I’ll be sharing all the deets / preparation / tips / food / places / airbnb / budget & etc.

🗓 Travel Date : 18th - 24th January 2019
💸 Total Expenses : RM 2.4k all in (exclude shopping)

This is actually my 4th time in Seoul (call me crazy but seoul is just endless 💗) but it’s my first time travelling overseas with friends! We hv a certain budget but at the same time nak travel conveniently so ada some parts we spent extra money & we covered it with other parts.

Flight : RM 970 (20kg luggage, meal, seat)
Airbnb : RM 480 / 6 nights
Ski : RM278 (ski & clothes rental, lift pass)
Entrance Fees : RM 60
Hanbok rental : RM 72 (2 hours)
Subway : RM 202
Food : RM 265
Groceries : RM 60
Exc shopping & street food

💰 Total = RM 2,387
Total expenses i shared tu tk include personal shopping & street food.

FLIGHT TICKET - I already had in mind nk gi January sbb baca blog & tgk vlog orang lain jan plg byk snowfall. So mmg dh set nak pergi Jan 2019 hoping we’ll get to feel and see snowfalls 🌨❄️
March 2018 i dah start survey Airasia tix to Seoul (almost everyday haha). End of April cmtu, Airasia was having a Mega Sale and that’s the cheapest it can get. So we grabbed return tix to Seoul + value pack (20kg bag, meal, seat) = RM 970 ✈️
If you always pack light, 20kg is actually enough je but i jenis yang pack mcm nk pindah rumah plus i memang nk shopping situ so i add on 10kgs more for balik (additional +RM66)
AIRBNB - We chose Airbnb instead of Guesthouse / Hotel cause it has kitchen to cook. Took months for me to find a good place to stay with an affordable price! I surveyed every week and finally found an Airbnb for RM 80 / night (dah divide 4 ppl) . Yay! https://abnb.me/F8vhL2gBRT 
We stayed for 6 nights so that makes it to RM480. Location : Ahyeon-dong. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen & a rooftop with bbq place siap haa (but we only use it once lol)

If u guys nak cheaper can go for guesthouses, boleh dapat rm50-70 / night.
ITINERARY - Since it’s Winter, we mainly nak experience winter activities and go to less-touristy places. This is our completed itinerary, u can download if u want to! 🤗 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fly9b2ulixeszfg/Seoul%20Itinerary%202019%20-%20AMRH.O.pdf?dl=0
Places we went to semua i search by reading blogs / posts / vlogs. Mainly hidden gems in seoul i jumpa from @CultureTrip & @TripZillaMag they have the best non-touristy, hipster places recommendations, guides and infos 👍🏻 i also suka check posts from ig @seoul_official
Planning itinerary probs the hardest out of all. I asked my friends to pass me their places-to-go lists pastu kena make sure that the places we’re going are cohesive, schedules not too tight, getting infos on the opening hours closing time of the places, hw much is the fee & etc.
Lagi best if you search terus cara to go, which subway station kena turun, exit no brp. We didn’t follow our itinerary 100% - there’s places tak pergi, some stayed lama or kejap and some tak sempat pergi so we bring it to the next day - things like that!
APPS - These are the only 3 apps i used. I’ll go through super quick one by one. Ada je app lain org recommend that u hv to google read blogs more tpi for me these 3 je most useful.
Help shows you how to go from a station to another, which station & color line kena transfer, fare & time. What you’ll need to do is just choose the station you’re at and find the station you want to go.

Example : Ahyeon Stn. > Myeongdong stn.
After finalise my itinerary, places we’re going to i’ll terus search on this app, saved as favourite and then i’ll just navigate my self once im at the subway exit going there. It gives you the best way to go the place and tells how long is the walking distance.
I only use this to search up korean words i don’t understand. It can translate both ENG > KOR and vice versa. So if the person you’re asking for don’t understand the english word you’re trying to say, then just type it and show to them.
CLOTHES - In Jan, weather is between 7C to -10C so make sure you wear proper layers. I pakai 3-4 layers,

