Model X that crashed here in Reno vanished from the scene...really quick.

He chuckled and said he's not surprised because...that's what the "Tesla people" do.
6/ He said Tesla's are rarely seen at salvage yards NOT because they're safer/rarely end up getting totaled, but because "Tesla intercepts them".

I asked what he meant by "Tesla intercepts them."

He said when a Tesla vehicle is in a wreck, Tesla "people" go to the scene asap
7/ He went on to say that "Tesla's people" go to wrecks and try to get the cars.

He claims Tesla will do anything to get posession of the car and they'll follow the tow truck with the wrecked vehicle to wherever it's going.
8/ He claims that Tesla buys the wrecked vehicles back and he knows of many instances in which Tesla paid all expenses associated with the immediate recovery of the vehicle (towing fees, salvage yard fees, etc.).
9/ Once Tesla buys the car back and takes posession he doesn't know where the cars end up or what Tesla does with them.

He also said he has no idea how things are handled from there between insurance companies, owners, etc.

Thoughts? Any reasonable explanations for this?
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