1. THREAD: Podesta touring Australia and NZ

John Podesta has just completed an Australian speaking tour on 7 March, 2019.

There has been very little media coverage.

3. Being so far away from the US, Skippy mustered up the courage to rip apart Trump's reputation to his New Zealand audience.

Very special Skippy!

This is a good example of a treasonous-spirit.

Darkness will be exposed by its disregard for authority and due process.
4. He references Five Eyes (in the articles above) is also extremely interesting given the pending #FISA declassification.

He rounded out the tour reminding us of the danger of social media as being Fake News. 😂
5. He also gave the world another reminder about the total nonsense of the Comet Ping Pong story.

You can't make this stuff up.
7. Q also got involved, warning of large attacks in coming days (Post #3077).

An Anon asked about this NZ attack and Q responds with a chilling response. It was not big enough to take over the headlines (Post #3078). 👇
8. https://twitter.com/TheSpeaker2018/status/1106408110539706368
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