Ok. Here goes... This is a thread. Uncertain how long it will be. And not preplanned. Jimmy/ @InnerFirePod asked me to do a post on LCHF on a budget. I live under the Canadian Poverty line. Think welfare level income bracket... Which is not much...
I've been LCHF since March if 2013, went Keto in late 2014, went Carnivore in Feb of 2017. Please note... This is to educate BETTER CHOICES for poor people who want to eat LCHF and get healthier than food guide eating. Not OPTIMAL choices. As with everything money runs our world
Ppl like me struggle to keep the lights in and the rent/mortgage paid. And that money often comes from the grocery budget...what little budget there is. Many ppl in my income level often rely on food banks and food stamps. I'll be talking about my experience mostly here in Canada
1st point. Read your weekly. Grocery ads. Get an app on your ohone or weekly newspapers that show you sales. There are websites for most stores as well.
The foods on sale on the forst page are called loss leaders. Store sells them at a loss to have good sales to get you in store
Only shop from the first oage of your sales adds. There will be meat and veg on sale.
2nd: clear out your fridge freezer. Buy ziplock bags.
3rd:save up and buy a deepfreeze. Even a small square one for about 200$. Buy scratch and dent one at homedepot or lowes etc.Even a used one
At my level of income, without a freezer... This isn't easy to do.
You want to bulk buy meat on sale and freezable low carb vegetables on sale and stock up.
I buy ground beef when it is lower then 2.88 a pound ONLY. And I buy LOTS. 10 to 12 pounds of it at a time. Meat sales will cycle. So usually by the time i run out of ground beef, it will be on sale again.
Ham, turkeys, pork, and beef all go on sales in cycles thru the year.
I buy 2 turkeys when they are on sale at easter and Thanksgiving and freeze them. They are great to cook and eat for a week at unlikely times of the year. I save ALL my chicken bones and turkey carcasses. I freeze them and make broths and soups with them.
Invest in a BIG pot for your stove for making soups and broths. Beef bones make good soups too. Throw in some broccoli and cauliflower and salt and pepper, garlic powder and butter and you've got a good warm meal in a financial pinch. You can get cheap pots at 2nd hand stores
Veg should all be freezable. So they won't rot in your fridge and waste money. Buy them on sale too. Even clearance racks with some small spoiled areas. Clean em up, bag em and freeze em. Broccoli, cauli, asparagas, greenbeans, etc...
You are going to want to spend your money on a few exoensive things that ate importsnt for a LCHF eating life. Butter. It doesnt need to be Kerry gold. Noname. Butter is 3 to 4 dollars a block usually. Butter goes on sale too. And it freezes well. Coconut oil and olive oil is..
Often cheaper in the international good aisles in your grocery store. In a pinch for good fats pure lard in the baking aisle is about 1.75 a block.

Bacon goes on sale often as well. Get a jar and save all your bacon fat. Use it too cook with.
More later.... Gotta fix the fire. BBS
Here is a picture of my initial weight loss when i went lchf in 2013 to inorove my type 2 diabetes. I ate a LOT of sausage and hotdogs and burger patties... Then i wasnt even worried about what corn starch or wheat fillers they had.
Eating hotdogs and sausage can sometimes be your cheapest way to eat... And that's OK. Don't listen to what ppl tell you. Yes hotdogs are full of cornstarxh and sausage often has wheat crumbs... But it is still a better choice than a bowl of pasta and sauce, or toast and jam.
If you are going to use Peanut butter as a staple... I did a LOT for protein and low carb when we wrre mega broke... It goes on same every 6 weeks or so. Soring for GOOD Peanut butter. Only oure Peanut only. No sugar. No oils added stuff. Buy 4 jars at a time.
Canned foods.

