"Einstein's relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors."

"Its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists."

-Tesla, 1935 New York Times

Summary: E ≠ MC2
52) Now that's a problem! Can you imagine?

All of science going in one direction--perhaps the WRONG diretion.

It certainly would not be the first time the cabal has backed and promoted junk science, if E=MC2 is indeed incomplete or erroneous.

Tesla's answer? Dynamic Gravity
53) Want to know who else completely disregarded Einstein's work--Calling it "Jew science"--and instead, explored Tesla's version of relativity?

Any guesses?

Yep... The National Socialist German Workers' Party

We know them as---The NAZI'S!
54) Sorry for the delay. I tend to pause my threads when I discover something new--inevitably followed by a "deep dive."

Oh boy, have I found some goodies for you.

I have a full work schedule, but will try to keep the tweets coming when possible.

Got to pay bills and all... ;)
55) So, I went on a tangent, hoping it would reveal more goodies. Might this be more than a coincidence?

Tesla was FUNDED by John Jacob Astor IV after JP Morgan killed WardenClyffe.

The same John Jacob Astor IV that died on the Titanic. The same Banker that OPPOSED the FED.
56) Now don't be gettin' any strange ideas, now--Strange ideas like Astor was a secret good guy. He wasn't.

They were eugenicists, like most elite at this time.

In fact, The Astors were friends and long-time sponsors of this beauty--George Bernard Shaw

57) But I digress...

When Astor died, Tesla's 4th patron--and the corresponding funds--died w/ him.

Edison > Westinghouse > JP Morgan (Rothschild) > Astor -> ???

The man who brought us AC electricity, radio, wireless electricity, etc. was suddenly unsponsored?

I don't buy it.
58) And this is the basis of my hypothesis... After countless business disappointments and the discovery of the cabal via his own experiences, Tesla realized he was among monsters.

Somewhere along the line, he realized he needed to go solo...

Or seek a SECRET sponsor.
59) Tesla was driven into debt & reclusion.

The media exposure was designed to crush this genius do-gooder, and boy did they! Not just the headlines, but the copy--using words like "dreamer"

It appears like there was an intentional assault on his ideas, reputation and finances.
60) Unvetted, but very recent news coming in to help fill in this story... Not vetted by me, but from a trusted source, Marine whistle-blower and patriot, @fieldmcc and @Telford_Russian @AGobsmack
61) Let's jump to WWII... Perspective.
62) Guess who was involved in the "bad guy" side of the Deep State, during and after WWII?

Richard M. Nixon
63) Well... maybe bad guy turned good? Or another political player trying to save his own hide? The holder of the keystone?

64) Or maybe just a good Navy man, always true to his country, but forced to deal with international power players for political survival and to hedge himself against blackmail?
65) Nixon was shuffled through to the Bureau of Aeronautics where he served as an officer in the negotiation and termination of war contracts.

Truth = (Legal Naval Officer in charge of the placement of Nazi scientists in Project Paperclip).

66) We all know that Nixon was a Rockefeller man. I mean, that's no secret, right?

Any guess as to who calls the shots?
67) Nixon was a Rockefeller man on the inside of the espionage game--their man on the ground--An agent.

A Navy man who knew where all the (Nazi) scientists were placed, and into which black budget projects...

He knew where the "bodies were buried."

That makes him controllable.
68) It's not unheard of for a President to run alongside a controlled asset.

Sometimes the asset does the controlling.

Sometimes, they are there, laying in wait, as a "successor hedge" should the President get too out of hand.
69) Back to Nixon... Not only was he in charge of the legal side of Project Paperclip, but he knew which projects were sponsored by which families, and where best to place them.

Which Nazi project was of great interest to those that would control?

Die Glocke

The Bell
70) Certainly Tesla wasn't the only one experimenting with high-voltage. So were the best minds of the Third Reich.

But let's not pretend... The Nazi's were merely the proxy for some very deep pockets...

And those pockets were on both sides of the Atlantic...
71) Strange, yeah? A war that was meant to happen? Perhaps planned FAR in advance.

