Arnab brokered ministerial berths with a lobbyist.

Arnab recorded but then did not show Cash for Votes Scam

Arnab asked a fixer what kind of story would she want written.

Arnab faked a live TV debate.

Arnab was implicated in Me Too.

Yes. Arnab destroyed Indian Journalism.
Shocking attack on Arnab Goswami and his wife.

Stay safe, Arnab. I stand with you.
Arnab has now been grilled for nine hours inside the Mumbai police station.

Had heard of the Spanish Inquisition. This is the Italian Inquisition. And it is just starting.
Unreal. Arnab's interrogation is still on. Are they torturing him to disclose a secret Assamese recipe? Is there a secret tunnel underneath the police station running a hyperloop all the way to 10 Janpath?
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