billie eilish sold her soul to the illuminati? a thread..
i know this sounds crazy but she’s famous enough to join the illuminati by know + her new song bury a friend seems to have many sings that she indeed sold her soul
at the begging of the video billie’s under the bed and she has black eyes, she says “what do you want from me, why don’t you run from me, what are you wondering, what do you know” this could be the illuminati demon talking to billie asking what she wants to do with the illuminati
i looked at the comments in the video and someone said the guy in the bed looks a lot like x
during the video she looks mind controlled and demonically possessed, then there are people controlling her and injecting her with drugs (the illuminati uses drugs to weaken the celebrities and to mind control them)
“keep you in the dark what had you expected” they’re not telling her everything and then they (the illuminati) asks her what was she expecting? “make you my art make you my star...and get you connected” the illuminati helps celebrities become famous an connects them with people-
-in the industry. she says “ it’s probably something that shouldn’t be said out loud” meaning she shouldn’t be talking about the illuminati “honestly i thought i would be dead by now” she thinks the illuminati would have already killed her bc she’s trying to tell us the truth
then she says “the debt i owe gotta sell my soul..” and there she’s basically admitting to selling her soul
bury (kill) a friend = sacrifice? many celebrities do blood sacrifices in order to become famous. she also says “cannibal class killing the son” cannibalism is a satanic ritual & killing the son = killing jesus
she says she wants to end herself a lot in the song so maybe she wants to out and end to all the demons and her evil self,, in conclusion she sold her soul and is now asking for help
xx disclaimer xx this isn’t meant to offend anyone, i’m a fan of billie and this is just a theory.
oh and follow me bc i’ll be posting more conspiracy theories soon 🖤
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