Just how far back, I wonder...
72) I mean, how far do you want to go back?

Go back back far enough, and you end up with the Canaanites, Babylonians, and the Pharaoh's.

Is that not the beginning of recorded history?

All using conquest, subjugation, taxation, and KNOWLEDGE as their weapons.

Hidden knowledge.
73) Magic.
74) Magic.
76) And let us not pretend that behind the Canaanites, Babylonians, and the Pharaoh's, were always real people...

Real families.

Powerful families.

Families that know if they "slip," they lose power. They lose control. Inheritance.

It's a vicious cycle.

He who has the MAGIC.
He who has the TECHNOLOGY.
78) And what is the singular most desirable asset to control? (More than money). More than Title.

What prevents us from regressing to a beast of burden--An existence based of subsistence farming, hunting and gathering.

You know, the REAL basics to survival.

79) And the real granddaddy of them all--something for which they didn't have to pull it out of the ground, or burn coal, or nuclear reactors--would be... what?

If you could pull it out of the AIR!!!

Well... Out of the ground, to be precise.
80) And I'm not talking about oil.

I'm talking about scalar waves. Extremely low Frequency waves (ELF).

The earth has a frequency of 7.83 Hz

Too low of a frequency to harness for practical use... (electricity)

That is...

Unless you know how to convert it.
81) Convert it to what? High-voltage current... The same stuff Tesla was trying to give away...

Remember these three guys?

Guess what?

They knew how.
82) One of them has a last name of Trump.
83) Guess who else knew?

of all people...

Richard M. Nixon.
84) Listen carefully...
85) Did you catch that?

As a hedge against the powers-that-be--and former sponsors-- Nixon played his "Trump" card.

i.e. If I am indicted for any of this shit that you sponsored, I'll release your MAGIC.

Do you think his friendship with DJT was a coincidence?
86) Let's go back in time a bit... To the end of WWII...

So much going on!

What's with all this Military Intel--specifically the Navy?

Lot's of interesting characters around this time.

Like this guy...

James V. Forrestal
87) If you're into Roswell, or ancient aliens, or hollow earth, or Antarctica... Then you'll be quite familiar w/ Forrestal.

I hold all those things as "possible," but not "probable."

Instead, rather, I see a clear military intel need to obfuscate what was really happening.
88) Well, who was Forrestal, and why is it important?

Because, there is more ample evidence that Forrestal was to be the FIRST whistleblower on the #DeepState

His "suicide" fall from the 16th floor of Bethesda was murder. No doubt.

What did he want to tell the American people?
89) This thread went semi-viral. I suspect because--In large part-- @martingeddes shared it... (big fan)

Gulp... If I wasn't on the map yesterday, I sure am now.

Hello, DeepState.

Please stop the 6,000 years of madness, and insanity. (For your sake too).

Back to speculation...
90) Just a friendly reminder that this is merely my own way of reconciling various "conspiracy theories," so it makes sense, as none of this is uniquely mine...

Just piecing together the story, as I see it.

Moving on...
91) Let's dig in deep... Cut to the chase...


Take another look at the man next to Forrestal in tweet # 89.

Admiral Byrd. Another Rockefeller man, but, I suspect, a true patriot.

Who was he?
92) This thread could go on and on, so rather than tell the long story, let me finish introducing the players...

Take a hard look at this photo. There's Forrestal on the left...

See anyone else familiar? Perhaps a future hero, serving in a capacity WAY over his rank?
93) There he is again... In the back. With some cool shades on.

JFK at age 28, viewing Hitler’s offices in defeated Berlin as AIDE to Secretary of the Navy Forrestal (left), July 1945:
94) There are many other "white hats" in our history. For now, we'll stick w/ Forrestal, Byrd, and Kennedy.

Now, let me introduce you to some players on the other team.

Not good people.

Harry Truman, Allen Dulles, Stuart Symington
95) These 3 guys were a few of the KEY players for the cabal. Their mission?

(Or, their orders)




What is the National Security Act?
96) So, so important...

