On International Women’s Day, let’s wish Smt Soni, a source of inspiration & role model for millions of women. She was raised in a poor family in a village in Italy but through her skills, hard work, determination & commitment, she became one of the richest women of the world
Her story is so inspiring, touching & heart wrenching.
“You’re good for nothing”, she heard this too many times from her teachers. One of them even mocked her “Tanne naachne ke ilaawa bhi kuch aave ke?”, hearing this she got upset & that was the turning point of her life
She grew up & befriended a handsome local boy from the village who used to bring alcohol & girls for Mirchi Seth, a mafia and drug dealer. The boy fell for Soni after she depicted her dancing 💃 & other hidden skills. She told him “Jaanu manne London jaana se”
Micheal Gorci was the name of that boy. He playing with her golden soft hair murmured “Chhori London jaane mein passport laage, thhara koyi address toh hove na”, Soni was clever, “Mirchi seth se bol na, saala kis kaam aavega susri ka”, she said
Micheal was hell impressed with Soni’s guts but had an apprehension “Mirchi kisi ka saga na se, woh bhi kuch maangega nakli passport banaawan khatir”, he told Soni. “Khus kar de gi Soni ussne, ja keh de”, Soni said with a conviction in her voice
That was the beginning of her success story. She pleased anyone and everyone on her journey to become a bar dancer in an Irish pub in London. Once she was dancing on “Babuji dheere chalo bijli giri” in that pub when two rich Indian boys entered in
One of the boys was named Maddy, very charming & flirtatious, other one was good looking but shy, Raj was his name. Maddy looked at Soni and smiled. Soni winked & while continue dancing she filled boys’ mugs with beer
Maddy & Raj got drunk. Maddy was dancing with Soni and singing “Billo rani kaho toh abhi jaan de dun”. Boys introduced themselves to her & after knowing who the boys were, Soni’s eyes began to shine like stars. Soni spent that night with Maddy
It became a regular feature for the boys to go in the pub, watching Soni dance, getting drunk. Maddy spent many nights with Soni. Raj by now was befriended by clever and ambitious Soni because she could see her future in him
“I’m not going to that bloody bar”, Mandy yelled one day. “Why?”, asked Raj. “I’m bored with Soni, I need change”, Maddy said smoking a cigarette. Raj sighed & left for the pub. “Pencho Maddy kahan hai aaj”, Soni asked. “He won’t come” Raj said shyly
“Raj mhare dil se pooch toh tu manne bahut pyaara laage”, Soni said smilingly. Raj’s heart started racing. Soni started caressing Raj’s hairy chest. “Sau saal pahle mujhe tum se pyaar tha aaj bhi hai kal bhi rahega”, Raj hummed
“Will you marry me?”, Raj bent down on one knee & proposed Soni. “Haay manne biswas na ho raha”, Soni smiled. She continued “Tu mahlon ka raja main galiyon ki Rani, thaare ghar waale manne accept kar lenge kya?” Soni tried to sound innocent. “That’s my job”, Raj said
‘Half job done”, Soni thought. Enough of dancing in bars, time had come when Soni could make others dance. Maddy was initially annoyed with Raj but conceded thinking that his own future lies with Raj as the latter was an Indian prince destined to rule India some day
That was around half a century back. All aspirations all ambitions met, all dreams became true. Today Soni is one of the richest women of this galaxy. “Mhare raaste mein jo bhi aavega woh choor choor ho jaavega”, She recently told BBC when asked about Maddy Raj & Raj’s mom
That was ‘Soni - An Untold Truth”. With this I once again wish Soni a very happy International Women’s Day”.
Some prequels and sequels may come later if the readers like this story
“WHO’S YOUR DADDY”, screamed Raj while pushing hard in & out. It was mid October 1969. “Oh God ya Allah deeper more more”, moaned Soni. Suddenly Raj realised he wasn’t wearing any condom but it was too late but doesn’t matter, the Clown was already conceived couple of days before
Years after Soni left Italy & settled with Indian prince, she hadn’t forgotten her roots. Once she visited her village where the empire of Mirchi Seth was unabated. She went to him. “Tanne ke chahiye meri darling”, Murchi asked. “Manne Mandwa wapis de”, Soni said in a vengeance
“Tanne Mandwa chahiye toh keemat deni padegi”, Mirchi Seth said with a Tharoorish smile. “Gaanu, kitni keemat?” asked Soni. “Chhamia pahle jaraa naach”. Soni got up & danced on “Husn ke lakho rang
Kaun sa rang dekhoge
Aag hai ye badan
Kaun sa ang dekhoge” She was hot & horny
“Chal ab haveli mein”, drunk Mirchi Seth asked Soni. Soni, who by now was also intoxicated but successfully seduced Mirchi Seth, agreed & both went into Mirchi’s bedroom. Mirchi was unstoppable & Soni was thirsty too. “Kasam se aisa majaa India mein na howe se”, Soni exclaimed
“Thaare mei India jaake aur garmi aa gayi hai nachaniya”, Mirchi Seth complimented. “Jyaada maska nako maar, Mandwa ki keemat bol”, Soni roared. “10 million dollar na ek pence kam na jyada”, Mirchi was a businessman. “Swiss account number bol BSDK”, Soni said in a commanding tone
“I’m sending 10 million through wire, you’d get it, now sign these docs”, Soni asked Mirchi. “Ghana paisa aa gaya, tu India mein kare ke yo bata jaanu”, “Seth mai aur mera marad maalik howein hain India ke, log pooja karein hamari aur hum unko loot te hain”, Soni was candid
Grabbing land from anyone & everyone had become Soni’s habit and hobby back in India. No one dared to come in her way. Once Raj’s mom asked her to help her in kitchen. “BKL, thhare baap ki naukar na hun main kati”, she yelled. Indu, Raj’s mom too got angry & yelled back “Kameeni”
Indu had many responsibilities to take care of. She lost her husband long back but there were many men in her life, she though always dominated & remained on top. She was determined to teach Soni a lesson. She’d a plan. But Soni was cunning of next level & could go to any extent
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