TOP : Heattech > Turtleneck > Knit Top > Winter Jacket

BOTTOM : Heattech > Jeans / Pants / Skirts > Fuzzy Socks

ACCESORIES : Gloves & Scarves
Please make sure you get a proper winter jacket ; Bubble / padded jacket. Get a jacket that’s thigh - knee length as it protects your legs from freezing too! Dont buy trench coats or autumn coats yang tak tebal unless you’re winter proof then go ahead 🙃
I know i know bubble jacket mahal kan, uniqlo pun 300++ 🙄 actually if u search on shopee, byk gila bubble jacket cntik and works as good as uniqlo’s / universal travellers. Price range on shopee RM60-RM100. 2 of my jackets are from bundle, 1 i bought from shopee.
I beli brown (RM60) and white (RM40) bubble jacket from @bandorumalaysia Sept 2018 hritu they bring in winter jackets for a short period. Majority is in good quality and condition mcm bukan preloved pun. As good as brand new 👍🏻
This black jacket i beli from shopee is the best one, ada size from S up to 3XL. It’s thick and quality top notch stayed warm the whole time pakai. Before ni i beli rm60+ je dh naik harga haha but okay la tu still less than 100 😉 https://shopee.com.my/fulai1.my/473672353
FOOD - Brahim, rice, tuna, maggi & breads for breakfast & dinner. Cookies and snacks to munch masa jalan jalan.
Stocks kitaorg mcm nk gi 2 minggu 🙃

MONEY - we exchange money kt midvalley ₩ 1,000 = RM 3.60 . Brought 1k for expenses kt sana and some for shopping thingssss.
Guess that’s it for preparation! I’ll sambung DAY 1 IN SEOUL tonight okayss ☺️ while you here, watch my insta stories on my ig I’ve highlighted each day, yay!

Ig @/amrh.o

& if there’s anything else you’d like to know, drop me a dm anytime!

Flight kitaorg midnight so we arrived Incheon Airport at 8AM. Sampai je, after immigration & luggage went straight to Airport Bus Counter to buy tickets to Ahyeon Station which is where our Airbnb located at.
Ticket counter is next to exit 9 Arrival. Cheapest is by train (₩ 4,500) but since we all had big luggages, it was freezing cold and taknak kena drag bags up the stairs so we opted for Airport Limousine Bus ₩ 10,000.
Dah beli tix terus line up and tunggu bus no 6002 to Ahyeon (15 mins interval) bus in seoul is so efficient they follow the schedule & on time, bila ntah bus malaysia nk cmni 🤷🏻‍♀️ the driver gave us numbers to keep for our bags. It took us 50 mins to arrive.
Sampai je bus stop,driver bus will help unload the luggages. It’s 5 mins walk to our airbnb, not that far but with heavy bags and cold weather, quite tiring tho. We’re lucky the owner let us check in early so that we get to settle down before exploring the city!
Around 1pm we’re out for lunch and had to bring them to my fav restaurant in Ewha University Area!! We only used subway for our transportation the whole trip so dh kira kira and terus topup our T-Money ₩ 40,000. kalau ada lebih u can refund back the balance.
🥗Alchon Bibimbap @ Ewha University Area.

📍Take exit 2, walk straight towards the Univ., turn left once you see Olive Young store. Alchon will be on your right.
They hv 4 halal menus now for you to try. Ngl the bibimbap is sooooo freaking delicious , they provide endless side dishes & their service is quick too! We get the food less than 10 mins je 🤤

