UPDATE: A Gov't-contractor jet flew today from Miami to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It landed for 1h 51m, then flew on to Caracas, Venezuela. After ~3h it took off from Caracas and flew back to Miami. h/t @MacFinn44
Tail Number: N173PA
Operator: Phoenix Air
Cc @kelly2277 @arapaho415
The Shannon Watch website is conveniently down atm, but this archive links Tail N173PA to suspected CIA "extradition flights".
h/t @MacFinn44
JUST ANNOUNCED: Venezuela is banning air & sea trips to/from 3 Dutch Caribbean islands "a region linked to efforts to undermine President Maduro". Includes islands of Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire. Airspace indefinitely closed to private and commercial flights.
New in-depth reporting on the Haiti arrests in Miami Herald from @Jacquiecharles. I'll pull out some new nuggets. Jacquie, you will find this research thread 👆 helpful to your reporting. h/t @MacFinn44 https://twitter.com/Jacquiecharles/status/1098034460589727744
HOLD UP 🖐 the President's advisor fled the country TODAY?!

"A letter...to the prime minister revealed that one of the vehicles...was purchased by a former gov't official and sent to the care of Fritz Jean-Louis, an adviser of President Jovenel Moïse." https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article226475635.html
"Jean-Louis...pulled up to the checkpoint during the police questioning..police (were) more concerned about the five Americans, two Serbians and a Haitian national they had just stopped." He was w/ the men who were arrested & let go.

@Jacquiecharles - how come u report 2 Serbs?
Oh I see:

"Police are pursuing a lead as to whether Estera may have been deported from the US. Police previously said there was a Russian, but on Tuesday they said both Bajagic & Jankvic are Serbian." 🧐

Note the alternative spelling of Vlade Jankvic. Have found ZERO on him.
This appears to be Vlade Jankovic 👇 but it's the only thing on him so far. No business associations found yet...
h/t @Agenthades1 🙌 https://twitter.com/Agenthades1/status/1098042531089080320
Duh, @Agenthades1 literally said to me "check out his associates" 👆

Possible Associates:
Danilo Bagajic , Danilo Bajagic

So he most likely works with the other Serbian, who also lives in Maryland. K17 Security.
It’s nice to know these guys have friends in such high places...”escorted through the lounge w/o shackles, w/ one U.S. embassy staffer in front and another in the back.”

cc @SecPompeo @StateDept 🖕
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