OOTD thread for 2019!

Studded shoo, with zipper trim.
Horror varsity. For that goth jock look.
Goth jock.

Please excuse my hair being awful today.
I got these a few years ago. They were on clearance for $2. The zipper detail was neat, and the price was more than right. I added the dome studs later.
I got my Jeffrey West boots back from the repair shop. Half-sole resoling, with a much thicker sole this time. I’ve missed having these in circulation in my wardrobe.
Heels and ripped jeans.
Every day is pointy goth shoe day.
Just a restroom selfie, and my camera needs repairs, but still...OOTD.

Not the best quality pics, as my camera is broken. The officer coat is layered with a cardigan, but its not really apparent here.

Picture bootz.
A few previous OOTD pics for TBT.

Getting this camera fixed Saturday. So these pics will look better soon!
OOTD, even though I look like hell.
Jacket of the day.

Used #Roen.
Boots of the day.
Patched pants.
Not the best pics, and my hair is a disaster, but I liked this outfit.
Sooo, skirt, stockings, boots. Didn’t feel up to a full body shot. And yeah, stripey Tim Burton-esque stockings and a layered lacey skirt is a goth cliche. But it’s what I like.

Stripey n’ red.
Boots and shoes.
OOTD. Moto pants, zippers, dark field jacket, red roses, bat enamel pun.
One of my pics being photobomed by a magic pret-a-panther.
OOTD. Bondage shirt and torn jeans.
Fishnet jeans, fishnet pencil bag.
A bit nervous about posting it, but I tried on a neat gothy bondage dress and fishnet top. Stockings or leggings would make it work better, perhaps. But I like it.
“I wanna be a riot girl
I wanna wear cool clothes”.
Vampire stockings and harness boots.
Goth pencil skirt with bondage elements.
Sleeveless look today.
Tomorrow’s outfit will go for an aestehtic that could be term “aggressive yet elegant”. Femme items and more androgynous ones.
Can’t decide between the torn fishnet jeans or the bondage jeans tho.
Just trying out this combo. Pointy boots and grungy skeleton tights.
Boots n rips.
OOTD. Fairly low key outfit today.
Drapey cardigan hours.
Glittery fuzzeh socks.
White bleachy vest. With pinz.
Here are some OOTd outtakes. pics that didn't come out well, outfits that were too similar to others, etc. But looking over them again, I think a few of them are okay.

Skirt set.
More, and some stocking/legging pics.
Sweater, with two modes.
I like some of these poses, at least. Even if the lighting is kinda bad for everything else.
This outfit was based around this top I got at H&M, which is sooooo comfy and I just love how it looks. You can't see some of the cuter details, like how the entire thing is pleated, and has a ruffled collar.
And a few more.
Low key 80’s hair metal vibes.

Gothy layered skirt, officer coat, velvety flower shirt, vampire leggings, Roen boots.
Vague inspo from this.
Gothy skirt vibes.
A bit of inspo came from this as well.
Bracelets that went with this outfit.
High contrast OOTD.
TFW u wake up and ur hair is about the right amount of floor.
OOTD. Enby pan pride pins edition.

Denim vest and fishnet shirt edition.
Bondage and nets.
Current pin-age on my main jacket.
I love bith these jeans and ankle boots soooo much. The suede feels so great and soft. Only my SLP Duckies are more comfortable.
OOTD. Spooky scary skull shirt.
This super simple chain DIY has become one of my favorite clothing mods ever. Amiri does this and sells it for over $1000 and my whole thing, boots included, was under $200.
Got my hair trimmed today. Floppeh and layered.
Today’s look.
80’s delinquent trash boi.