💵 ₩4,500 - 6,000
After lunch, we walked around the Ewha University Area. This area is the best shopping place for women sbb Ewha Univ. is a woman only univ so 90% shops are women’s and it’s cheap - U can get trendy clothes & bags for ₩10,000 , cute socks for ₩1,000 je!!
Stopped by a cafe 171+ Bread & Tea , ordered hot caramel macchiato for ₩5,500 & sedap gila. Their Matcha Latte is good too! They hv breads too but didn’t get any to try.
Before leaving, we stopped by jugak the entrance of Ewha Womans University, ambik gambar depan the famous library spot before we move to the next place.
Next stop is to see sunset city view from Namsan Tower, so by 4pm we make a move cause 5.30pm dh sunset. Took the subway to Myeongdong Station, exit 4. Ada few ways you can go actually, naik bus / taxi or throught cable car. We opted for cable car.
📍Keluar je exit 4 Myeongdong Stn, walk straight about 200m at the junction depan Shinsaegae Dept. Mall turn left pastu walk for another 3 mins you’ll see Oreumi Elevated Escalator. It’s for public use and it brings you up to the cable car point.
Sampai je, terus beli ticket roundtrip cable car ₩ 9,500. The line nk naik cable car was a bit long so had to wait for 15 mins jgk till our turn. Sampai je atas, it was abit foggy so we couldnt get a proper sunset view. SIS REDHA 🙃
We didnt buy ticket naik to the observatory but just chill out at the love lock area, pictures here & there and shared some churros ice cream for ₩13,000 which i didnt take picture.
Around 6.30pm, turun balik the same way we came up and then terus pergi Myeongdong Street which is nearby the exit 6. Walked around, window shopping, had some street food and then semua penat and beku so balik makan maggi 🍜 End of day 1!
Will continue DAY 2 IN SEOUL tomorrow!! Penat sih buat thread how do you guys even do it im dyin here

8AM everyone’s ready to go out. We started off the day with sledding activity! About 45 mins away from our place so we make a move quite early to save time.
🛷 Sledding @ Ttukseom Hangang Park!
💰 Entrance fee : ₩ 6,000
⏰ Time : 9am - 5pm

📍Ttukseom Resort Station, exit 2
The sledding place is just outside the exit station. You’ll see it once you stepped out of the exit.
We arrived around 9AM, baru je bukak so orang tk ramai lgi nk turun sledding pun tak yah beratur so sila la datang awal, best gilaaaaa 🤗 they provide paid lockers too ₩ 500 to keep your belongings.
You can stay situ whole day if u want, it has other entertainment too - funfair rides, smelt fishing & korean folk games. For smelt fishing & funfair rides u kena pay price lain tk include in the entrance fee.
Spent 1 hr+ sledding, tiring but we had so much fun!! Took a break at the cafeteria - bought 10 pcs kimbap for ₩10,000 , tteokbokki ₩3,000 & 2pcs omuk (fish cake soup) ₩1,500. We share divide 5 org buat isi perut. Fyi, byk oppa handsome kerja situ if youre looking for jodoh 🙃
My inner child side is screaminggg had so much fun sledding down!!
Then semua malas nk sambung main, 11.30am took the subway to gyeongbokgung palace. Reason nk gi sbb nak rent hanbok and ambil nice pictures je inside hha. In case you don’t know, if u pakai any korean traditional clothes u get to enter the palace for FREE! 🌟
Area Gyeongbokgung actually penuh rental shops u can just choose any. If nak get cheaper maybe boleh check klook / trazy. Didnt plan to wear it at first sbb was afraid it’d be too cold, last minute decision semua nak pakai so chose the nearest shop senang nk return back on time.
🎎 구르미 한복 (Gureumi Hanbok)
💰 Premium Hanbok : ₩20,000 for 2 hrs

📍Gyeongbokgung Station, exit 6. Turn right nnti akan keluar small palace gate, cross the road and turn right, walk about 50m & the shop is on your left, 1st floor.
We opted for premium hanbok sbb lawa, colorful, princess like. Accesories and bags are also included cause some other rental shops, kena add more $$. If u nak cheaper they hv ordinary design yg cm zaman Joseon tu haa for ₩10,000. Man’s attire my friends pakai ₩15,000 for 2hrs.
The ahjummas are so nice & friendly they helped dress us up too. Even gave us hot packs to bring around. Here’s a quick view of the shop!
⛩ Gyeongbokgung Palace
💰 Entrance fee : ₩ 3,000
Free entry if you’re wearing korean traditional clothes.
⏰ Time : 9am - 5pm

📍Gyeongbokgung Station, exit 5
Keluar je exit, terus nampak main gate palace besar gedabak depan mata.
So many spots to take nice pictures in the palace 💗 so explore the place find the right angles and take hundreds of pictures! 📸 or parody la scene drama korea fav korang.
Around 2.30pm we returned back the hanbok and walked our way to Tongin Market which is nearby the palace for late lunch! It was about 10 mins walk from the rental shop.
Tongin Market is famous for Dosirak where you hv to change money > old coins to buy the food in the market.