This Act reshuffled nearly every branch of military from what it had been for 150 years, to what it is today.

It created the CIA.

It created the DOD.

It created the Air Force

It created the National Security Council


Goodbye Dept. of War.
97) Mmmm Hmm... Been sleepin' on your military history, have you?

This was the final piece the cabal needed, and it came right on time.

It wasn't late. It wasn't early.

It was just... Well... Next.

You can't take over a nation overnight, after all...
98) I think it's pretty clear re: Truman's loyalties.
99) Despite the usual suspects (Illuminati, Jesuits, Zionists, Communists, etc.), let's not forget who #Qanon referenced IN ADDITION to some of the families named (Roths, Soros, SA).

The NAZI's.

Nazi World Order = the 4th Reich

100) Wait! What?

Like a bunch of German soldiers, shouting "Sieg Heil!"?


Remember, the Nazi's were a PROXY group, funded by the real culprits...

Hitler was a puppet... But also part of the cabal.

Who are the real Nazi's? This may surprise you.

101) Last few posts for the night...

Let me be CLEAR... It is not the Jewish people that are to blame, but the dark forces that hijacked their religion and identity.

The same insidious group that has hijacked nearly every power center throughout history.
102) Who are [they]?

If you REALLY want to dig in, feel free to see my thoughts on the DEEP history in a previous thread...

If you think this thread is long, the other is even longer--and still unfinished!

Geesh... I'm lagging! https://twitter.com/1FreeInhabitant/status/1036439681783586816
103) Tomorrow, I'll bring this back to WWII, Tesla, Trump, Nixon, Hughes, JFK, JFK Jr...

And the multi-generational PLAN to save the world.

Goodnight my brothers and sisters...
104) Antarctica... But why?
105) Let me ask it this way... Antarctica. But why?
106) Ok, maybe it's just me, but I don't have to think too hard on this one.

They didn't know the damn thing WAS THERE!

Occam's razor.

Holy moly... An entire continent w/ nobody living on it.
107) Not until the mid 1800's were there any kind of deliberate expeditions. But things really started to pick up steam around the turn of the last century.

About the same time Mr. Tesla was lighting lightbulbs without wires in Colorado...
108) Who would be interested in something like this? So dangerous! Capsizing ships, freak storms, glacier dynamics... Whew!

Who wants that!?

How about... Every entity with advanced technology.

The inherent dangers of an Antarctic base were also excellent defensive advantages.
109) Let's look at Antarctica in 2 ways:

1- A Playground for human technology--out of sight from people--earth curvature hiding aerial activity

2- A Playground for human and OTHER technology--out of sight from people--earth curvature hiding aerial activity

Wow. Either scenario
110) Perhaps under the Dept. of War, any kind of secret Antarctica alliance would not have happened.

But under this new NAT SEC ACT, everything was different.

SCIF's. Military autonomy. Ripe for infiltration.

Who is loyal? Who isn't?

Who caught on to this EARLY?
111) Loyal?

"You are a loyal fellow."

"You are a loyal fellow."

"You are a loyal fellow."

Said James Forrestal, muttering to himself--in some kind of distant trance--After a deeply disturbing private conversation w/ Symington.

The two were ENEMIES.

One loyal. The other?
112) What did he know? What did he want the American people to know?
113) And this is where my mind is blown...

2 Options, as I see it...

1- We had advanced technology (MAGIC) that came from the mind of MAN (electro-gravitic technology)
2- We had some OTHER technology (MAGIC) that was "inherited"

Either scenario is profound.
114) Did we have whistleblowers (or would-be whistleblowers) in our collective history?

I think so.
115) Listen to his words... Each word is important.
116) Now listen to this guy's words...
117) If former Secretary of the Navy has a bad fall from the 16th floor... And the president of the USA can be targeted, is it so hard to consider that the "White hats" went underground?

Now, survival is key.

Keepers of the truth?

To defeat the cabal, one must need to know it.
118) Guess which stable genius holds all the cards?

And the MAGIC.

And the TRUTH.
119) And he has a TRUMP card all of his own... When the time is right...
120) Now for my big wrap-up...