Tuna, salmon, sardines, corned beef (there is no corn in it) and SPAM. Don't eww me you folks who dont have to resort to such products. SPAM has some potato starch in it, bit it is all protein and better for lchf than a can of beans in maplensyrup.
Pork rinds can be expensive compared to potato chips. But they are great for a snack and also crushed up to make tuna cakes and salmon cakes to make an actual meal.
Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Will be your best LCHF friend. I eat 4 to 6 eggs a day. They are cheap and are nutrient and protein dense. I call them tiny little nutrition bombs. Eggs go with everything! If not allergic. Find a way to love them.
I didnt use full cream for a long time due to the cost. But it lasts a long time and it does go on sale around holidays.
Yogurt freezes well. So does cottage cheese and if you want block cheese to last longer and buy in bulk. Shred it. Bag it and freeze it.
Pickles are amazing on LC. They have a long shelf life and store well in fridge upon opening. Side note. Pickle Juice is great for keto headaches. Just a shot glass full helps.
Now let's talk fresh veg.. If you are into veg... You won't eat fresh all the time. Salad everyday is not affordable at this level. But the week you stock up on groceries buying fresh is a nice change from always frozen veg as a side to your meat on LCHF.
Do not buy premade salad
The cresh veg that have the lo gest fridge life are
Romain Lettuce
Roma tomatoes
Carrots (not baby)
With these veg you can add cheese and a coupke eggs. A bit of ham and have an amazing salad.
Romain lettuce is your new wrap.
They hold taco ingredients well too.
You can also regrow romain lettuce and celery on your window if you are diligent at keeping watch of it daily to add water. Check out Pinterest for ideas about this kind of stuff
If you have even the smallest yard or balcony you can hrow your own veg as well. Tomato, cukes, green beans all container garden well... Fresh Herbs as well...get creative. Pinterest in loaded with info on this.
Next money saving thing i do beyond buying, is meal plan.
And portion making before freezing.
Cut up ground beef into about 1 pound portions, bag and freeze. I cut BIG eye of the round beef packs into decent size roasts. 20 bucks gets me 3 good size roasts & some ends i cube up
The cubed up 3nds go in soup.
Itgets really easy yo go to the freezer and pull out a pound if ground beef, a bag if cut up cauli, a baggie of measured cups of shredded cheese and throw togetehr a low carb sheppards pie for supper when you do this pre planning and portion making
always check the meat and deli sections for discounted foods. They mark them down 30 to 50% if they are due to "expire" the next day or that day... They freeze easily and last the month taste wise.

Avacado freezes decently also. Cut em and cube it up and bag them.
I think this a majority of my tips and tricks and how i shop and budget for my diet. When i went carnivore due to extensive veg allergies meat got easier to soend a little. More on. So my advice... Spend on good oils, good animal based proteins, and some veg if you can/want.
Low carb/keto/carnivore is doable on a poverty level income. I'm living proof. I have reversed my type to diabetes, lost arthritis pain, improved anxiety depression& ADHD better & 98% improved my asthma (as carnivore) and i have maintained a loss of 60 pounds since 2013.
Oh lets add in hoe to eat LCHF when you are out for the day. Having someone else make your food can be a treat when have to cook at home so much. We tarely go to resturants cause if affordability. Unless someone else is paying. But you CAN do LCHF at Mcd's and Wendy's cheap.
We never buy full meal deals. Just the burgers... And i ditch the buns. Ask for a fork and knife. Chop it up and make a "salad" in a big mac box.
Wendy's will sell you just the patties wrapped in lettuce if you like. Easy. And it is 1.60 a pattie here for me. Not bad in a pinch
Five guys is expensive on my budget. About 3x a yr i eat there... But i love thier bunless burger delivery. All your fixing and your meat patties in a take out tin container. Chop it all up. Cheeseburger salad with a fork
Lunches at work... School..? Bacon. Boiled eggs, veggie sticks and yogurt or sour cream travel well. Thermos with hot soups. Even hotdogs in hot water in a thermos travel well. Cold. Beef patties, pickles... Etc.. LCHF is easy to take with you.
I hope reading thru my dyslexic fast typing typos was doable. Ask for clarification if not 😀 I just wrote fast as it was coming up in my head to get the info out. I'm shivering...Gotta fix that fire again. Damn polar vortex.
Hope this was what you were looking for @InnerFirePod
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