🍱 Tongin Market / Dosirak
💰 ₩ 5,000 = 10pcs old coins
⏰ Time : 7am - 9pm@
📍Gyeongbokgung Station, exit 2
Walk straigh for 7-10 mins, market will be on your left.
So once you dh smpai tongin market’s main entrance, walk inside smpai tengah sikit nnti akan nmpk on your right sorg pakcik handling the coins exchange and lunchbox 🍱 So tukar duit ngn dia nnti lepas beli food boleh la naik Dosirak Cafe kt atas to eat (entrance tepi pakcik tu)
Plenty of choices for muslim to eat, no tanda halal obv so I usually akan tanya ahjummas if they use meat (chicken/beef/pork) and alcohol in the food before purchasing ;

“Is there meat & alcohol in the food?”
혹시 고기와 술 들어 있나요?
Hokshi gogiwa sul deulreo innayo?
Kena la tanya dalam korean. Paling malas tunjuk je la ayat tu kt dia nnti dia baca sndiri in hangul words dia faham la. So they’ll reply

ADA - 있어요 (isseoyo)
TAKDA - 없어요 (obseoyo)

Kalau tkda, dipersilakan beli tapi kalau still was-was jangan beli 🤗
Every dish mainly costs 2 coins / serving but if you’re short of coins boleh je mintak them 1 coin worth of portion / bayar guna normal korean won. Lunchboxes ni optional, just for experience je.

Our lunch boxes before & after! 🤤
Food you can eat in Tongin market
• Japchae (Stir fry veggie glass noodle)
Pajeon (vegetable pancake / cekodok in malay)
• Tteokbokki (rice cake - ada pedas ada yg soy sauce)
• Mayak Kimbab (vegetable kimbap)
• Tuna Mayo Rice
• Omelette Roll
• Banchan (Side Dishes)
Ate the food at the cafe, utensils & plain water are provided. Cafe kecik je so peak hour maybe tak dapat seat, orang ramai in the market tapi kt cafe tu still ada available seats. We were so hungry, eventhough makanan dh sejuk it’s still tasty and fulfilling 💯 i’d come back!!
After late lunch dh around 4pm we decided to balik cause semua penat and nk solat kt rumah instead. Did that, and malam lepas maghrib baru keluar pergi Hongdae Street @ Hongik University Area.
Hongdae shopping street is as good as in Ewha’s University Area. Sini lagi banyak choices for both man & women. It’s slightly pricier than ewha’s though but still ada yang cheap! what’s different in hongdae ada banyak vintage shops / bundle high quality. So prepare some 💵 💵 💵
walked around the street, did some shopping & watched live performances. Recorded this one guy, someone DM-ed me ckp muka dia mcm BTS Seunghoon(?) 👀 y’all judge la sendiri, he’s cute though haha
had dinner @ Yoogane. Kedai ni sama je mcm Mr. Dakgalbi tu.

The only food boleh makan kt sini is the Seafood Fried Rice ₩ 5,500 / pax, for 4 pax so jdi la ₩22,000
add on - rice cake x1 (₩1,500) & ramyeon x2 (₩3,000)

Total ₩27,000 divide 5 org - sorg paid ₩5,400 je 👍🏻

9am dah keluar rumah going to Bukchon Hanok Village, this is actually my 1st time going there though it’s my 4th time in seoul 😂 Took subway towards Anguk Station, 15 mins from Ahyeon.
Bukchon Hanok Village is composed of alleys, hanok and is preserved the old urban vibes. Some hanoks are renovated as workshops / galleries and some are still residing by citizen. So u can’t be too loud here!
⛩ Bukchon Hanok Village
⏰ Shops opening hours are varied. Safe to go after 9am.

