1) Read this tweet.

The LA Helicopter incident 2 days ago was in front of Allison Mack's lawyer's office. The NXIVM cult. #QAnon

2) Remember this Q post?

I think this event warrants a BOOM. #QAnon
3) Watch CA. #QAnon
4) What enables the military to undertake domestic operations?

It'd have to be of upmost national security interests. Landing a bunch of military helicopters in the middle of Wilshire Blvd was a big, out in the open moment, this seems huge guys. #QAnon

5) "Bigger than you can imagine."

What would be so big that domestic law enforcement couldn't be trusted? And so big it required helicopter extractions?

I think our boys struck right at "the cult." #QAnon
6) Why? You think Q wouldn't save post 666 for something special?

Date? Feb 5, a year to the day that the helicopters landed in LA.

Look at the names in this post.

Apache. This event was YUGE. #QAnon
7) I'm not posting the Pepe popcorn its habbening meme. Ignore this post.

Seeing 2 digs right, one is if the Mack lawyer info is a false positive. We're figuring it out. Not sure.

Whatever that op was after was huge, related to this?

Feds seize 1.7 tons of meth, other drugs at Long Beach port: https://abc7.com/feds-seize-17-tons-of-drugs-at-long-beach-port/5126800/
Addendum 2: @MilspecP, it doesn't appear to a Mack lawyer, convinced me too, perhaps still Mack related.

Something around that location triggered this op, a huge moment. It was 3 blocks from The Standard Hotel. Mack & Standard were in same Q post.

It's stil interwoven.
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