Adding to this thread to keep a record
5. FWO signing MOU for development of university premises
8. PTV
9. NLC
10. FWO Uni
11. If ever the was doubt about ISI being the agriculture department
12. NPHA headed by previous DHA admin bringing in FWO for Naya Pakistan Housing
13. Vocational training institutes handed over to PAF
14. Most professional of the three ie PAF spreading its wings. After serving officers drawing two full time salaries (PAF and PIA/CAA), retired PAF officers also getting in on it
15. Katarpur to be developed by FWO reportedly funded by Sikh community of UK. via @ahmed__ikram
16. This one is absurd to the extreme. Government minister asking for Rs175 crore charitable contributions for Phase I of cleaning Karachi and the job is outsourced to.. wait for it.. FWO (as the account name shows)
17. Nominee of ISI in “committee for power sector audit, circular debt resolution and future road map”

No wonder we were surprised over Kashmir. Intel agencies ka focus to idher hai

H/t @rogueonomist
18. I thought absurdity of number 16 will not be topped for a while
20. Frequency slow ho gayi state capture ki thi. I was getting worried. CPEC Petro force k baad ab CPEC Authority bhi.

IBA / LUMS waalay khaali CPian (class participation) hi maar saktay hain. Asal training Kakul mein hoti hai
22. Foreign postings
26. Hum aadhay doctors bhi hain

(Refer to number 11 and 17 above for similar other roles)
28. Serving Maj General and a Brigadier appointed Deputy Chairman and Exec Dir Admin for NAPHDA on secondment.

I have also appended the circular showing additional benefits they will be getting.

Ooper waala jab dayta hai to chappar phaarh kar dayta hai
29. FWO will be building Bhasha Dam
30. National Command and Control Centre (NCOC)
31. Fighting locusts. Not a civilian in sight.
Feels like a non-event as civilians never had much say in Afghan policy. Thus this tweet isn’t numbered.
34. Disappointed in myself that this wasn’t included in the list when it happened. PAF officers taking two salaries for taking over PIA
35. See 23 above

This will mean amusement park to also pay rent to the land owners
36. CPEC Authority Chairman - yet to clear parliament

"In case a public office holder does not cooperate with the CPEC Authority, the chairman will have the power to order an investigation against the public office holder, according to the draft bill"
39. Brig (R) Shuja Hasan recommended for position of Chairman Pakistan Steel Mills

the nature of his assignments during his professional life with Pakistan Army and with a strategic organisation commensurate with the requirements for the Post.
40. Not only heading NAPHDA, but now this too 🤷‍♂️
41. See also 16 above from last year.

Pak Army to clean up Karachi
Makes you wonder why there is no private or public sector entity in any province of the country that can do the work FWO does. Civvies despite their UET, NED, LUMS, IBA, Ivy League pedigrees couldn’t establish one such national champion 
Confirming no. 39

Brig Shuja Hasan appointed for one year as CEO of PSM
42. Foreign office or foreign minister ko koi jhootay moonh hi pooch lay

1- First Saudi ambassador meets COAS
2- Now COAS visiting Saudi to meet MBS and may request renewal of oil facility 
43. Meanwhile business of state (capture) continues to move along

SC handing construction of underpasses to FWO
This judgement 🤦‍♂️ FWO SC Sind underpasses
44. Delivering jobs to his constituents #OrangeTrain
45. 9 tweet thread from PTV showing how COAS is doing the job of national leader/head of state after Karachi flooding.
45 (cont’d)
46. As per 🍕 investigative journalist, “PCIC is a facade. Rs1.1 trillion Karachi Transformation Plan will be handled by Corps Headquarters with GOC Karachi playing a major role.”
47. I had hoped that speed of state capture will slow down after Papa Johns episode. Pigs would rather fly. Now tests for admission to medical college to be conducted by military run for profit NUMS
48. Had missed this earlier from June 2019. Has SEZ in it.
50. What a brilliant development to mark the half century of the thread about state capture

The absurdity isn't the immunity which is standard. It is the power of the Chairman to order investigation into office holder.

Absurdity is CPEC website says Gen Pizza is Chairman when parliament was told that wasn't the case. CPEC Authority ordinance lapsed in May 2020
Gen 🍕 continues to be the chairman without not being a chairman #CPECMakingProgress
51. The work on RUDP and Bundle Buddoo island development given to FWO and NLC. How are we going to develop private sector developers and job creators when all the profit is skimmed off by FWO and NLC
How are we supposed to develop national champion private sector developers and job creators when all the profit is skimmed by FWO/NLC and rest of work subcontracted to private sector. I am not saying this, competition commission of Pakistan is saying this
52. It is getting absurd now. DG ISI part of the high powered committee with Karachi corps commander on storm water cleaning — nullah safai
53. Precision Engineering Complex of PIA handed over to PAF through an executive order of PM
Not putting a number on it as it happened in 2012 but truly WTF moment. #GIS

Ministry of Defence is about to declare mapping illegal in Pakistan. Federal cabinet giving up a civic task to agencies that report to Pakistan’s Armed Forces.
53. ISI being used to intimidate employees who are resisting PIA’s shift to Islamabad
This is related to No.17. Even Gen Bajwa is part of the IPP negotiations 🤷‍♂️

54. Before federal gov, as is its right, appoint a new Chairman POF, COAS Bajwa nominated a retired General as chairman POF who assumed charge of the position on December 22. The federal Cabinet just rubberstamping it now. 
55. Civil services waalay pata nahin kyun itna parhtay hain, Chevening, Fulbright, other scholarships and doing the tours in foreign service.

Ye wali financial security chahiyay. December mein retirement. January mein post retirement posting as an ambassador.
56. Oh well... 🤷‍♂️
57. I can understand appointment of retired military officers. Why does a serving military officer need two jobs? PIA is where PAF officers earning extra income. Army going for everything else particularly real estate.

Civilian urban planners should join military
Also this thread by Umair
This deserves to be made part of this thread
Fauji Foundation is considering acquisition of Silk Bank.
58. NADRA bhi un k paas chali gayi
59. LDA enforcement wing to have retired armed forces officers
61. To ensure that only patriots make it into Public Service
62. There is so much to unpack in this committee but becoming part of this thread for the retired general heading the RUDA committee
63. COAS negotiating LNG deal with Qatar. Makes you wonder if this government has any capable persons as every commercial position/decision/negotiation has to be undertaken by military
64. Now on to the serious business where there is no SECP, SBP, FIA, NAB, Ombudsman, Competition Commission, or any other regulator to check this unchecked progress of state capture.

FWO to be handed over Karachi, Peshawar and Pindi railway stations
65. For the love of the game. Pakistan Sports Board.
How state capture looks like.

Head of National Disaster Management Authority meeting head of PIA to discuss matters of “mutual interest” (how to capture more??).
67. Via @sm_hasnain
FWO received Rs.25 million for KCR revival but most likely lying to court that FWO hasn’t received the contract for it. Court also says why FWO is in this business when FWO doesn’t have experience in this business.
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