My bestman is a UK medical doctor and a darn good one who makes plenty of money. His hobby is making money from real estate. His passion is fixing the houses BY HIMSELF. He is the best carpenter I know. He also does his own painting. It all started from Zaria, Nigeria. Not UK.
He hires workmen from time to time but he uses all his spare time to work with them. Lift stuff and do all sorts of manual labor. You know who inspired him? His elder brother @osuide who once used to be a medical doctor and now a tech guru. My own inspiration and mentor as well.
Our BIG brother @osuide is not just a medical doctor who became one of the greatest tech minds I know, he was also once an entrepreneur who launched one of the first successful tech startups in Nigeria called Trupak. His passion now is photography and boy!!! He is great at it!!
I have two great doctors as brothers who are also real estate landlord, caretaker, techie, carpenter, painter and photographer. They do these things with passion and they were born in Nigeria. They don’t have two heads. Problem we have is not artisans in Nigeria it is laziness.
Their father is Professor Gabriel Osuide who was founding DG of NAFDAC under 5 Presidents and 10 ministers. At almost 84, Prof uses his computer to do his own work. He learns more from the Internet than the average Nigerian guy on Instagram learning gossip or Twitter arguing.
The problem is not that there are no Nigerian makers or inspiration. The problem is that the wrong role models are amplified and I blame this all on the media and our media preference. My TEDxYaba talk was about this
Our Ancestors gave us the template already but we lost it because we called them idols and recognizing them as idol worship. We are worshipping new idols today and they are of the worst kind. Evil does not come through mystic possession, it comes through music and other media.
Next time we catch a criminal or kidnapper,let us ask them who their role models were? My guess is that according to my friend @BunmiBanjo they also would have read the Nigerian and global criminal favorite “48 Laws of Power”. We want power, we don’t want to make or create.
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