Why the greatest actor of all time?
125) We'll have to wait a little longer for my acting critique. Coming up for air on some deep dives on the actors in the play.

I'll finish that on July 4th.

Up until then, I need to bring this back full-circle.

126) I've been stuck on some of the points in my hypothesis (i.e. Did Tesla ever meet w/ F. Trump... Can't find it. ), and feel a sense of journalistic responsibility in proving it with evidence.

I'm no journalist. Truth seeker? Most definitely.
127) So, rather than get stuck on the things I can't prove, allow me focus on some things I find rather peculiar.

Like this...
128) By all accounts, John Trump, along with other naval intelligence officers examined Nikola Tesla's papers... Of course there was public interest in this subject.

That New Energy source mentioned in 1934, but also this DEATH RAY machine promoted in 1940.

What did they find!?
129) The official response by Trump was this:

"It should be no discredit to this distinguished engineer and scientist whose solid contributions to the electrical art were made at the beginning of the present century to report that his thoughts and efforts during at least...
130) ...the past 15 years, were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character--often concerned with the production and wireless transmission of power--but did not include new sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results."
131) Now... Let me ask you a question... Do you buy that baloney?

It sounds like a very well-crafted discredit for an interested populace...

You know how this works... "Official Statement"
132) Hmmm... Let's look at what Mr. Tesla was working on that had no "sound or workable principles or methods..."

Snake oil? Parlor tricks with static electricity?

Let's just take a look at what this "Quack" was working on, shall we?
133) Let me also point out that I don't feel John Trump meant what he said is that public release... He just said what he was told to say.

For... ehem...

"Reasons of National Security"

Whose nation?

(More on that later)
-Explosive values of certain compounds
-Metal purification
-High-voltage acceleration of charged particles (electrostatic generator)
-Telegeodynamics (earthquake maker)
-Electron charged particle accelerator (Laser beam)
-Power transmission via mechanical resonance

-Letter to the British about how to protect themselves from Nazi bombs with a laser
-Theory on "Dynamic Gravity" anti-relativity
-Letter re: telegeodynamics w/ Astor, Morgan, Fish, and Crawford mentioned
-Hydraulic turbine fluid propulsion
-Non-feasibility of nuclear power
-Renewable energy w/ natural earth
-Electrical transmission w/0 wires
-Worldwide system of wireless power
-Commercial agreements
137) Keep in mind, this is the sanitized version of what they found...

I don't know about you, but these papers are anything BUT tired musings from an old and once-great man...

Free energy, lasers, death rays, earthquake makers, power from the earth?

Nothing to see here...
138) Tesla doesn't strike me as a quack at all... In fact, he doesn't strike me so much as a promoter, but rather a truth-seeker and humanitarian.

He wanted to give away his best stuff--COSMIC ENERGY--to the people world.

He'll tell you this himself:
139) Now, if we put our investigative hat on, we might realize that Tesla's technology must have gotten to the 3rd Reich must earlier that the mid-40's.

Maybe even DECADES earlier.

But how on earth did his important findings get out of his lab and into the hands of bad people.
140) Wait just a doggone minute here... Shall we take a closer look? a MUCH closer look?

Occam's Razor again...

It's called "Social engineering"

It was stolen from right under his nose...
141) Forensic hats on?

Who handled all of Tesla's business dealings, his books, his legal affairs? For decades?

Tesla's trusted account, George H. Scherff, Sr.
142) That name probably won't ring a bell for you... But Tesla trusted him.

Tesla didn't like his son, though... Always rustling through papers, and messing with Tesla's things.

Tesla called him "curious George."

He was referring to George H. Scherff, Jr--Not the father.
143) But what may be shocking to you is that you know of curious George by another name...

Would you like to know who?
144) George Herbert Walker Bush

Which means, George H. Scherff, Sr.--Tesla's trusted assistant--is none other than Prescott Bush.
145) This is Otto Skorzeny, Adolf Hitler's bodyguard, and a favorite... A guerrilla warfare specialist...

