Have you ever sat back and pondered over the complexity of #QAnon. I do all the time. I have actually had dreams of my galactic brothers and sisters telling me that I am already thinking in a 4th and 5th dimensional way. So when I see it I notice it and it's all through #QAnon
We are all playing our parts. I happen to help in a much different way. More of an energetic way and other interesting ways, but that's a whole other rabbit hole. You got the people praying, researching, sharing info, etc. I am more of a lurker. My main goal was to remember.
This has always stuck with me with the #QAnon stuff.

"Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here." -Q

Although it didn't really matter at the time who #QAnon was and it still doesn't fully. It has always been about the information, but I think it's time to talk.
It's pretty common that people think that the #QAnon movement is put together by Military Intelligence. Which I can somewhat get down with, but it seems to be around the idea that the military is from the U.S.

What if the military is not from the U.S. or even Earth?
It has been talked about for a long time now about the Secret Space Program.

Richard Dolan has talked about SSP. William Tompkins, @CoreyGoode , @david_wilcock , and I'm sure there are others.

Even #QAnon brought up the fact that projects operate outside of the public domain.
Now hang with me because this is going somewhere. With all of the #QProofs and validation that #QAnon has built over time and Anon asked the million dollar question.

Are we alone? -Anon
Highest classification. -Q

Why the highest classification?
Because the old guard...
...didn't want us to know the true origins of the human vessels.

That's one of the ways (((they))) kept control.

When Humans remember who they are the game is over!

I honestly think the hint was given a long time ago about ET. You remember when #QAnon bumped this post.
In little suddle ways our minds have been getting seeded with certain information and for the sake of the post i will remain with the ET topic.

Now if they were to just show up don't you think it would be a good idea to remain calm?

I eat live and breath my inner work.
All of the times i have went to the "kingdom of heaven within" I can tell you that i have seen some of the most amazing things. I have also seen the beings too. Even with all of that i can tell you that when they show up it will still be a bit over whelming and i'm expecting it
Well it looks like #QAnon has told us what to do.

Remain Calm.
We are here for a reason. -Q

There is definitly more to why they are here but let's just get ready to remain calm for now.
I'll leave with this. A friend sent me this picture. I looked for this picture and i still can't find it but he did take a screen shot of it with the link in it. If anyone can find it share that baby. @DonaldJTrumpJr shared this.

Remember #QAnon said that this is rather big.
Ok so this is important to add to this #QAnon thread.

Here is the #QAnon post that recently came in.

The @NASA countdown.
Here is the actual website from @NASA

It's basically a rundown of how they do a countdown on one of there missions. Let's go to the next post in the thread and look at a couple of detail. Although minor the add to this thread.

The right side of the page is the list of the countdown procedures, but it's the little details on the left that got me going.

CURRENT mission and not only launch countdown but a LANDING countdown.
#QAnon said to REMAIN CALM.
They are here to help and actually they have been!!!!
Starting place for this so start with Pt1 of the Antarctic Whistleblower testimony and by the end of the 2nd vid it ties in.

Mentions Space fleet around 14:10 mark #QAnon

"7" races dealing with us since the 50s and 60s. "Look Human" around 17:38 mark.

Pt2 sound issues in beginning.

@ the 22:00 mark you first hear "Cyber Command"

@ 22:58 mark it brings in "interstellar trade". Which brings in SSP.

25 min on listen carefully. "Kim" from NSA Cyber Command, 8th floor dealing with interstellar. #QAnon

With the complexity of #QAnon posts how do we know that it is military from Earth. ETs have always been here helping us at certain times in history trying to get us freed from the malevolent ones who have enslaved us on Earth. Looks like this time it worked. #WWG1WGA #QArmy
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