Let’s talk about how @CNN’s @fpleitgenCNN is providing a completely biased & lopsided image of #Iran & U.S. sanctions targeting the regime.

As @CNN will conveniently blame Trump for everything, @fpleitgenCNN is claiming U.S. sanctions are denying Iranian patients of life-saving medicines & urgently needed medical equipment.
Of course, @CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you how #Iran’s regime cares nothing about ordinary Iranians back home & spends billions on the Assad regime in Syria & other terrorist/extremists groups across the region.
@CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you how #Iran’s regime cares nothing about ordinary Iranians & spends billions of dollars developing & proliferating ballistic missiles, including many models capable of delivering a nuclear payload.
@CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you how #Iran’s regime cares nothing about ordinary Iranians back home & intends to spend even more on reconstructing #Syria. https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1029968814895714305
@CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you the Iranian people are suffering because they're ruled by a corrupt regime that very easily says "$9 billion of government currency has gone missing..." https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1027512616665661440
@CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you how #Iran's regime has destroyed the country's economy for 40 years & counting.

“Over 80% of the population lives under the poverty line”

(Farsi link)
@CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you how #Iran's regime has plundered the population for 40 years to such an extent that people are resorting to selling their kidneys to make ends meet.
Telephone numbers of people willing to sell their kidneys & ...
@CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you how #Iran's regime sent “200 tons of medicine & medical supplies” to religious sites in Iraq, while ordinary people in Iran suffer from the mullahs’ destructive policies & plundering.
@CNN & @fpleitgenCNN will never tell you how #Iran's regime is allowing Shabnam Nematzadeh, the daughter of a regime insider, run an import/export pharmaceutical company… all the while the mullahs lie about the U.S. sanctioning medicine & medical equipment…
“… Shabnam Nematzadeh, the daughter of the former Mines and Industry Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh in Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet, was found to be hoarding a stock of medication worth 50 billion rials (approx. $500,000).”
Moving on.

For those not familiar, #Iran’s regime has lied for many years by claiming U.S. sanctions hamper Iranians' access to food & medicine.

Read it from the U.S. Treasury Department.
"... the U.S. maintains broad authorizations and exceptions that allow for the sale of food, medicine, and medical devices by U.S. persons or from the United States to Iran."
"U.S. sanctions laws provide similar allowances for sales of food, agricultural commodities, medicine, and medical devices to Iran by non-U.S. persons."
"To further assist non-U.S. persons, including banks and medical suppliers, in fully understanding these allowances, this Guidance underscores that these sales to Iran do not trigger sanctions under U.S. law."
Even @CNN & @fpleitgenCNN had no choice but to display the U.S. State Department’s position on this matter, debunking their own report.
@fpleitgenCNN of @CNN has a history of reporting lies & #FakeNews about #Iran. https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1030174857567395843
More examples of @CNN reporting #FakeNews regarding U.S. sanctions against #Iran’s regime. https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1059175541348155393
Here @CNN provides a platform for #Iran’s FM @JZarif to spread his lies. https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1031451831795425281
And here @CNN is providing a platform for the known & disgraced #Iran regime apologist/lobbyist, @tparsi. https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1059350447121727488
The UN also spreads these lies about U.S. sanctions targeting #Iran’s regime.
In August 2018, two Iranian regime apologists/lobbyists by the names of @AliVaez & @tparsi were tweeting about these lies.
#FakeNews https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1032305203213742081
In September 2018, the European Council on Foreign Relations ( @ecfr) also resorted to spreading lies & #FakeNews about U.S. sanctions targeting #Iran’s regime. https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1041661157935702017
In October 2018, @bozorgmehr of @Reuters joined the pack of spreading lies & & #FakeNews about U.S. sanctions targeting #Iran’s regime. https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1050474608531570688
In November 2018, again, @tparsi continued his #FakeNews campaign against U.S. sanctions targeting his bosses back in Tehran. https://twitter.com/HeshmatAlavi/status/1061682477817884674
#Iran’s regime is known to have mouthpieces parroting their talking points & doing their dirty work abroad.

Listen to a former Iranian regime intelligence minister.
And specifically about @tparsi, he is known to parrot talking points provided by #Iran’s Foreign Minister @JZarif.
I’ve reached my conclusion about @CNN & @fpleitgenCNN & agree with @realDonaldTrump.

Please take the time & come to your own conclusion.

Thanks for reading!

I always welcome constructive feedback.

Best! https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1097117499336855553
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