AKA "The most dangerous man in Europe..."
146) And there he is again... In 1938... But this time, Skorzeny (left) is standing with GWHB and Prescott Bush.

That's weird...
147) In training? Fo their future roles?

Gehlens boys...
148) General Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi spymaster, began negotiations with Allan Dulles and the American O.S.S. Through Nazi intelligence networks, Gehlen made peace with Dulles, resulting in the clean grafting of the Nazi spy apparatus to the American one.

149) Where have we heard that term before? Oh yeah!
150) If you want to digress... And maybe look into the origins of the book "Curious George," You'll find all kinds of conspiracy theories... Crazy ones, like... Curious George may well be GHWB...

I'm not going that far...

But the authors and Tesla were friends... Just sayin'
151) Back to something more concrete... For us to believe that GHWB father (Prescott) was secretly Nazi, George Scherff--Tesla's trusted accountant--then surely there must be evidence that the Bush was a Nazi sympathizer...

Yeah? I mean, we have to establish SOME connection...
152) Oh, I don't know...
153) As I was diving into the Howard Hughes connection—something of great interest to me—I think I stumbled on yet ANOTHER weird piece to this story.

I don't think Howard Hughes Died at 76 years-old, emaciated, 90 lbs., needles in his arms, and 14-inch fingernails.
154) Because if you believe his wife, Eva McLelland, he died in 2001. However, she knew him as Nik Nicely...

Douglas Wellman and Mark Musick even wrote a book about it.
155) Fascinating tale, indeed!

Why would Howard Hughes fake his own death in 1976—Still one of the world's richest men?

Was he truly the meme we've all come to know—an incapacitated, morphine-addicted, emaciated, and needle-ridden shell of a man?

Not a chance.
156) The real story is FAR more tantalizing.

He have been eccentric—quite possibly OCD—but in my estimation, that OCD is what made him the industrial genius that we "know" today.

But we only know part of the story.

Who was the REAL man?
157) If you want to know Howard Hughes, you must first know George Van Tassle.

George Van Tassle was Hughes' man and closest confidant.

Here is where things get weird. Van Tassle is also one of the FIRST UFO contactees—of the 3rd kind, mind you.
158) This is the point in which—and the conduit from which Howard Hughes covertly became involved in what we will call a "Secret Space Program."


I believe Van Tassle was telling the truth... for the most part.

This was in 1953 in the deserts of California...
159) But the beginning of this saga starts 100 years earlier...

When philosopher mechanics were flying in the hills of California—before the blood on the ground at the Alamo was dried.

A MAGICAL time... A forgotten time. When everything was possible.

160) Wait. What?

100 years earlier?

Nonsense you say!

Impossible you insist!

Let me tell you the most FANTASTIC story you've never heard.

Buckle up.
161) This sounds like a Hollywood movie script, but it's 100% true.

We would have never known about any of this if it wasn't for a chance happening in 1970, when some beautiful manuscripts were left on the curb for trash.

In those manuscripts lay the stuff of dreams.
162) In 1970, Pete Navarro, a Houston commercial artist and UFO researcher, purchased the collection for $1,500.

The information was priceless.

The author's name was Charles Dellschau, a Prussian immigrant & butcher, who immigrated in 1850, and received his citizenship in 1860.
163) Although this man did not start his collection until his later years, the subject of his work centers on the years between 1850-1860.

He lived and died in Houston. It took him 30 years to produce his masterpiece—nearly 3 times as long as the time he was in California.
164) Keep in mind, this was Dellshcau's diary!

This was NEVER meant for our eyes. These came from the attic of a family member.

But he produced no less than 13 books and hundreds of illustrations of...

The Sonora Aero Club

An ultra top-secret club of philosopher mechanics.
165) In his late 60's a tired, grouchy, bitter man—by all accounts—began to reflect on a time-gone-by.

These were not meant to be technical drawing, submitted to the patent office. They were meant only for himself, as if to have his final goodbye, and relive the magic of Sonora.
166) Dellschau's initial drawing's—at the turn of the century—were more technical in nature, and less illustrative.