📍Anguk Station, exit 2
Walk straight upon exit 2 for 7 mins when you see CU convenient store on your right, opposite kedai tu ada lorong which is starting point of the hanok village.
Area is a bit uphill but the view from the top is soooo worth it 😍 and every corners are just picturesque!
We came early so tak ramai lagi orang!
Was sooooo windy on the top of the hill - freezing cold windy🥶 so we went to a teahouse to warm up, there’s a few teahouses in bukchon area but the nearest was 차 마시눈 뜰 Cha Masineun Tteul Tea house!
This teahouse has such a beautiful view and interior, love it to the bits 💗 We ordered our teas for ₩8,000 and some korean snacks ₩4,000. I had the Iced Flower Tea 🍵 and it has such a sweet fruity taste, mine is the best out of all hahaha the snack was oklah biasa je.
On the way down, stopped by to eat some fish cake soup ₩2,000 (probs my fav street food during the trip) and also the famous 레이어드 Layered Scones Bakery! Tookaway salted caramel & matcha scones ₩4,500 each. Sedap!!
Next stop is Ice Skating! Searched through all ice skating places in Seoul and the one infront of Seoul City Hall is the cheapest!

⛩ Ice Skating @ Seoul Plaza
💰 ₩1,000 / hour inc rentals!

📍City Hall Station, exit 6/7
Keluar je exit, cross the road terus sampai.
Sbb ice skating ni bayar per hour so they have session & time schedule. We arrived around 1.30 pm so the next session is at 2 - 3.30pm. Half an hour to put on skate shoes, simpan barang etc.
The ice rink is really packed with ppl but you can still skate normally takda la jam tak gerak ke apa.
I’ve always love ice skating, so it was really a fun experience. It was super cold that day sbb windy and the ice rink was outdoor but we survived ❄️🥶
Habis ice skating, everyone’s hungry cause we didn’t eat proper lunch so we decided to go 오세계향 Osegyehyang Vegetarian Restaurant @ Insadong cause It’s just few stations away. Took the subway to Anguk Station exit 4
Sampai je the restaurant it was on a break, 5.30 bru buka balik. So we walked around insadong makan chocolate 💩 bun for ₩ 1,000.
5.30pm sharp went back to the restaurant. This shop is 100% vegetarian so u can order anything from here semua we can eat. However, it’s a bit pricey and food was ok, not gonna come back haha

🥗 Osegyehyang Veggie Restaurant
💰 ₩10,000 - 20,000
📍Anguk Station, exit 6
After our lunch/dins, we separated our ways pergi different places. Hazim & I went out for a date to Yeonnam-dong area, hongik univ. station, exit 3. Walked around the neighborhood and stopped by a cafe that has the most amazing cheesecake ₩4,000 ever tasted in my life! 💗
DAY 4 IN SEOUL I’ll continue tonight 🤗

For ski, we went to Vivaldi Park cause it’s the nearest to Seoul (1.5 hours journey) so i did survey total amount i need to pay if we go by ourselves with klook & trazy’s package. We purchase Trazy’s package as its the cheapest!
🎿 TRAZY PACKAGE : https://www.trazy.com/experience/detail/korea-ski-tour-vivaldi-ski-resort
💰 RM 278 / pax

* Roundtrip Transportation
* Ski & Clothes Rental
* Lift & Gondola Pass
* English Speaking Staff