Alternately: Nelson Muntz but a twink.
Hard bracelet hours. Ready to shove nerds in to lockers.
Bracelets redux. Skull and spikes. Lots of metal.
Enby bandana hours.
Haven’t worn these in a bit. Still some of the most comfortable boots I’ve owned.
This is the energy I need today.
Went with a gray outfit today.
That vest is getting more studs in it tonight.
I’ve had these doc martens since 2010. They’re so soft and broken in that they feel like wearing a thick leather sock.
Yesterdays outfit. Bleached denim and chain boots. And I got the music note dress I tried on, plus as used, as-is black bondar skirt that I can fix up and DIY.
Metal and leather.
Clink clink.
This is easily my fav MM fragrance.
These round frames are neat.
Still breaking in the new boots.
For today: vampire stockings and tal boots.
Roen boots and deathrock vest.
Gothy skirt.
Outfit tho.
My hair was perfectly fine this morning, and then the Florida humidity f—-ed it up.
Getting a bit softer, but still some pinch and pain in my left foot.
Round shade hours.

Still looking for new frames I like. These are in the running.
Heavier frames.
After two years of looking and months of saving...oh hell YES!!!!!
Starshirt and zips.
Ikea selfie.
Store selfie.
OOTD. Foral shirt, bandana boots, DIY patched jeans.
OOTD for yesterday. DIY chain boots and skinny jeans.
Flowers and spikes.
Floofy bedhair selfies.
OOTD: slim and dark.

Also gitter shooz.
Not intentional tho.
Recent #OOTD .
Studded purse tho.
Bondage skirt with straps. Polka dot top. DIY deathrock vest.
Trying on some stuff.
Punkrave distressed shorts with metal ring.
Frayed hem skirt (this was used for $7 so I ended up getting it).
Black dress with white collar.
Might go back and get this ankther time.
Studded harness.
OOTD. Also trying on this cute grey and black jacket.
Harnesses are always a fav.
Pins tho
Also added some giant dome studs.
This thing has had a lot of DIY done to it. Only two more things to add and it will be essentially done.
Early morning bedhair floof.
FTF suedes are sooooo soft and comfortable and snug once they’re broken in.
People liked my outfit today.

Many zippers.
Moons and bats.
OOTD including chain belt and gear.
Also new glasses! Rounder, heavier, slightly more androgynous frames.
OOTD laid out as of this morning.
Torn shirt, fishnets, bleached denim, patched pants.
Check pattern coat. Just trying it on. It’s nice and really soft, but I would get so little use out of it in Florida...

When u wanna pattern clash with houndstooth and paisley.
Just trying this on. It’s pretty neat. Its on clearance so hopefully it will be here later...
Also tried this on. It fit pretty good. Their thing...this was a womens size M. The one in the previous pic? XL. Both fit identically. Same company.
New pin.
Hair is bouncy and floofy this morning.
Today’s look; ruffly blouse, black scarf, skinny jeans, leather jacket.
Pardon my mirror being less than clean.
OOTD; houndstooth double breasted blazer, satin button down shirt woth neck scarf/bow, leather leggings, Roen engineer boots, misc. accessories.
Fit pics tho.
Bootz tho.
First time wearing this shirt out. Styled with leather jacket and pointy goth shoes.
OOTD from yesterday. Strappy black jacket. More on this thing later.
Velvet Roen jacket and satin bow shirt.
Roen slim fitting wasitcoat/army jacket hybrid. I love this thing sooo much.
OOTD at home.
Appogies for looking bad and not shaven enough and filthy mirror.
Got dressed up for my thesis midpoint presentation via zoom.
Hair is reeeeally frizzy today tho.
Blazer details.
Haven’t worn these in a while....
Goth girled up today.
Blood and bandanas.
These stockings also emphasize just how skinny my legs are. >\\\\\\>
Today’s outfit aesthetic; skele-girl.
Skull dress with skeleton stockings.
Also metal bird skull pendant.
The shoes fit with the skull theme, because they're the Demonia skull creepers.
And switching it up.
Wanted to try it with my Converse and knee-highs.
Pov tho.

Studded baja hoodie, skinny patched moto jeans, doc martens with painting image on them.
Boots tho.
Jackets tho.
Jackets but vintage.
Just organizing some laundry.
Today; brown suede, exposed zipper.
Fishnets and bandana boots.
Black socks and skull shoes.
Not the best pic, but I love my music note dress.
Boots and notes.
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