Almost as if he took on his duty again, one last time, as for the Prussian Nationalist organization funding the operation.

He was happy again. He had purpose.
167) He was trying to EXPLAIN what he witnessed 50 years prior.

He was trying to explain how the mechanism worked.

After all, he was not a philosopher mechanic... He was an artist, assigned to document the experiment.

But he was Prussian. And he was very loyal.

168) What mechanism might you ask?


Zero electricity needed.
169) How? Gyroscope

Ancient Greek = The Looking Circle

Is a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity.

Johann Gottlieb Friedrich von Bohnenberger's wrote extensively about his "machine."

Bohnenberger was a German/Prussian from Swabia
170) We've all experienced the magic of the gyroscope...
171) What happens is you put another gyroscope on the opposite end of that pole?

Professor Eric Laithwaite—father of the mag-lev train—staked his very esteemed reputation on it as a potential for anti-gravity... In front of the entire Royal Society!

He was laughed off the stage
172) Who had the last laugh?

At least until they buried this project. However, it wasn't our esteemed professor that realized the dream.

It was a dirty-fingernail mechanic, chipping away at his invention—w/ intention—that cracked it.

See for yourself.
173) As it would seem by this simple mechanism, a strange phenomenon occurs, that ... well... as Sandy Kid said in the previous video, "It loses some its weight..."

All done with simple mechanical instruments, readily available in the early 1800's.

No electricity needed...
174) What IS needed, however, is speed... RPMs

Our German mechanics and their backers didn't have electric drills or electric motors to spin those flywheels.

If you want more lift, you either increase the mass of the flywheel or increase the RPM's.

More mass, or more RPMs
175) Ok...

Now that we just solved anti-gravity, let's move on.


In all seriousness.

The right mass... the right RPMs... The right angles on the gyroscopes jib arms, and you create lift.

Now, let's look at Dellschau's work again, and see if these drawings make more sense.
176) In fact, if you pay close enough attention, you'll see that EVERY design always had gyroscopes and flywheels—in all imaginable configurations.

Nearly all produced lift. But only a handful were "practical," according to Dellschau.

20-40 men—innovating at incredible speed.
177) Dozens and dozens designed and tested... Extremely well-funded with the best minds of Bavaria.

Americans were there as well, not just German.
178) They kept the ideas that worked, and dumped the ones that were impractical...

So many models...

like Soso, Axel, Aeronix, Goosey, Gander, etc.

Others were named after the inventor that brought the "breakthrough" to the design, as a kind of homage.
179) Forgotten names of brilliant men...

Like Peter Mennis, Dr. Goree, Difdell, and many others...
180) But my friends, there was ONE name that stood out to me as much as it will stand out to you...

Model: 4500


181) Too bad Dellschau was in his 80's when he drew the TRUMP model. You can his illustrations became more decorated and less technical.

I imagine his hand and memory were both shaky by this point.

Much more than fancy illustrations here folks...

We have a cipher—top/middle
182) Just who was Homer Trump?

And what is this mysterious cypher that we see on Dellschau's work?

We have a real life mystery on our hands, folks.
183) WHAT!!???

Curiouser and curiouser... This thread...

It turns out that our friend Homer "Simpson" solved the Higgs Boson formula 14 YEARS BEFORE CERN!

For reals...

There are no coincidences.

Daily Mail:
184) I went down the rabbit hole after this last post w/ regards to Homer Simpson. Lot's of predictions and other uncanny clues.

Before we get back to the Sonora Aero Club, let's recap...
185) Timeline:

1817 - Bohnenberger experiments with gyros in Germany

1820-1850: (Speculative) period when the anti-gravity phenomenon was discovered—and improved (table top)

1850-1860: Well-funded German mechanics sent to far-away unpopulated to develop man-sized machines.
186) That's a pretty big assumption. I just speculated that anti-gravity (the lift aspect) is MUCH simpler than you might imagine.

Review the preview post (#172) to see it with your own eyes.

The WHEEL is the key.

If this hypothesis is correct, are there any historical clues?
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