* basic lesson
* Meal

Masa i beli 268 +RM10 bank charges sbb tu jdi RM278.
We learnt ski from youtube je haha cause if ambil package with lesson mahal gila and surprisingly everyone’s able to ski and go down the slopes! But if you’re not confident, then take the basic ski lesson. It’s actually quite easy make sure u watch proper ski vids on yt!
Ok so, if u ambil ski package from klook / trazy mmg 7.20am paling lmbt kena ada kt meeting point dh a bus will bring us straight to vivaldi sharp 7.30am. So we woke up super early 6.45am dah keluar rumah took subway to Hongik Univ. stn, Exit 8. Meeting point is depan Starbucks.
Ada byk bus kt situ with other tour guide & package so make sure u don’t get the wrong one. Trazy whatsapp me a day before on the deets so it’s easy on us to know which is our bus 💯
Checked our names in the list and boarded the bus, took 1.5 hrs to arrive. Slept all the way through, around 9am we arrived at Vivaldi! Sampai je, a staff yg pakai jacket merah tu dh tggu kt luar bus and so we followed him to the ski & clothes rental. He explains very well 👍🏻
Dkt tempat ski rental ada lockers to keep bags and jackets for ₩1,000. The only picture we took masa busy renting things cause semua rushing nk ski lol
Ada banyak slopes kt vivaldi, if u mmg dh pandai ski pergi la yg intermediate / hard slopes. we the noobs entered the beginner slope je 🙃start off belajar sendiri dulu kt bahagian bawah before we ride the ski lifts to go down the slope ⛷
And when we expect the least, it snowed! ❄️🌨 I was so ecstatic as it’s my first time experiencing snowfalls ♥️
Snow gets heavier as we go through the day! Wasn’t expecting at all as the weather forecast showed ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ everyday but it snowed 😩💗
2pm everyone was freezing and hungry, we took a lunch break. Lunch we brought with us brahim ayam kurma & nasi we cooked the night before cause food kt vivaldi is soooo expensive 🙄
Lepastu sambung balik main ski, time ni orang makin ramai nak naik ski lifts pun beratur panjang gila, 20 mins bru our turn pagi tdi tkda line beratur pun 😅 kitaorg pergi on Monday which is weekdays, imagine going on weekend bet yall can’t see the slopes sbb penuh ngan humans 🙃
So happy this time i didn’t fall my butt off 👏🏻 my 2nd trip to korea in 2014(?) i went for ski also and fell down so sis give up terus hahahaha but not this time 💁🏻‍♀️
And then dah pukul 4 we didnt even get to ride gondola naik to the peak cause we were so into skiing and gondola closes at 4pm. But we sure did enjoy skiing, worth every penny spent on it 💯 we’d recommend getting the trazy package for your own convenience!
Ugh snows are so 💗💗💗
4.30pm we returned back all the ski rentals and clothes, 5 pm waited near the bus stop sbb kena tggu bus to bring us back to seoul balik. 5.30pm start line up, since we came from hongdae so balik pun kena naik bus hongdae. Ada a few buses and the last bus is at 6pm ⏰
Once we’re back in seoul, we went straight back home had dinner and sleeeeeeeeeep 😴 end of day 4! Day 5..... tomorrow sis sambung 🤗

Day 5 is a chill day, no winter activities just jalan jalan around Seoul and some shopping! 🛍
Started the day abit late cause everyone still penat with ski smlm. Around 10am we arrived Ikseondong Hanok Alley - is a hidden gem in the bustling city worth to explore! Is a new attraction so tk ramai lagi tourists know about it. Here’s a sneak peak!

Every alleys in Ikseondong fills with aesthetic cafes, cute trendy shops, galleries & workshops. You gotta explore every crooks & coners!! ✨ Loving the vibe there, mainly cafes & shops open between 10-11am.

📍Jongno (3)sam-ga Station, Exit 4
I’d spend a whole day in Ikseon-dong 🧡 also is it just me but macarons in seoul is just amazing??!? Tried a few from different shops and all of them are so good! Perfect texture, crisp and chewiness 🤤
Pls pls pls explore every crooks & corners, you won’t be disappointed!! 🌟
There’s a part of ikseondong they open a pop-up store selling pretty clothes & accesories with affordable prices! Ada photo booth too for you to take pictures with friends ₩4,000 📸
Next to the pop-up store ada this small white house where it provides papers & color pencils for you to draw your fav bread / pastires! 🍰🥨🥐🥯 So i decided to give my rusty drawing skill a shot. Once you’re done you can hang it wherever you want on the house wall 💗
After exploring ikseondong, we head to 광장시장 Gwangjang Market for lunch!

