The Legatum Institute (LI) was founded in 2007 by Dubai private investment firm the Legatum Foundation. Former chief of Vote Leave, Matthew Elliott, became a Senior Fellow of the Legatum Institute in 2017.
In 2017, UK's charity commission began an investigation into The Legatum Institute Foundation after being “made aware of concerns reported in the media about the charity’s independence and received complaints it was political and acting to promote the views of ‘pro-Brexiteers
Legatum was established by New Zealand billionaire Christopher Chandler, a disaster capitalist who made his wealth as the post-Soviet economy collapsed in the 1990s.
Chandler was once a major shareholder in the Russian state energy firm Gazprom and in 2002 was named as a person of interest by the French security services because of alleged connections with the Russian security services and was accused by Bob Seely –
– using parliamentary privilege – of being a Russian agent. In January 2018 it emerged that Chandler had bought himself a Maltese passport, thus using his wealth to acquire the very rights that so many British citizens are being deprived of as a result of Brexit.
Also linked to the Legatum Institute is controversial lobbyist Shanker Singham, who worked there for a year before leaving for a role at 55 Tufton Street organisation Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). Singham also has links to US-based climate science denial organisations.
most of the group's income — £3.9m of a total of £4.3m — came from the Legatum Foundation Limited as well as an additional 40 donors who it does not disclose.👉ties to Heartland Institute/Heritage Foundation/warming Policy Foundation/Atlantic Bridge etc.
Heritage Foundation #KochNetwork) thread
National Legal Center for the Public Interest👉 It is at the core of a large network of right-wing, business-oriented Legal Centers funded by the Scaife, Coor, Bradley, Olin interests. #KochNetwork
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