Ever notice how when you stop giving energy to certain relationships, your life immediately improves in areas that seem completely unrelated. This is what I refer to as energy leaks.
When I did private energy work sessions years ago, I would help people look at 5 major areas of their life to determine where there energy currency was being spent. An extensive questionnaire in the intake evaluation about Spirituality, Relationships, Career, Finance and Health.
Inevitably with most people(similar to my own story) had so many energy leaks regarding relationships that left them feeling drained and depleted, with little energy left at the end of the day to focus on career, financial well being or creative projects.
For a lot people the idea that being in unfulfilling relationships could impact your health, your career or your finances was not something they had even heard of. But because I saw the same energy leaks in hundreds of people it was easy to recognize this specific block.
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