Mothers of the Earth: A thread about the greatness of black women 💍
#1: Mama Eve

Through modern technology, scientists have isolated the DNA in our gene cells and determined that a woman who we call “Eve” lived around 200,000 years ago and around 6 million years post chimpanzee. She is revered as the mother of all civilization.
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#2: Queen of Sheba

The historical validity of Makeda is skeptical as there are many legends to her story. From Axum (her home) she traveled to Jerusalem to discuss commerce, religion & politics w/ King Solomon. Through her quest, she brought the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia.
#3: Angela Davis

In 1970, the FBI placed this former professor on its “10 Most Wanted Fugitives” list after guns registered in her name were used in the kidnapping/murder of a CA judge. Motive was to negotiate the freedom of the Soledad brothers. She was later acquitted in 72’
#4: Selma Burke

If you have any loose change....go in your pocket, grab a dime and flip it to the front.

That’s the work of Selma Burke (honorary member of DST), the woman who created a sketch of President Roosevelt in 1944, which eventually inspired the Roosevelt Dime.
#5: Marie Laveau

During the 19th century, Marie Laveau reigned as the Queen of Voodoo in New Orleans. She publicly held rituals & ceremonies at Congo Square, Maison Blanche & behind her cottage on St. Ann Street in the French Quarter.
#6: McAllister Hall

Jane McAllister was once a edu. professor at Jackson State. She became the 1st Negro woman to obtain her doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia Uni. in 1929. She’s stated as thee 1st black woman to hold a doctoral degree in edu. throughout the world.
#7: L. Zenobia Coleman

Coleman was one of the most notable & widely recognized librarians in MS. She was a charter member of the Beta Delta Omega Chapter of AKA at Tougaloo College and a member of a number of other organizations. She worked in the TC library from 1933-1969.
#8: Mawu-Lisa

Mawu-Lisa is a creator goddess with two faces. Mawu’s(woman) eyes are the moon and Lisa’s(male) eyes are the sun. After Mawu populated the world, she sent her male half down to Earth with Gu, the god of iron and war to teach the people how to live.
#9: Anne Cooke

As a Spelman teacher, Cooke would organize the University Players composed of students from Spelman, Morehouse and Atlanta University. She’d also put together the AU Summer Theater, the 1st of its kind. She’d also chair & organize Howard’s first drama department.
#10: Cecile Fatiman

A “mambo” was a female Voodoo priest. Cecile Fatiman was a mambo & mulatto slave who slit the throat of a black pig & shared the blood w/ other slaves at the Bois Caiman ceremony before the Haitian Revolution. This symbolized the allegiance to the rebellion.
#11: Matriarchy (Part 1)

Greek Historian Diodorus Siculus wrote of the Egyptians

“Among private citizens, the husband, by the terms of the marriage agreement, appertains to the wife & it is stipulated between them , that the man shall obey the women in all things”.
#12: Margaret Walker Alexander

Dr. Alexander, a former prof. at JSU is 1 of the most respected black writers in America. Along w/ Harold Courlander, she’d sue Alex Haley claiming he used parts of her novel “Jubilee” in Roots. Unlike other authors, Walker wouldnt win her case.
#13: Nancy Quander

In 1799 Pres. Washington died & he specified that 12 of his slaves be freed upon his death. Nancy, also related 2 Nellie Quander (1st National Pres. of AKA) also related 2 Blanche Bruce, were of those freed slaves. The Quanders are Americas oldest black family
#14: Queen Califia

The Adventures of Esplandián was a book published in Spain in the early 1500s by Garcia Rodríguez de Montalvo. Queen Califia was a black warrior Goddess and she ruled over an island filled with gold. This is where the state of California gets its name.
#15: Tignon Laws

During the late 18th century, WW began to feel threatened by BW. This was because BW were receiving high rates of attention from WM for their “exotic” hairstyles so in 1786,the Tignon laws were passed. This made it illegal for BW to wear their hair out in public
#16: Oshun

Oshun is the orisha most associated w/ fertility, beauty & wealth. She is one of the original 17 orishas who 1st came to earth. Those seeking financial success call on her. She’s associated w/ the number 5 & common offerings to her include honey, oranges & calabaza.
#17: Oya

Oya is the orisha associated with wind. She is the mother of the ancestors and is responsible for the transition humans make during death. It’s said that she is there to take a mans last breath. She’s also associated with the number 9.
#18: Lip disks

The lip disk position purposely resembles certain birds which have a ritual significance. For some Africa tribes, lip disks are usually inserted around 6 months to a yr before a young girl is to marry. Conducted during an initiation ritual, disks symbolize beauty.
#19: Afeni Shakur

Imagine having to represent yourself in trial AND facing up to 300 years of prison time while being pregnant with your first born. Afeni Shakur was apart of the Panther 21 and each member was acquitted of all charges in May of 1971.
#20: Myra Davis Hemmings

Initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated in 1912, Hemmings went on to be one of the 22 founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. She was the only woman to ever serve as chapter president for both organizations.
#21: Nut

In Ancient Egypt, the cow was symbolically used for the African woman to show that she nurtures & protects her children & nation the same as a cow. Symbolically the universe moves in the spirit of the woman which is where the “The Milky Way” gets its name from.
#22: Seshat

The Goddess Seshat in Egypt invented writing. She was the goddess of wisdom and knowledge & the star on her head means “she who wears the two horns”. It was considered to be a magic wand, the source of all creative ideas.
#23: Ana Nzinga

Ana Nzinga was the queen of Ndongo who resisted Portuguese invasion & slave raids for 30 years. She was a skilled negotiator & allied herself with the Dutch & pitted them against the Portuguese in an effort to live free of Portuguese domination.
#24: Kandake

The name Candace derives from Candance or Kandake. Kandake was a title given to the Queens of Meroe, a city of Kush/Ethiopia. There were 8 overall Kandakes of Ethiopia. A Kandake is mentioned in the Bible & the 1st Christian church in Africa resides in Ethiopia
#25: Emily West (Part 1)

West was a free woman of color who played a pivotal part in the victory of the Texas Rev. Shes known for distracting Mexico’s General, Santa Anna during a “romantic engagement”, leading to a surprise attack from Sam Houston. The battle lasted for 18 mins
#26: Emily West (Part 2)

Emily West was also known as Emily Morgan. There’s a song called The Yellow Rose of Texas which was dedicated to her & the original lyrics included the term “darkie” which was later switched to soldier.
#27: NACW (Part 1)

The National Association of Colored Women was founded in 1886 & the groups main goal was to fight for the rights of black women. Among the leaders were Mary Church Terrell, Ida B. Wells-Barnett and Mary McLeod Bethune.
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