🥗 Gwangjang Market
💰 ₩3,000 - 15,000
⏰ Time : 9am - 6pm

📍Jongno (5)ga Station, Exit 7
Walk straight out of exit for 30m, market entrance on your right. – bei 광장시장 (Gwangjang Market)
Bila masuk the market, ada by gila food stall u can just choose any and sit down they mainly sell the same food. Had Japchae ₩5,000 & tteokbokki ₩3,00 for lunch share makan 2 orang sbb semua nak simpan duit for shopping 😂 U can try mung bean pancake / pajeon / kimbap too.
Ok so the main reason i added Gwangjang Market in our itinerary sbb nak challenge makan 산낙지 Sannakji which is Raw Live Octopus!! 🐙 actually octopus tu dh mati what they mean by ‘live’ is the muscle octopus kan strong so lepas potong it’s still wriggling around. LOOK AT THAT!!
Kalau tk berani dont try sbb octopus tu akan gerak and stick in your mouth hahaha kot muntah je 😂 Price differs everyday, hari tu harga ₩13,000 so ordered 1 share 5 org. Ahjumma tu terus ambil 1 octopus dia potong fresh pastu serve with some seaweed, sauce and sesame oil 😋
Now we try! Bila makan ni kena make sure chew betul betul okay sbb taknak octopus to stuck dkt tekak 🙃 So here’s our reaction first time try, yes it stucks inside your mouth tpi lepas chew few times dh tk gerak dh haha. Ngl, it tastes so good!!!! We finished everything 😂
Next stop is Common Ground! Its the famous pop-up store built with blue shipping containers. Here you can find local designers brand & rooftop cafes.

📪 Common Ground
⏰ 11am - 10pm
📍Konkuk Univ. station, exit 6
Walk straight (100m) once stepped out exit 6, it’s on your left.
Price range : ₩30,000 & above. So didn’t buy anything, we came just to take pictures dengan blue container tu and walk around je.
Around 4pm, went to Garosugil Street for some shopping! Kt sini nk cafe hopping pun best ☕️

🛍 Garosugil (Shopping Street)
📍 Sinsa Station, exit 8
Walk straight (200m) turn left on to Garosugil Street.
Spent 2 hrs in Garosugil around 7pm, kitaorg terus make a move to Yeoksam sbb dh book table at 8pm kt Yanggood Korean Halal BBQ.

🍖 Yanggood Korean Halal BBQ
💰 ₩10,000-30,000 (sharing portion)
📍Yeoksam Station, exit 4

If nak do reservation, boleh la DM diorg kt ig @yanggood
The food was delicioussssssssss!!! 💯💯💯💯 It’s the 2nd best food i love from the trip (1st is alchon no matter what) even the side dishes sedaaap and u can refill as much as you want. Service is good and fast too they help grill for us. Definitely recommended to try!!
DAY 6, Jan 23 : SHOPPING DAY. Last day in Seoul dari pagi smpai malam we spent the whole day shopping & street food je kt Ewha Univ. Area, Hongdae Street & Myeongdong Street! 💸💸💸
For lunch we went back to Alchon ₩ 5,000 cause that’s the last food i wanted to eat before going back MY. Street food - Cheese Rice Cake ₩3,000.
DAY 7, Jan 24 : BYE SEOUL 👋🏻 flight at 9.30am so 5am dh keluar rumah drag bags to the bus stop (5mins walk from airbnb), balik pun we took airport bus ₩ 10,000 to go Airport. Checked everything in before pergi gate borong Banana 🍌 & Strawberry 🍓 Milk for ₩5,000 (4pcs) hehe
That’s it! Im done with this thread, if there’s any questions regarding the trip you’re welcomed to ask 🤗
Got a question kitaorg solat kt mana? During the trip, ada masa sempat balik airbnb we solat at home je ada time we pray kt subway, ambik wudu kt toilet and find a corner to pray. Kt vivaldi boleh try masa kt changing room tpi kecik je so we prayed outdoor 2nd floor ada terrace.
Ahhh how can i forgot WIFI!!! I booked portable wifi from klook https://www.klook.com/activity/3213  RM12 / day shared with my best friend so we divide 2 org je from total 7days rental. Pastu pickup kt klia / klia2 so senang tk yh susah2 kt airport seoul & deposit x perlu bayar yay!
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